FF: Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya... 2~ New Part Updated on PG~44(Page 42)

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first if all...
Thank you so much for taking out the time & comment here from Ur busy workout... it means a lot to me...
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Awesome story yaar
plz jaldi update de do na plz

first if all...
Thank you so much for taking out the time & comment here from ur busy workout... it means a lot to me...
& next update will up by tonight...
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Recap -

Here Sanju finds out abt RaYa's relation from Priya's room by her dairy & pictures with Ram. She can't believes on her eyes when she got Ashwin's one latter what ever she was seeing in it her heart was not ready to accept it but she wanted to confront with someone before reaching to any conclusion. She remembers abt Dm & her talk with him in morning so she decides to meet him & get to know the whole truth. Here RaYa again fights & Ram promises to Priya one day he will make her his with her wish & Priya said that day won't ever come both gets parted & broke down in to tears bitterly. Here SanRaj meets at Dm's cabin in KI & starts their conversation abt RaYa. Dm starts to tell RaYa's story to Sanju.


Part 20 -  Story's turning point.


Here at the same evening Sanju were moved towards Kapoor Industries in her car. She had many thought & lots of question whose answer she wanted now itself. She reached to KI & entered inside it. Here in cabin Dm is working on his lappy when he gets a call from Sally (his secretary). She informs Dm some one has come to meet him while talking he gets to know its Sanju. He smiles & asked Sally to sand her inside the cabin. He keeps his work aside that was he doing & sits landing back on his chair with his thoughts & slight smile waiting for Sanju. Here Sanju knocked cabin's door Dm smiles & ask her to come in Sanju enter in the cabin while moving towards Dm. He asks her to sit down on chair.

Sanju: I wanted to talk to u something very important. (While seating on chair which is front of Dm's chair)

Dm: I know what u wants to talk u came here to know abt Ram & Priya right. (He said by flaunting his dimple & Sanju looked amazed)

Sanju: yes but how do u know that I came for that. (With question looks in her eyes)

Dm: it's simply my intrusion I had feeling u will come back to complete our morning talk which were left in between due to Priya. (He looks straight in her eyes with smile & Sanju got her answer right back)

Sanju: then u must be known, that I came here to know only the truth nothing else (she had some determined thoughts) & I want to know whole truth b'coz this is the matter of someone's life or death. (She said in sternly voice with some of rudeness which Dm could easily feels in her voice)

Dm: I will... I will surly tell u everything by the way seeing u I don't think u know abt them anything isn't it? (Sanju sees in his eyes & nods in no) So tell me from were u will like to hear. (He still smiles to her with question look)

Sanju: I only like everything to know from start... from start to its end. (She said ruthlessly & attitude, which can kill anyone there, Dm smiles seeing this & nods in yes)

Dm: Yeh un do logon ki kahaani jo bade yeh sikhte hue ki dosti kya hoti hai aur usi dosti ko nibhate chale gaye par na jane kaise kab kaha woh toh sochte hi reh gaye aur unhe pyar ho gaya... (The two people who grown up together, while learning what is friendship & while living that friendship they never have to know how, when & where they fall in love...)

From now I m going to tell the story of RaYa love on my way but in Raj's words.

Ram & Priya were very small when they became friends even they had strong bonding between them from childhood only just like their fathers who had been best buddies from childhood. Ram & Priya were very close to each other they almost shares their each & every detail of their life with each other from their morning surprises to bad nightmares of night... from their first crush to their first attraction... from their small small mistakes to big big fights with others... it felt like if they didn't talk to each other their world seems stopped at that point only. They were just best friends for each other but still they were inseparable like they r just 2 side of one coin which r not together yet they are not separable too from each other.

They studied in same school & completed their graduation from same college. Ram had only 2 friends in his life one is his best buddy Vikram & 2nd is his love of life Priya but that time he didn't realized he is in deeply, madly & crazily love with Priya & until he realizes it that was become too late as Priya had went away from him. There Vik always stood next to him like his rock to support Ram in each & every path of life but he never got to know RaYa were deeply in love with each other as b'coz when RaYa separated Vik was away from RaYa be in Delhi with his family & that's why he do know anything abt what happen in between RaYa in their last year of collage. This is the way RaYa's friendship becomes more & stronger with passing time even after lots of fights.

Here Priya also didn't had any other friends rather then Ram & Vik. Priya had no brother she is the only child of her presents so she always considers Vik as her brother & treats him that way too here Vik also always treats Priya as younger sister. He be always there when ever Priya needs him as brother but for Ram things were different as Ram is the person who is her best buddy without whom she can't even think of living also after her lovely papa if she consider anyone very close to her heart is non other then Ram in her life.

It was the last year of their graduation Vikram had to leave for Delhi to his presents as his father got serious heart attack. Vikram had to move back to Delhi as his father's health & his business both also affecting badly due to his father's I'll health & Vik could not able to see his father's years hard work r ruining like that so he decided to stay in Delhi & handles his fathers business along with doing his graduation from Delhi university until his father get completely recovers from illness. This year were very important in RaYa's life also as this was the same year when RaYa was parted for forever to never to meet again but their destiny were decided something else for them & that's why today they r working together but still miles away from each other due to that night.

RaYa never had thought this year will change their life like this but it happened when Ram had to leave Priya for one week alone in Mumbai as he had to go to Delhi to Vik for helping him out as his father's health were getting worse day by day. Ram called Vik & got to know abt his father's bad health without giving second thought Ram left for Delhi to give his brother like friend to his emotion support in his this difficult phase of his life.

Here Priya become all alone as she had no any other friend in her life expect Ram & Vik. It was most likely she never needed when Ram is so near to her but as Ram left her all alone for a week also got busy with Vik she felt herself all alone as Ram hardly got time to call her infect he didn't called her after his last call which he did to inform her that he reached to Delhi safely & now directly going to Vik at hospital but this made them both realized their love for each other which was took place like this.

~: In Mumbai at Sharma residence :~

Priya is in her room & roaming here to there in tension as it's been really late at night around 11:30 & she is all awake at this time were her parents & brothers are sleeping peacefully. Priya is in her thoughts what to do shall she should call him at this hour of night or not but she also didn't have any other option too if she want to know abt him she will need to call him at this time. Priya took deep breath & took her cell phone in her hand then dial a number to call him. Rings is going in between the calls Priya is still looking tensed & at the end of the line one person picked up the call while sitting on sofa.

Priya: hi Dm how r u? (At the moment DM picked up Priya asked with tensed smile.)

Dm: hi darling I m fine but yeh kya aaj achanak hamari yaad kaise aa gayi aapko? (Priya made face as she knew this is coming the next from him here Dm smiled while talking.)

Priya: areh aap toh aise keh rahe hain jaise main aapko phone karti hi nahi. (She tried to rescue herself from his taunting question with pleasant smile on her lips.)

Dm: nahi... nahi offcouce karti ho na waise bata sakti ho last call kab kiya tha who mujhe na kuch thik se yaad nahi. (Dm asked with reading smile to her while enjoying it fully.)

Priya: aacha baba mana recently call nahi kiya par aaise toh karti hi hun na. (Dm found no to snatched h it much as he know no one can win from her so he felt batter to leave it here only.)

Dm: ok tum sahi main galat ab batao phone aaise hi kiya ya kuch khass baat thi. (Priya's lips adores with winning smile seeing Dm accepting his lost she smiled wildly.) Priya: bas kych khass nahi maine aap sab ka hal chal puchne k liye hi call kiya kaise hain aap sab log? (She bite her lips as she also feel odd on her stupid excuses.)

Dm: aacha well hum sab toh acche hain par raat k saade gayareh baje tumne hum sab ka hal chal puchne k liye call kiya hai? (He asked in funny teasing tone to Priya.) I mean is everything all right sab kuch thik toh hai na?(Priya is sacred feeling her lie will caught at any moment she tried to justified her talk.)

Priya: yes yes everything is all right woh kya hai na aap sab ki yaad aa rahi thi toh socha call kar lun... (Priya put up new story to rescue herself from his firing of questions.)

Dm: hum sab ki yaad aa rahi thi ohh ab samjha hum sab ki yaad ya uski yaad aa rahi thi. (Dm smiled while teasing her Priya know very well abt whole thing she know abt whom he is talking right now.)

Priya: uski aap kiski baat kar rahe hai? (She tried to be unaware of the fact that Dm is ta liking abt Ram while smiling thinking abt him.)

Dm: aacha ji sirf char din call nahi kiya toh aap toh unka naam hi bhul gayi kyun kya hua naraz ho usase. (He tried to make out sense in his talk with humor while teasing her.)

Priya: naraz... (She smiled & showed her fake anger in talk.) main bhala kyun naraz houngi aur kise kiski baat kar rahe hain aap. (She completely try to ignore Ram's topic as she didn't wanted to talk abt Ram.)

Dm: main Ram ki baat kar raha hun aur tum bhi yeh aachi tarha se janti ho. (Dm asked her generally being very serious while talking.)

Priya: ohh Ram waise woh toh Delhi me hai aur bahut busy bhi warna in char dino me ksbhi toh hamari yaad aa jati. (Priya also got serious while talking Dm could feel that in her talking tone in anger.)

Dm: haan usne tumhe call iss liye nahi kiya kyunki Vikram k papa ki health bahut serious thi aur woh dono tumhe tension nahi dena chahte the. (Dm said the truth to her but Priya didn't like the reason Ram thought of.)

Priya: toh kya mujhe nahi batane se mujhe tension nahi hoti aur uss par pata nahi kaisi hospital hai jabhi call karo bas not reachable hi batata hai aur Vikram k ghar par bhi koi call nahi uthata. (Priya said in little anger complaining while thinking of Ram still.)

Dm: woh iss liye kyunki waha Anty, Vikram aur Ram teeno raat din hospital me hi hote hain bas aaj jakar chain ki saas mili hai jab doctor ne kaha ki situation ab under control hai aur uncle ki health pehle se batter hai. (Dm disclose the truth to Priya & hearing it Priya took relief breath while thanking god for making uncle's health batter then before.)

Priya: chalo aacha hai koi aachi khabar toh mili waise aap ko itni raat ko pareshaan kiya sorry & thank you for giving the news. (Priya thanked Dm as she was waiting for this kind of news & when she heard her all anger vanished.)

Dm: its my pleasure darling waise ab sari baat ho gayi ho toh so jav raat bahut ho gayi hai. (Dm smiled while talking to her & suggested to go too bad as it's been late in night.)

Priya: ok ek min woh... aaa... woh... (Before Dm kept phone something strike to Priya's mind she wanted to ask Dm that what God she actually called him.)

Dm: kya hua aur bhi kuch puchna baki ho toh puch lo. (Dm understood her uneasiness while asking that abt whom she wants to talk but he pretended like he didn't know abt what she is talking b'coz he wanted to here from her mouth only.)

Priya: aaa nahi aur kuch nahi... mmm good night. (Priya wanted to ask abt Ram but seeing the situation she thought if she will ask abt him Dm will more teas her so she drop down the idea to asking Dm abt Ram & with dejected tone was abt to keep the phone.)

Dm: ok good night... (Priya felt sad was abt to keep phone when his voice again catch her attention.) aacha suno tumhe ek aur baat batani hai ahhh.. woh Ram se aaj hi baat hui woh bilkul thik hai aur 2 se 4 dino me wapas bhi aa jayega. (Priya's face light up hearing ram's name & his wellbeing she also got excited as he is returning back soon but she controlled her excitement while talking.)

Priya: ohh aacha thik hai... waise aap yeh mujhe kyun bata rahe hain main yeh puchne k liye thodi na call kiya tha. (Priya just try to pretend as she actually don't care for it but the truth is she is very happy to know this & Dm can feel it in her sound of happy tone while talking to him.)

Dm: ohh aacha hua jo tumne bata diya warna mujhe pata hi nahi chalta... (Priya bites her lower lip while blushing there Dm making funny faces while saying so...) waise muft ki advice de raha hun uss aachi lage toh istmaal zaroor karna... (Priya listen carefully that what is Dm abt to talk...) kyunki Golu ko yeh advice dekar toh koi fayda hai nahi kyunki woh kabhi nahi samjhega iss liye tumse keh raha hun... (Priya blushed again hearing Ram's name as Golu b'coz she always admires his Goluness she found it very cute on him...) k apni feeling ko na dil me daba kar mat rakhna warna kabhi agar zindagi ne kabhi koi aisi karvat le li na toh phir chah kar bhi hum dil ki baat nai bata payenge iss liye jitni jaldi ho sake apni feeling bata do samjhi... (Dm asked Priya to share her feeling with Ram as DM know very well that RaYa not just links each other but loves each other but both won't disclose it to each other first as Ram is yet not aware of his felling for Priya & Priya might be feeling it but not sure for it yet.)

Priya: ji aapki iss advice k bare me sochungi zaroor waise aap kis feeling ki baat kar rahe hain. (Priya understood what is Dm is talking abt but she is even not sure of her feeling then what will she confess to Ram so she pretended to unknown to it front of Dm.)

Dm: uss feeling ki jise tum chupani ki koshish kar rahi ho par aachi tarha se janti ho ki mujhse tum chupa nahi sakti. (Dm disclose the biggest truth of their relationship yes Priya can't hide anything for him he can read her heart very easily just like Ram.)

Priya: yeh toh sach hai bachapan se lekar aaj tak mere dil ki har baat ka pata mujhse pehle aap ko chal jata hai pata nahi kaise par sach me har baar aapki di hui har advice mujhe bahut helpful hoti hai issi liye iss baar bhi main iss bare me jaroor sochungi aur aap se baad me baat karungi chaliye good night & take care. (Priya confessed her feeling to him & wished him while smiling.)

Dm: you too aur haan uss Golu k aane par uss k kaan zaroor khichna taki dubara aisi galti na kare bye. (Both burst out in laughter while smiling kept the call.)

Priya smiled to herself & thinks "hmm miss baar uss Golu ko main aaisa sabak shikaungi k zindagi bhar yaad rakhenge bas ek baar aa jaye wapaas." & kept phone on table but her eyes fall on mobile screen were she sees 20 miss calls in last half & hour from Ram she got tensed seeing it & bites her lower lips in tension while closing her eyes tightly.

~: There in Delhi its been 12 of clock of night :~

Ram from last half & hour is trying to call Priya but her call is continually coming busy with other line here Vikram is with Ram at this hour of night at hospital Ram is calling Priya again & again in every second of minutes & getting irritate as her call line is coming busy every time. Vikram is seeing him while smiling.

Vik: kya kar raha hai yaar pichle kuch time se dekh raha hun phone me laaga hua hai akhir baat kya hai kise call kar raha hai? (Vik knows to whom Ram is calling but just to tease him he asked him innocently.)

Ram: kisse call karunga yaar ek hi toh insaan hai jise main jab mann kare tab call kar sakta hun aur woh insaan Priya k aalava kuan ho sakta hai. (Ram said without looking at Vik still busy & lost in calling go Priya.)

Vik: toh tu tabse se Priya ko call kar raha hai par woh utha kyun nahi rahi hai. (Vik asked innocently as he knew whatever happen Priya always pick up Ram's call she simply can't miss it either Ram will be very angry on her then wonders what happen today why she is not picking up his call.)

Ram: woh iss liye kyunki pichle itne time pata nahi madam kisi baat kar rahi hai jo line busy aa rahi hai. (Vik felt irritation in Ram's voice & at some extent it was talking the form of possessiveness from his aide for Priya.)

Vik: ohh toh problem kya hai yaar kisi se important baat kar rahi hogi woh jaise tera missed call dekhegi toh call back kar degi tension kyun le raha hai. (Vik try to claim him down & try to make him relax to show the mirror of truth.)

Ram: tension nahi le raha hun yaar bas yeh samajh me nahi aa raha ki raat k sade 11 baje woh kisse important baat kar rahi hogi jabki tere aur mere sivay uska aur koi dost bhi nahi hai aur jab ki usse aachi tarha ae pata hai k iss waqt har roz main use call karta hun phir bhi pata nahi madam kis k saath baat karne me itna busy hai k mere call bhi nahi le rahi. (Vik can see jealousy clearly in his voice he felt somewhere happy as finally Ram is going on right track as he is actually now realizing Priya importance in his life.)

Vik: are tere aur mere sivay uska koi dost nahi toh aisa toh nahi k ban hi nahi sakta I mean 4 dino se tu yaha hai aur teri koi baat bhi nahi hui usse toh ho sakta hai k iss beech Priya ka koi naya dost ban gaya ho hai k nahi. (Vik tried to make more efforts to make Ram realize Priya's stand in his life to make him understand that now Priya is not just his friend she becomes more than that for him.)

Ram: areh aaise kaise woh kisi ko bhi apna dost bana sakti hai yaar... (Ram looked frustrated while talking...) I mean aur banaya bhi hai toh kya zaroorat hai itni raat ko kisi se bhi baat karne k woh hi bas 4 dino ki jaan pehchaan me... (He didn't know that he is saying he is just pouring his heart out front of Vik...) its dangerous yaar koi kaisa bhi ho sakta hai hamaain kaise pata kuan aacha hai kuan bura... (Ram tried to justify his jealousy & possessiveness in the form of concern...) aisa kya dekh raha hai mujhe. (But he failed to fool not just to himself bit to Vik too.)

Vik: sirf dekh nahi raha tha observe kar raha tha. (Finally Vik caught him red handed while smiling.)

Ram: aur kya result nikala uska... (Ram asked making funny faces while being in irritate tone.)

Vik: aacha pehle toh tu yeh bata tujhe kis baat se problem k woh itni raat tere sivay kisi aur se baat kar rahi hai ya kisi aur se baat karne k liye tere call attend nahi kar rahi hai. (Vik made his talk more clear to him but being as Golu he still didn't caught what is Vik trying to say him.)

Ram: areh woh chahe itni raat ko kisi aur se baat kare ya kisi aur se baat karne k liye mera call na uthaye baat toh ek ho hui she can't ignore me like this dost hun uska. (Ram said clearly his stand in her life which Vik wanted him to do.)

Vik: yahi toh baat hai tu kyun yeh chahta hair ki Priya tujhe ignore an made jab ki in dono batoon me difference hai emotion ka  agar tu Priya k itni raat ko kisi aur se baat karne se concerned hai toh matlab tu uski care kar raha hai aur agar tujhe iss baat se problem hai ki Priya iss waqt tere sivay kisi aur se baat kar rahi toh mere dost iss possessiveness kehte hai aur tere iss case me mujhe dusra wala option hi sahi lag raha hai. (Vik broke the stone he made Ram to think abt his relation with Priya that what it is actually is it just friendship of more then that.)

Ram: tu na apni yeh bakwaas band kar samjha... aur tu kehna kya chahta hai k main jealous ho raha kyunki Priya kisi aur ko importance de rahi hai mere alawa I m possessive abt her.(Ram think for while & then said it to Vik what he actually felt as he is not able to accept the truth what Vik wanted him to realize.)

Vik: haan yahi kehna chahta hun main aur tu chahe kuch bhi kahe par yeh baat maine ek baar nahi kai baar mehsus ki hai Ram... (Vik took the talk to straight point yes he didn't like to talk round & round with Ram.) mujhe pata hai k jabhi Priya tujh se zayda kisi aur ko importance deti hai toh tujhe frak padta aur yeh baat teri yeh ankhain bata deti hai jinme koi jhut naahi chup sakta mere bhai. (Vik said looking into Ram's eyes which were still showing that how much he loved Priya but he never realized it nor still he is realizing it.)

Ram: tu kehna kya chahta hai saaf saaf bolna. (Ram is still confuse he still can't come to end that whatever Vik wanted him to realize is it true he is really in love with Priya or its just a deep friendship.)

Vik: zayda kuch nahi yaar bas main chahta hun ki tu apne emotions ko pehchane tu apne dil se puche ki woh kya chahta hai kyun tu Priya ki itni care karta hai kyhn uski choti se choti baat par tujhe farak padta hai Ram. (Vik directly asked to Ram abt his relation with Priya & made him thinking abt it.)

Ram: dekh yeh sab bakwaas hai jo tu soch raha hai yeh sab iss liye hai kyunki woh meri bahut aachi dost hai that's it aur kuch nahi hai hum dono k beech. (Ram try to again prove his thinking true as he still not ready to accept he actually fall in love with with Priya.)

Vik: aacha beta toh ek baat samajh le ab yeh teri dosti bas kuch dino ki mehmaan hai kyunki kal jab Priya ko kisi se pyar hoga ya saadi ho jayegi toh uski duniya tere aas pass nahi balki uske pyar ya pati k aas pass ghumegi samjha. (Again Vik took another truth of life front of Ram to open his eyes.)

Ram: yaar kya bol raha hai tu Priya aise kaise kisi se pyar kar sakti hai ya saadi kar sakti hai... yaar woh aaise kaise kisi aur k saath ja sakti hai. (This were the sudden words which slips from Ram's mouth as the way he heard abt her love or marriage with someone else this is where the emotion Ram felt for the first time.)

Vik: kyun nahi ja sakti after all she also have to settle down in life toh isme galat kya hai woh aisa bilkul kar sakti hai aur tu bhi use rok nahi sakta. (Vik said in demanding tone which made Ram angry ad the thought of to be away from her gave him big shock.)

Ram: areh Priya aise kaise ja sakti hai mujhse dur main rokunga use haq banta hai mera. (Ram said with full of anger but whatever he said was completely out from his mouth from his heart in anger n he really mean that too.)

Vik: nahi Ram dosti ka haq bus dost par hota hai uski zindagi par nahi kyunki uski zindagi uss insaan ki hoti hai jise uska jeevan bhar ka rishta judta hai aur woh dosti nahi pyar hai Ram. (Vik made him understand the difference between love & friendship also it is needed for Ram to understand his relation with Priya.)

Ram: yani mera aur Priya ke rishte ke koi maine hi nahi hai. (Ram said with heavy sad voice looking upset with it.)

Vik: hai Ram par bas dosti ka aur usse zayda kuch nahi aur agar tu uspar pura haq chahta hai toh pehle yeh decide kar k jo tere dil me hai woh kya hai dosti ya pyar... (Vik left from there after making Ram to think on his relation with Priya yes as it's now time came were he will to take any stand in their relationship they can't go on like this forever.)

Ram felt bad whatever Vikram said to him but deep inside him he also knew whatever Vikram said is true until now he was running away from this question that what Priya meant to him just a friend or more then that but now he needs to answer it. He can't keep quite now any more after hearing abt someone else to be holder of Priya's life. He told to himself "kyun Priya ka kisi aur ka ho jana mujhe manjoor nahi...? kyun uski zindagi me kisi aur k hone ki baat ne mujhe restless kar diya hai...? kyun Vikram ki baat sune k baad mujhe aisa lag raha hai jaise agar Priya mujhse dur gayi toh main apni zindagi ko kho dunga kyun...? Sabke saath hote hue bhi tanha ho jaounga...? kyun.. kyun lagta hai mujhe aaisa." He kept his both palm on his face closing his eyes being thoughtless he is not understating what is happening with him. When he closed his eyes he saw Priya's smiling face which automatically light up smile on his carved lips. He asked to himself thinking abt just Priya "akhir kyun uske khyalon ko apne dil se nahi nikal pata main...? jabhi bechaini me aankahin band karta hun toh kyun uski ek jhalak dil ko sukun de jati hai... kyun ho raha hai aisa...? akhir kya rishta hai mera Priya se sirf dosti ka ya kuch aur...?" Ram is just lost in his thoughts.

~: Here in Mumbai at Sharma house :~

Priya looks at her phone it was written "20 missed calls from Dinosaur" as she saved Ram's number with name Dinosaur. Here Priya thinks getting tensed while passing from here to there "OMG 20 missed calls aur woh bhi uss Dinosaur k ab tu gayi shit kaccha chaba jayega Ram tujhe Priya aur dakkar bhi nahi lega... kya karun phone karu ya nahi... samjah nahi aa raha kyunki agar nahi kiya tabhi daant khaungi aur kiya thabhi... agar aisa hai toh call kar hi deti hun waise bhi 4 dino se baat bhi nahi hui issi bahane baat bhi ho jayegi." Priya smiles thinking about it & make a call to Ram while smiling.

Here Ram is very disturbed when his cell phone ringed making him more irritate. He took it & looks at the screen caller name were flashing "Hitler" with Priya's smiling picture yes Ram saved Priya's number under the name of Hitler even he often calls her too while teasing her. Priya never minds it even to tease him back she also calls him as Dinosaur & Ram gets really irritate with it as he don't like when anyone make jokes on his plump body. He took deep breath to claim his restlessness to talk with Priya.

Ram: hello waqt mil gaya phone karane ka kyunki jab maine kiya tha tab toh bahut busy thi. (Ram asked with angry tone getting frustrated still trying to control his anger.)

Priya: areh baba sorry tab kisi special se baat kar rahi thi pata hi nahi chala kab tere phone aa kar gaye.(just to tease Ram Priya jokes with him but this boiled his anger more he got really very angry now as Vik's words again started to ringing in his ear abt Priya going away with someone else.)

Ram: kisi special se ohh iska matlab teri life me koi special bhi aa gaya hai. (Ram said with much angrier tone now its got really out of control for him.)

Priya: haan kyun nahi aa sakta aur haan special hai aur bahut special hai. (Priya also got angry hearing his angry tone she even came in her ego & said it with full attitude.)

Ram: aacha itna special hai toh ussi se baat kar mujhe phone kyun kiya. (Ram now frustrated hearing this & in his ego he also said it with same attitude.)

Priya: tere miss call dekha toh socha baat kar lun uncle ka haal chal puch lun par jabse call kiya hsi bas bhadak kar hi baat kar raha hai hua kya akhir tujhe. (Priya now really felt bad hearing Ram she complain to Ram but everything was going wrong for them.)

Ram: kuch bhi hua ho tujhe issi kya meri problem hai main solve kar lunga tu ja aur apne uss special ki fikar kar bye. (Ram is in so anger without listening anything he just cut down the call & is burning in his anger.)

Priya: areh meri baat toh sun...  (Before Priya could say any more Ram kept the call & switched off the cell.) uff yeh ladka bhi na kya karun main iska jab gussa aata hai toh pata nahi kya ulta sidha sochne lagta hai... kisi din bahut badi musibat le aayega iska yeh gussa... ab main bhi call nahi karungi dekhun toh sahi aur kitna waqt mujhse bina baat kiye reh sakta hai. (Priya felt so bad while seeing at the phone screen as the moment Ram's call cut down the cute & sweet picture of RaYa flashed on her screen as she kept it as her wallpaper of phone's screen.)

Ram felt more restless after talking with Priya like this as in all these years however he be angry he always fights with her... talks with her but never left their discussion like this in anger. He is not feeling good thinking how rudely he talked to her but then he thought she was the only reason of it how can she give anyone more special place in her life then him.

He felt what he did was perfectly right he have all rights to get angry with her but on which basis of relationship if as he is her best friend then he should to be happy as she find her special person in life but no he is upset but why? Might be b'coz he can't see anyone to take his place in her life by anyone means he is not happy b'coz now their relationship is not just friendship it is become more then that... it took the another turn which they never had thought... he don't know why... when... how... he fall for her... but still his heart is not ready to accept this change as he still not sure abt his feelings for her he needs time to understand it & till then he decides he won't talk to her he will stay alone for some days.

He rested his head on chair while closing his eyes his memories which he spend with Priya starting to running in front of his eyes. He can't even take out Priya from his thought for a moment. Here Priya also lay down on bad trying to sleep but she could not close her eyes as whenever she closes her eyes she only can see Ram's smiling face & she opens her eyes in restlessness. This night went sleepless for RaYa as both were lost in their thought.

Here it is new bright day for RaYa as slowly but steadily they were understanding each others importance in their life... both were feeling incomplete without each other... both were wanted to hear other's voice but simply could not do due to their big fat ego but still both were missing each other a lot... even can't rid of each other from their thoughts.

Here Priya life set to take drastic turn for RaYa's relationship Priya was all alone in this last four days as Ram & Vik both were out of town. Priya were going to collage but just for studies as she didn't had any other friends she always busy with her books only. That day even she was busy reading her book while walking in corridor of collage going to her class. that time a boy comes front of her while running while reading something in his book along with many books in his hand he also didn't noticed Priya front of him & before Priya could notice him he bumped with her b'coz of this their all books falls on floor. Priya got angry & sits on floor to collect books without looking at boy.

Boy: I m really very sorry meri wajhse aapki books gir gayi. (He also set on band down n started to collect the books along with Priya.)

Priya: its OK yeh rahi aapki books. (Priya picked up some of his books & her too then move to offers his books to him still in angry tone at that time she first time saw the boy he is good looking slim body with charming smile wearing jeans & T-shirt while hanging one bag on his one shoulder standing front of her.)

Boy: dekhiye aap toh naraz lag rahi hain see I m really very sorry woh accounts ki class liye late ho raha tha issi liye bhaga bhaga ja raha tha aur jaldbazi main dekh nahi paya aapko very sorry. (Boy apologize truly genuinely Priya felt seeing in his pleased eyes he anger went off seeing that.)

Priya: its ok (She smiles lightly to him to clear all the misunderstanding.) jayiye warna abhi class k liye late ho jayenge. (Priya talked  to him & asked to leave with pleasant smile.)

The boy runs away from there to attend his account's class. Priya sees her books & she realize one book is not hers she understood this book is of that boy who bumped some time ago with her here. She picked up the book & look inside in search of name as she didn't know the boy so if she get to know his name she could do return him his book back

Priya: Ashwin Mathur... (She whispered the name little loud but she only can hear it.)

Priya wanted to go behind boy to give him back his book but she saw the professor to coming towards their class so she think it will be batter to give back this book to Ashwin after her class as she can't miss this important lecture so she kept book with her & moved into her class. Here after her picture completed she moves towards account lecture's classroom there Ashwin was standing with his friends & was finding something in his bag.

Ashwin: yaar tune meri economics wali book dekhi mil hi nahi rahi hai. (He asked to his friend Roy standing next to him.)

Priya: kahin yeh toh nahi? (Priya asked to Ashwin standing little away from them with smile.)

Ashwin: are haan par apko kaise... (He moves away from his friends & came near to Priya.) aap yaha... (He smiled to her & both moves little away from his friends.)

Priya: main yaha matlab kyun main yaha nahi aa sakti kya? (Priya asked with pleasing smile on her lips just teasing him.)

Ashwin: aaisi baat nahi hai mujhe ummed nahi thi ki hamari dubara mulakat hogi. (He replied casually while smiling looking at her.)

Priya: aacha lekin aisa kyun? (Priya asked him sweetly with smile & confused look.)

Ashwin: woh kya hai na aap hamesha Ram k saath rehti hain aur koi aapka yaha dost bhi hai nahi toh mujhe laga aap sayad mujhse bhi baat na kare. (He said with shy scared smile as he felt scared to talk to her abt Ram.)

Priya: areh yeh kya baat hui main Ram ki dost hun toh iska matlab yeh toh nahi k main kisi aur se baat hi na karu... haan yeh sach hai k Ram k rehte kisi aur ki zaroorat nahi rehti but aisa nahi hai ki main kisi aur se dosti hi na karun. (Priya said with simplicity with smile & affection to him.)

Ashwin: waise agar aaisa hai toh kyun yaha aapka koi aur dost nahi hai expect Ram & Vikram? aur kyun koi aur aakar aapse dosti nahi karta? (For moment His talk made her too think but she clears his misunderstanding with her talk.)

Priya: hello aisa bilkul bhi nahi hai jaisa tum soch rahe ho it's just that maine kaha na jab Ram mere saath hote hain bas kisi aur ki zaroorat nahi mehsus hoti. (Ashwin faked smile hearing it as Priya's cheeked blushed thinking abt Ram.)

Ashwin: aacha toh aisi baat hai first year ki farewell party me Rohan k saath kya kiya tha Ram ne bichara ek mahine tak hospital me tha aur waise aaj bhi Ram ne mujhe agar aapke saath dekh liye pata nahi mera kya haal hog so bye. (Ashwin made excuse to move away but how can Priya took any blame on Ram he called him back.)

Priya: areh tum sab Ram se itna kyun darte ho insaan hai woh hum sab ki tarha shar nahi hain ho sab ko kha jayega. (Priya made her point clear to him that Ram is also human just like them.)

Ashwin: haan insaan toh hai but normal chizon me but jab baat aapki aati hai toh woh bilkul shar ban jata hai Panjab ka shar. (Ashwin make a joke which didn't left without make Priya giggling on his talk.)

Priya: dekho first of all tum na mujhe yeh aap aap keh kar bulana band karo aaisa lagta hai mujhe se nahi kisi aanty se baat kar rahe ho... (Priya made funny face while saying so... There Ashwin giggles on her antics.) aur jaha tak baat Ram k shar hone ki hai toh haan Ram shar toh hai aur sensitive bhi khas kar mujhe lekar (while blushing...) but jaha tak uss Rohan ki baat hai toh uss ne na kaam hi aaisa kiya tha ki Ram ko gussa aa gaya puri party me woh mere saath batamizi kar raha tha bhala yeh dekhkar Ram kaise chup rehte. (Priya said proudly to him thinking abt Ram.)

Ashwin: mana ki Rohan ki galti thi lekin uss din k baad kisi ki bhi himmat hi nahi hui tumse dosti karne ki sab Ram se dar jo gaye the. (He said with secret smile while talking.)

Priya: Ram na itna bura bhi nahi hai main janti hun usse bachpan se woh na uper se chahe jaisa bhi ho par dil se aaj bhi bachha hi hai bas uski do hi khamiyan hai gussa jaldi aata hai aur jhut kabhi badaast nahi hota... (Ashwin thinks for while while hearing it he smiled.) baki uske jaisa iss duniya me koi nahi... (She again surrounded with his thought while smiling.)

Ashwin: chahe jo bhi jo yeh toh sach hai ki tumse dosti karne ka matlab khatre ki ghanti bajana hai so main toh chala. (Ashwin provoked her care & concerned for Ram.)

Priya: areh yeh kya baat hui agar tumhe aisa lagta hai toh thik hai aaj se tum mere dost ho aur kyunki tum mere dost toh Ram k bhi dost ban gaye ho aur Ram apne doston pe kabhi haath nahi uthata toh bas ab usse ek baar Delhi se aa jane do phir dekho Ram apni dosti kitni aachi tarha se nibhata hai. (After hearing abt Ram like this she couldn't control her emotion seeing he is getting blamed as bad person b'coz he fought for her that day so she wanted to prove everyone wrong that what they think abt Ram is not true he is actually such a nice person so she made his as her friend so his misunderstanding get clear abt Ram.)

Ashwine: thik hai phir Ram ko aa jane do phir dekhte hain waise tab tak hum toh dost bane reh sakte hai na. (He asked with sweet smile on his lips along with hopes of friendship.)

Priya: areh maine aise hi mazak me tumse nahi pucha sach me main aajse tumhari dost hun.. (Priya gave him reassured smile while talking.) waise formality k liye hi phir se puch rahi hun mere dost banoge... (She forwarded her hand for hand shake towards Ashwin with her ever pleasing smile.)

Ashwin: it will be my pleasure ma'am. (He took her hand in his for hand shake while nodding his head.)

Priya: ok so aaj se hum dono friends hai chalo I get to go baad me milti hun bye. (She realized her hand & moves a side to go.)

Ashwin: kal milte hain collage me. (He kept seeing her retiring figure with smile.)

Ashwin keep seeing at retiring figure of Priya going away when his 2 friends comes near him while smiling patting on Ashwin's back with proud smile.

Soham: kya baat hai Ashwin Priya ne itni der tujhse baat ki aur hand shake bhi kiya matter kya hai boss. (Soham came there while smiling at him.)

Ashwin: kuch nahi bas aaj se main aur Priya dost ban gaye hain. (He said proudly looking at his both best friends.)

Roy: tu hosh main toh hai Ashwin tu kise apni dost banane ja raha hai mana Ram abhi yaha nahi hai par jab woh aayega na tu soch le kya haal karega tera. (Roy warns him with worried look.)

Ashwin: tu fikar mat kar aisa kuch nahi hoga maine sab shambhal liya hai. (Ashwin assured them while smiling & try to make them relax.)

Soham: Roy bilkul thik keh raha hai yaar tujhe yaad hai na first year me uss Rohan k saath kya hua tha usse k baad kisine bhi himaat hi nahi ki Priya se dosti karne ki aur uss se dosti karne ja raha hai ek baar aur soch le. (Hearing Roy's talk Soham also get scared he also tried to make Ashwin understand.)

Ashwin: sochne ki mujhe koi zaroorat nahi aur ek baat maine Priya k saamne dosti ka haath nahi badhaya usne khud badhaya hai aur main itna pagal bhi nahi k aisa muaka jane dun samjhe tum dono... (He stars to walk after saying it behind him his both friends starts to follow him.) aur haan jaha tak Ram se pitai hone ki baat hai toh uski fikar mat karo ab Ram mujhe kuch nahi kar sakta kyunki ab Priya meri dost hai aur is liye ab Priya hi mujhe kuch nahi hone degi. (He said with winning smile looking at him both friend moving towards exit gate of collage.)

Roy: aur tujhe lagta hai Priya aisa karegi? (He asked with question looks to Ashwin as he is still not sure will Priya give her support to Ashwin against Ram.)

Ashwin: jab waqt aaye tab dekh lena phil hal mujhe sirf Priya ki dosti enjoy karni hai. (He is having full trust on Priya's words & on her friendship.)

Soham: waise manana toh padega yaar pehli hi mulakat me tune Prjya se itni sari baate kar li... usne tujhse dosti bhi kar li... aur toh aur Priya k rehte hue Ram bhi tere saath kuch nahi kar sakta maan gaye dost charm toh tujhme jo Priya pe chal gaya. (As win smiles but deep inside him he know this all magic is of Ram he knew very well if Priya become his friend its all b'coz of Ram & in her all talk there was only one name were exiting that was of only Ram.)

Roy: kuch bhi ho Ashwin main janta hun collage k first year se hi tu Priya ko pasand karta hai par Ram ki wajhase kabhi bata nahi paya main toh bas tera bhala chata hun yaar jo bhi karna soch samajh kar karna. (Roy again made him face to reality which Ashwin knows very well he smiles looking at Roy.)

Ashwin: main janta hun yaar Priya sirf Ram ki hai par main usse dosti toh kar hi sakta hun na kyunki main usi main khus hun. (Roy nodded his head n both friend smiled to each other.) ab chale late ho raha hai. (He asked to his both friends & 3 of them moves to their ways to go out of collage.)


To be continuing...

Precap - no Preview as I still didn't wrote it but the way I will complete it will post it as promo.


PS: I know guys u all must be waiting to know the dark past of RaYa's life which is actually started to disclose from this part so just stay tune for next update will update soon.

If u like this part or story plz comment on it & like the post of update... it will give me more encouragement to write also will increased the activity of forum so I request to silent readers too plz comment or else forum with close soon... so plz reply...

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