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Summary of story so far... 

Ok guys I know it's been so long I didn't updated & quick catch up on story I m posting her "Summary of story so far" its just summarized story f last 18 updates... so u will connect with story well. Along with that before that wants to dedicate the credit to continue this story specially goes to sandhyasn a.k.a Shandhya a.k.a Sandy who continually asked me to update this story & if today I could able to continue this story so all credit goes to her & all other forum members who asked me to continue this. Therefore, thank you people to love my small work so much & all time encourage me to write more so now here we go...

The story takes on with Ram's loving family & friends (You will the character sketch in next part of this post). In his family, he is very close to everyone. He have step mom who loves him like her own son. He has even stepsibling yonger1 bro and 1 sis who loves & adores him a lot. He even has elder bro Dharamraj Kapoor (Dm) who is very close to Ram as the ground of emotional. He is not just elder bro but like father to Ram. Here at Priya's family also get introduce she is the only child of her parents & always is very pampered by them all the time. She also has one cousin younger sister Sanjana (Sanju) who stays in US with her parents & very close to Priya. Ram & Priya's family is business partner from long time & after Amarnath Kapoor's (Ram's father); death & due bad health of Priya's father RaYa is handling the business. RaYa is together still mills a part. Here story takes round up of one award function where Ram & Priya both nominated for the same award. The question in who will win this award along with this RaYa's light nok-jhok also continues with their best friend Neha & Vikram's marriage talk. Vikram is RaYa's best friend & soon tie to knot with Neha in arranged marriage. Here Vikram sees some spark in btw RaYa even shares with Ram but Ram just ignore it with laughing loud later on it disclose that there is some very big secretes hides in RaYa's last 6 years. Who made them stranger from to the best friends as they were sharing very beautiful & strong bond in past called as beast childhood friends which Dm knows very well.

As either from RaYa's family or friends, no one knows. Dm went for some business work at UK here after coming back from UK to India at the airport he mistakenly fight with Sanju here both starts their love to hate relationship with each other b'coz after this when ever they meet they just love to fight with each other.

Sanju hates Dm as she feels his is arrogant manner less guy where Dm hates Sanju as he find she is the only girl who give him back in all this years with so much attitude as any girl never treated him like this.

Here after meeting to Ram alone Dm disclose that Ram loves Priya but he is hiding his love for her due to RaYa's past & he should get out of it & proposes Priya but Ram is too much sacred as he thoughts his past won't let him to get closer to Priya again ever. Here the award function day comes.

Kapoor's & Sharma's gathered to party hall with family every one happy to see RaYa winning award together here RaYa shares some light romantic beautiful moments together along with some past memories which were hunting them again & again. Here Nuts (Ram's sis) also shares some special bond with Kartik her college friend & for whom she have secrete feelings but didn't disclose to him yet. Even here Sid (Ram's bro) tries to flirt with Ritz (Sanju's best friend came with her from US) as Neha comes in between. Here Priya also witnessed the big fight in between NeVik, which made her to shake her hands with Ram for to solve after keeping their disputes side her disputes with Ram. Here SanRaj witnessed RaYa's unconditional love in party & then later on car too, which made them determined to get RaYa together for lifetime. In car, even SanRaj witnessed some more unsaid love by RaYa for each other & they try their best to bring RaYa together by one way or other way later on Ram & Dm left Priya & Sanju at their home.

When Priya & Sanju back to their respective room Sanju falls in sleep but Priya were awaken thinking abt Ram. She remembered her that past black night when she & Ram separated for forever. That night she slept Ram & broke all the relationships with him b'coz of some resound, which still covered inside the Priya's heart. She back from her past & tells to her self she can't forgets Ram for what he did that night but she promises to her self she is just of Ram & she will be his always. Here Sanju got up from sleep & see Priya is awaken & crying she got angry & asked the reason for which she is crying from last 6 years but without answering her Priya ask her to sleep quietly & don't argue to her elder sis. Sanju felt bad sleep & Priya too in the morning Priya regretted what she did with Sanju last night so both the sister pacify each other. while  in the talking Sanju finds out Priya love Ram & the same moment Sanju promises she will give back Priya her life... her Ram back for forever & for that she will do what ever she have to do...

Here Ram remembering his past memories spend with Priya when Dm found it & ask him to pours out his heart front of Priya before its get too late. Here RaYa makes plan to make everything clear between NeVik by making them meet in CCD along with them. But some how Dm got to know abt this plan & got angry seeing Ram is making so efforts for his best friends relation where he is not doing anything for his love for Priya & again asked him to confess his love for Priya in angry tone.

Here after coming to CCD RaYa gets to know that everything is perfect between NeVik & its very usual between them to fight & pacify each other. Somewhere NeVik is happy for having RaYa as best friends RaYa thinks for them so much NeVik leave from CCD with happy faces & goes out There in CCD RaYa were having coffee together. While talking the moment got heat in between them & Priya accused Ram for doing injustices to Ashwin Ram was completely dumbstruck by hearing his name. Somehow, he tries to find out what is Ashwin connection with their talk but he couldn't find out even he asked Priya that not just he but even her heart knows she only loves him but by dining her love for him Priya leave the place saying they won't be get together ever.


I hope guys I have succeeds by trying my best to put whole 18 parts story in this & hope u will get easy now to connect with story so far as now I m going to start with fresh new part.

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Posted: 2014-11-05T03:41:27Z
All the previous memory of this story of Raya are coming back
want to knoe further about the story do continue soon
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Posted: 2014-11-05T04:06:19Z
Got the story now we need update
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Posted: 2014-11-05T04:15:14Z
thanks for summary.. im glad that u r now continuing it
waiting for update, plz do it soonSmile
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Posted: 2014-11-05T04:43:11Z
i m jst waitng for it now waitng for update plz plz update sooon and thnk  u sandy for asking her regurlarly
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Posted: 2014-11-05T05:14:50Z
Thanks for summary
continue soon
eagerly waiting for the update
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Posted: 2014-11-06T02:05:44Z
Thanks Leena...
now eagerly waiting for the update
please continueBig smile
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Posted: 2014-11-06T02:52:45Z
Originally posted by aanchaltulshan

All the previous memory of this story of Raya are coming back
want to knoe further about the story do continue soon

yap while writing I also lost in past love land... will continue & this tiem will surly complete it for sure... thanks for all the support Aanchal...
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