ASA the show in 2012 Notes!

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LifeOk a year old & highlight abt ASA


Though the channel has had few misses in terms of shows that failed to deliver, our channel source says that 'Life OK has learned from mistakes and has been gracious enough to accept the failure of certain shows and shut them down immediately. For example, the general consensus was that viewers would love to view a show like Aasman Se Aage which dealt with the behind-the-screen drama that usually happens in a non-fiction show. However, they were quick to realize that the audience is keen to watch a reality just as a reality and not peep into the 'not-so-real' aspects of a reality show. Hence, the show saw an early closure
The show ASA ( aasman Se Aage ) was NEVER the ACTUAL REALITY SHOW But a show which shows the backdrop of reality show.. and needed to show Fiction side of a wonderful aspect...There are people who understand the crux of such angles and it was PURELY fiction based.

There are "n" number of shows which are PURELY Reality Show , ASA was showing HOW one THRIVES to get FAME how the ANGLES show whether you wish to give away your morals away to become a STAR...

None of the reality shows really show the actual picture BUT ASA gave the actual, NOT only actual but also how the DRAMAS on the Indian GEC works...

So to conclude channel LifeOK shut the shop for ASA as they were giving the clear picture of how any DAAM show works and how the PRODUCERS and CHANNEL THRIVE for the twists and turns and PUT the common people who come for their dreams to be fulfilled through this roller coaster ride of the WORD "TRP"...

I am not SURPRISED that ASA needs some cream of good viewership who will not take any crap channels offer including some silliest meaningless tracks which is shown just to grab eyeballs...It includes all the channels on the GEC. THE FACT REMAINS is REAL Authentic shows like ASA have a short life since CHANNELS like LifeOK have not given room for it to catch eyeballs and lack of promotion shut it down
ASA is a masterpiece and now channel like Starplus has shown the same angles what was shown in ASA with the show Ek Hazaron Mai with plots like Sur Sartaj which again deals with Fame & Ego and Self Emotional Thrives and how producers and audience is taken these angles for their own satisfaction & the key word "TRP" is used by the manipulative entities.

One lesson learned that the show ASA has opened by eyes to understand any show on the tube of the Indian GEC.. and how ABC changes are done as the FIXED audience is needed and the Producers & Channel plug in this for the sake of TRP !!

I will always cherish ASA as a master piece and a BIBLE for Indian Televison Dramas and it was more FICTION than reality but the efforts the team put were remarkable and fantastic and PERFECT to "T"πŸ‘
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What's use if they realise now πŸ€”
they really lost a masterpiece like ASA
its just a wonderful show and nothing can replace it n nothing can be like this show. missing the show very badly
hope to see Apu n team soon in new show
Posted: 10 years ago
How true Swetha , I hope So too Asa all the way
Even when I read about real incidents which took place and this show Asa spoke in good depth about Morals & Values & Respect . Really a show of a life time

An award winning show critically the best commercially phenomenal . The world needs to see such shows & the good casting they had.

I hope APU is back soon this year again in another sensational authentic & artistic show
Fingers crossed 😊
Posted: 10 years ago
Siddhant Karnick: If you ask me personally, then I think my show Aasman Se Aage going off air in three months time was the unhappiest moment for me. A show going off air in a jiffy is really bad. And other would be entertainment channels going off screen after Balasaheb Thackeray's death. To me, it was a wrong practice


Well said Sid, ASA was a beautiful show awesome starcast ! Well written and had all the potential to be the No1, There are shows like these which should be watched in the recent times when the key to everyones thrive to be famous and where morals hold when one is sailing towards that
Miss the show a lot

Hope you get to work with this team again in another such interesting shows Good Luck !
Posted: 10 years ago

The year 2012 as always, has been eventful when it comes to the success and failures of Indian television shows. Today, we analyze the shows that got launched in the year 2012 amidst great expectations, but failed to deliver. Also, we touch upon the projects that went off the grid last year, within months' of getting launched…

Life OK
's experimental show, Aasmaan Se Aage (Sagar Arts and 72 Degrees Northe) was to talk of the 'bitter reality' behind reality shows, but the channel decided to cut short the experiment within a span of three months.


Aasman se Aage was the most intelligent show a production house could make. Crisp authentic and of international standards . Sadly nor the channel nor the whole population which watches the show understand what is real entertainment. All the other shows seem a big failure infront of Aasman Se Aage.

Kudos to the Production house Sagar Arts and 72 Degree Northe to have made a worthy show which was rooted scaled high and gave pure entertainment . Sadly fact is that well scripted show have less life span and the crap most the shows dish out with the channel overlooking them and throwing at the audience run for years which the audience blindly follow.
With the way the reality in life is shown the entertainment channels better learn to give room to authentic and scaled high shows like Aasman Se Aage as there are sensible audience who watch that and appreciate.

This show proves that there is a set of team which can give challenging and in depth content as in the form of drama and entertainment in a show. Longevity and Quality shows have been thrashed out of the window by Channels for their so called TRP thrives YET some day I hope such shows get recognition as its PURE quality and well made show and this team is remarkable,  I would love to see Apurva in more such shows Maybe his choice for the duration may be short looking at the way the television thrives on the same monotonous recycled stuff , Yet shows like this proved that there is an audience who watches such shows that scale him on human morals, relationship, society & emotional side.

I would love to see a sequel of ASA with the same team maybe a dream far away but someday can be a reality. A deserving show But these channels are just not worthy of such shows.!!

Posted: 10 years ago
ASA was a show which gave a new look to qaulity work on television. The cast was BOLD and made a show worthwhile. Now a days the shows being fiction have lost their realsitic touch, while ASA brought it out with reality and fiction interwound. Apurva as DC proved to be amazing as an actor and the character was made with perfection, The whole idea of how TRP is incorporated made sense, since the shows which are taking these steps make the glued audience with DC always said. I do hope this team brings another aspect of such real fiction shows , Alais the channels are still stuck to the same recycled stuff , Eneergetic & Prositive that was ASA
Posted: 10 years ago
How True Sammy, There should be good room to shows like ASA.

The Television is so regressive and they keep changing plots for TRP, but what neither audience nor channel see is there is room to show intelligent shows like ASA. These are the shows which build individual personalities and Strive to find the emotional side of human.

ASA according to me is just a beautifully made show, I am surprised how the media or anyone can call in a failure, The actors who give a phenomenal presentation are the cream of the industry. Though my favoritism is Apurva , yet the whole team has been remarkable. I so wish this team makes another show on such lines again ...

This is the show for the 2012 2013 beyond vibes energy and attitude as you put it !πŸ‘πŸ‘

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