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I was so happy to see that today's episode was very much in line with the beginning of my first FF "Whose Side Are You On?" Both the writer and I think alike or she was impressed with my story and decided to use it. All in all, I was very happy to see what I wanted in the show. I am an advocate for children and hate it when TV shows exploit them and put them through so much trauma in their shows. The new promo is also what I wrote about in my first story so I am really excited to write. I will call it an SS for now, because I don't know if it will be long like my previous story.

This one is dedicated to all my wonderful friends with whose encouragement and positive feedback, I am beginning my next story.


Tears of Joy or Sorrow

The story begins Ram driving back home with Pihu. There is an uncanny silence in the car. Both Pihu and her Papa are very pensive. Ram is in flashback mode, remembering all that happened outside the courthouse, the shooting incident, Priya in jail and Priya confessing her love for Ram.

Rajat: You started this whole battle on an ego trip and Priya won it with her love ' for the love of her life. Ram, I don't think you understand what you just did. You just separated a child from her mother and a mother from her child. I just wish you well, but I do wish you stop looking at life as black and white. There is so much hidden in the grey area if only you care to look beyond.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, I almost lost you once and I cannot afford to lose you another time. I am a middle class single mom and I have experienced what happens in the court room and that one day changed my life ' our life forever. I lost everything to my own sister, who lied against me in court and stands to gain everything that I lost in my life. I don't want my daughters' innocence to be lost at this young age. I love my daughter and I want the best for her. I know her Papa will give her the best in life. Mr. Kapoor, Pihu is all yours. Please take good care of her. Mr. Kapoor you mean the world to me and I don't want to hurt you any more.

Ram taking the bullet for Priya and falling in her lap: Priya, I ''.

Priya with Ram in the hospital: If you say thanks for such a simple thing, how many times do I have to thank you for saving my life Mr. Kapoor?

Ram: I was saving my life Priya!

The judge ruling that Priya has been sentenced to fourteen years imprisonment based on Ayesha's witness and Priya being taken in the police van with Ram helplessly watching her.

Priya shouting on the top of her voice: I love you Mr. Kapoor, I love you and I really do!!!

He remembers how terribly small he felt that morning when Priya professed her love for him and how rudely he had spoken to her before that. He feels the same way today. What is Priya made of? He is at a loss of words and deep in thought. Why am I so sad and depressed when I just got what I have been waiting for all these days? How could Priya just give Pihu away so easily when I know how much she loves her? How can she be so strong?

They reach KM and Pihu and Ram go into the house. Everyone is eagerly awaiting her arrival. KK takes her in her arms and gives her a big hug. All the others greet her and welcome her into the house. Kush is very happy to see her. Of course Ayesha and Mamaji are not there. Ram takes Pihu to her room and she is very excited all the toys.

Pihu: Thank you very much Papa. I love my room and all the toys here. I am sure Mamma will be very happy when she sees all the toys. By the way, Papa, when is Mamma coming?

Ram is taken aback by her innocent question and he knows how close Priya and Pihu are: Rockstar, why don't you go down and play with Kush for a little while. He ignores her question because he has no answer to give her.

Both Ram and Pihu go downstairs and Pihu starts playing a board game with Soumya and Kush. Ram watches her from a distance and his face breaks into a small smile, but somewhere in his eyes the sadness remains. He leaves Pihu with Soumya and Kush and goes into his mother's room. KK is sitting in her recliner reading a book and notices Ram standing at her door.

KK: Beta, do you want something? Why are you standing at the door, please come inside.

Ram walks in and sits on the edge of the bed beside her recliner. He bends forward and holds KK's hands in both his.

Ram: Ma, can I ask you a question?

KK: Sure beta. What do you want?

Ram: I am very happy that Pihu is with me in her home, but I am sad at the same time ma. Today was supposed to be the custody case, but just before we went into the court, Priya came and said that she did not want Pihu to go through the trauma with court cases and just told Pihu that she was going to live with me from now. She just gave Pihu to me, just like that Ma. I am shocked and don't know how to understand her. I know how attached Priya and Pihu are and how can she just give her away like that Ma? I am just unable to comprehend this.

He tells KK all what happened outside the court building. KK is listening patiently and nods her head with her eyes closed. She smiles to herself and looks at Ram's face intently.

KK: Beta, Priya is a mother to Pihu. No mother would like to harm her child and want her to go through any kind of trouble. I understand Priya completely. Both you and I know how much you both love each other and you don't even try to deny it because I can see your love for Priya in your eyes. You are my son, beta and I know exactly what Priya is going through now. I have also gone through all these hard times twenty-five years ago. The only difference is that the people who separated me from my husband and child did not do it out of good intentions. They wanted to cause a rift in our relationship and they succeeded in that. But I had to make the hard decision that Priya made today and move away from my life ' my husband and my son- not because I didn't love them but because someone wanted to take my place because of all the wealth that my husband had. I did not go away because of some other man as was told to you Ram. No one knows what I went through. It was very hard, especially when someone threatens that they will harm you and your father, all I could do was move away and pray for your happiness. I kept a close watch on you and your father Ram. It was not like I just went away to have a good time. Just like Priya realized that she was pregnant with Pihu after she left you, I also came to know I was pregnant with Apeksha after I left you and your father. This became even more convenient for Niharika, because now she said I left you and your father for a richer man and had a child through him. Just like Priya has Rajat to support her as a friend, I had a friend who helped me during my initial days. Do you want to know who that friend was? It was Niharika's husband, Dr. Jayesh Karekar. He was a big support till I went to Australia and started life afresh with Apeksha. I was still getting all the information about you and your father. When your father passed away, Jayesh managed to get me some of his ashes so I could pay my tributes to him and do his shraadh in Australia. I struggled a lot beta, but, I did it for you and your father, just like Priya is doing this for you and Pihu. Priya is not a bad mother, beta, she is just paying for one mistake she committed five years ago- keeping Pihu away from her Papa. If I didn't take a decision twenty-five years ago and leave you, then this whole battle would probably not happened, because Niharika would have killed you like she killed your father. You are my whole existence beta and I am glad I am back in your life and I just hope you will someday be able to understand the reason behind my leaving you and forgive me for that.

Ram is shocked to hear all that his mother is telling him and tears are rolling down his chubby cheeks without stopping. KK sees the pain in Ram's face and leans forward and holds his face in her hands and kisses him on his forehead, like a mother cajoles her little child when he is hurt. She also sheds tears as she is talking about the past after a very long time. She never thought she would get a chance to explain all this to Ram and that Ram would ever want to listen to her.

KK: Ram beta, I know you are going through a lot of tough times now. Just remember one thing son, Priya and you are made for each other and all of us can see the love you have for each other. All I ask is for you to think it all over and make the right decisions going forward. Pihu is a very loving and affectionate little girl and I hope this separation doesn't make her bitter like your separation from your mother made you. I am sure you will be able to understand what Pihu will go through in the future without her mother. Please don't let her hate her mother for leaving her with you.

Ram: Ma, I am so sorry for hating you all these years. I wish I knew this earlier and I would have been a different person altogether. I know Priya tried very hard to tell me about you and I would always get angry with her because she always understood you and said you were not a bad person, it was just the circumstances and the people around me that painted the picture and I bought the whole story. I was very gullible. Ma, I love you and thank you for opening my eyes to everything and clearing the air.

Ram gives KK a hug and she wipes his tears. He slowly walks out of the room with a very troubled look. He comes out into the family room and sees Pihu, Kush and Soumya are still playing. He sits by them and watches them play for a while. He is not paying any attention to what they are doing, but is deep in thought. His head is trying to digest too many things at the same time. He has a headache and is about to reach out for a tablet when he remembers Priya.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor please don't take so many tablets. If you are having a headache, you know what you should do. Just take a walk barefoot on the grass and you will feel better. Fresh air is what you need and not tablets.

Ram suddenly comes out of his thoughts and looks around. He realizes that he was imagining Priya talking to him and he shakes his head and smiles.

Ram: Soumya, I am going for a walk in the garden. I will be back real soon. If Pihu wants me you know where to find me.

Soumya is surprised: Bhappa, you ' taking a walk ' in the garden? I am surprised. Are you alright?

Ram laughs and walks away into the garden, takes off his shoes and walks in the grass for a little while. They he sits on the garden swing and gazes into space. Well, he has his daughter with him so he should make the most of her being with him. He goes back into the house and thinks to himself: Sigh! Wish Priya was here too!


That's it for tonight. More in the next few days if you are interested. Please give me your feedback ' positive or otherwise.

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Posted: 2012-12-18T00:17:28Z
aah very emotional scene between RAM n KK 
my biggest dissappointment in season 2 is KK she is just the junior version of DADI
this talk is deffo needed in the show n ur dialogues are apt n very convincing

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Posted: 2012-12-18T00:17:55Z
veryyy beautifully written!!!!! n emotional too Cry..
continue soon
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Posted: 2012-12-18T00:21:45Z
wonderful! ClapClap

I wish CVs also gives us such a touching scene between KK & Ram.

Very luvly ... pls continue!
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Posted: 2012-12-18T00:51:52Z
I so wanted to see a scene between Ram & KK like this ...
full of emotions dear . super ...cont soon,Thanks for the PM
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Posted: 2012-12-18T00:54:15Z
very nice make ram priya unite ashap
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Posted: 2012-12-18T00:55:33Z
Beautiful...Ita superbb update update loved the whole Ram and KKs convo and ofcourse the last part Ram remebering Priya advice and taking walk in the garden...Superbly written...Plzz continue soon...
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Posted: 2012-12-18T04:07:11Z
Very emotional and like your previous ff very well written. 
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