Epilogue for IPKKND:Happily Everafter

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Dear friends,
I loved this show and enjoyed every bit of it.. I did hope for a lovely epilogue- Maha episode end for it... and since we didnt get it.. I spun my own imagination on a perfect ending that I was hoping to get.
Hope you all will like it.. My other works are listed in my Index:- 51533738
Happy reading
Epilogue For IPKKND: Happily Everafter
5 years passed and a new day started and the camera spanned across a modular kitchen of a beautiful Apartment at London, UK- where 3 people were found trying to prepare breafast- Arnav -
looking all the more handsome and wise with 5 more years of marraige and happiness added to his age, a 12 year old Arav and a sweet little 3 year old beauty who  was only shouting
commands to her father and brother rather than actually cooking.
"Mushkan, Keep your voice low.. Or you will only wake up Mom" Arav hissed "and I see you havent even helped us with anything"
"Oh only if dad would let me do anything.. he is partial to you... he lets you do all the cutting and gives me no work" she observed
"Partial to me? he makes me slog with him while you enjoy sitting there and shouting orders"
"Hush... both of you... I am not partial to anyone... I am only giving you work which you both are capable of doing... here little princess, arrange these vegetables into the
salad plate...Arav lets  start this experiment mate.."
Arnav tried to pacify his kids... as he turned to a page in the cook book

A few minutes later, the three some could hear Kushi's voice down the hall
"Arav, Mushkan where are you... Arnavji...?"
Arnav, Arav and Mushkan looked at eachother alarmed
"Oh god... Mom is up" Arav whispered.
"Mushkan go fast and manage to keep her in bed for sometime.. ok? We will be done in a few minutes.. dont let her near the kitchen or our surprise will be spoiled.." Arnav told
quickly, helping Mushkan down the kitchen top.
Mushkan ran to her mom, who was in the process of looking into each room for her kids and husband.

"G'morning mom"
"Hey mushkan.. there you are.. where is your brother and Dad.. I am not able to .."
"they went for a ... hmm ..er... yes a jog"
"for a jog.. without even...did your father forget that.. today its... "
"what is it today mom?" Mushkan asked her innocently
"oh..nothing.. its .. its.. very cold...What does your father think... going out in this cold weather and that too taking Arav also with him..."
"Mom...relax...its not that cold.. its only autumn.."
"it is... you know how warm it would be now in India.."
"you always speak only of India...But I havent even seen it yet... "
" Its a beautiful lovely place.." Kushi started and then stared back at her daughter confused "what do you mean .. you havent seen it.. you were born there... you were there for a
year... then we had to come here for this project... its been two years... since I saw our family" Kushi felt emotional as she remebered the family "Nani, Di, Mami, amma, buaji,
bauji, Jiji, Jijaji, Nanheji"
"Mom... we do see them very often in webcam... you talk to them for hours and still you complain"
"That is not equal to living with them sweetheart... you will understand when we go back"
"and when are we going back?"
"Your dad keeps promising me that we will go soon.. But I dont know when that soon will come.."
With this she again started to remember her missing husband and son..
"oh when are they going to come back?.. your father didnt even leave me a note before going out like this..."
"Oh.. he told me to give you the message"
"hmmph.. Ok.." Kushi started moving towards the kitchen"
"where are you going?" Mushkan asked quickly
"to kitchen.. I need to prepare breakfast for you all"
"No.." Mushkan shouted turning her mom away from facing the kitchen as she saw her brother signalling her to buy them 5 minutes.
"No.. mom...Actually dad asked me to tell you something and I forgot.."
"you forgot? Thats ok.. I can call him"
"No.. dont call him" Mushkan told her quickly surprising Kushi "yeah.. I remember...there is a note on your bed side table"
"thats ok.. I will see it later"
"No mom... you need to see it now"
Mushkan pulled her mom to her parents bedroom and pushed her into the bed...
"Sit.. I will search for the note"
"What are you doing Mushkan?" Kushi asked Mushkan as she saw that there was no note and Mushkan went to the door and was peeping outside.. but she didnt bother to answer her
"Is everything ready" Mushkan shouted and Kushi looked at her daughter baffled, Arnav and Arav came in pushing the food trolley, donning chef caps and aprons.
Mushkan and Arav shouted Happy birthday Mom!

Kushi looked surprised, looking at all the food that the three have prepared
She got out of the bed and hugged her children and thanking them and kissing them on the cheek
"You all remembered"
"ofcourse we remembered" Arnav told her with a smirk and she smiled at him
"you need to kiss dad too... he helped us give you this surprise.. and it was actually his idea to cook for you when we told that we wanted to surpirse you" Mushkan told her mom 
Kushi looked at her husband who was throwing her a blazing look with a raised eyebrow. She herself was turning red on face as she quickly whispered
"Later" to Mushkan
"Why?" Mushkan asked confused
"because it will be different..not like what she gave us" Arav informed his sister smartly
This threw both Arnav and Kushi off balance as they looked at their children baffled and then at eachother
"what diference?" Mushkan asked as Kushi looked at her husband to help her change the topic of discussion
"you need to grow up to understand" Arav informed his sister again with an air of wisdom
"Oh.. I know.. hmm like the other day we saw in the TV?"
Arnav got so shocked at this as he looked at his wife
"What have you been letting them watch? "
"No I...nothing.. we only watched Salman khan movie the other day.. nothing like this..."
"Dad.. Mom.. relax.. She meant the barbie movie... where the prince finally kisses his Princess..." Arav looked bored
"yes...and they go off into the sunset.. riding in a magnificient horse together...happily ever after" Mushkan continued with glee which was not very different from the glee that
Kushi used to display when something excited her
"Ok..Ok... shall we now eat our breakfast before it goes cold?" Arnav asked them as he quickly arranged a small tea table and the family sat around it for a lovely morning

"Thanks so much.. Its so so so tasty and a wonderful surprise" Kushi was moved
"is it tasty because we cooked it?" Arnav asked her smirking
"No..not only because of that... you are getting better and better at cooking Arnavji.. believe me it is very tasty.. I cant stop eating"
"I agree, you cant stop eating" he replied back, getting a stare from his wife and grinned.

The landline rang as they were speaking...and Arav went to get it..
"Its Anjali Bua from India.. she wants us to login into the system... the family is waiting on Skype" he announced...
"Must be to wish you a happy birthday" Arnav commented to Kushi as he set up the laptop quickly and started the skype.
The entire family was there, wishing and speaking to them for a long time, Kushi told them how the kids and Arnav had surprised her with the world's best breakfast... and the
family was wondering if their chotey has become so expert in cooking... the family was again asking them to come back soon to India..as they were missing the four so much and
Kushi acknowledged that they also missed the family, golgappe, pakora, channa and everything about India... She saw her husband rolling his eyes as he smiled at what all she
missed about India...and then she complained to Nani and Buaji about how her patidev keeps promising her that they will be back soon..but they are all empty promises... and the
children got to chat with their cousins back there at India... Finally after an hour of non stop speaking and chatting the call got closed...

Every Sunday, Arnav usually spent his time with the Kids and Kushi.. and today being one, Arav reminded his dad that he had promised him earlier in the week that he would give him
skating lessons...

Kushi told that she had some cleaning work at home and then she wanted to prepare lunch. Arnav offered to take them out for lunch but Kushi wanted to have  home cooked lunch... So
the Father Son duo finally decided to put on their Skate shoes...Mushkan wanted to try Skating too... but Arnav denied saying she was too young and she will get hurt, He was an
overprotective father when it came to his little princess- But it may or may not be because of the fact that his little princess was exactly the miniature version of his lovely
wife. But still he offered to take her for swimming later in the evening.
Arnav and the kids came back home for lunch and soon, Arnav went to his office for some work which surprised Kushi, because, Arnav had been strictly been practising the policy of
"No work" on sundays...it was only family time.. it had been like that since Mushkan was born..

"Its my birthday and he goes to spend the time in the office room" She sighed "may be its a very important deal.." Thought Kushi, as she bid him bye, albeit a little disappointed,
She had been looking forward to spend the afternoon with him, since he had been busy with kids in the morning, and he had promised Mushkan the evening...for her swimming lessons.
The entire day went quickly, and After Arnav returned from office, the family relished some home made pakoras and jelebis and then they had some fun time by the pool as Arnav and
Arav tried to teach Mushkan to swim.
Arnav asked Kushi to join them too.. But strangely she didnt want to...
"COme on Mom... dont be scared.. We will teach you too"
"I know how to swim"
"Yeah.. I taught you long back" Arnav told her
"You taught me? excuse me.. I learnt to swim when I was a Kid.. But I never tried swimming after I grew up"
"Ok.. I taught you to swim after you grew up" Arnav smirked at her
"Oh when?" Kushi asked Arnav sarcastically "Was it those times when you would lift me and make me swim in the air?"
"Yu taught her to swim in the air? How is that possible?" Arav asked his dad who brushed it off with a shrug and looked at his wife
"Yeah.. and you did enjoy swimming those times.. Why not now?.. why dont you join us then?" Arnav asked  her
"hmm.. I feel tired " She told Arnav whose teasing tone got serious in a wink
"Are you alright Kushi?" He asked, trying to get out of the pool
"I am alright... Just did a bit of cleaning and stuff"
"Why do you exhaust yourself with this cleaning stuff? How many times have I told you not to tire yourself like this..." Arnav started chiding her
"Arnavji.. there is nothing wrong with me.. Now carry on and come out all of you before you catch cold. I will go prepare dinner"

Arnav looked around the room which he had decorated with candles and flowers, satisfied that it looked exactly how he wanted to look, he placed a cover by the bedside table in
full view and then looked out of the window as he watched the full moon lit, starry night and waited for his Kushi to walk in.
<*<*<Arnav then looks at the audience, the viewers>*>*>
"Can you believe this? Arnav Singh Raizada, becoming a family Man, Spending time away from work? I cant believe this too.. but its all because of Kushi.. I never believed in her
fairy tales with the prince and princess walking away into the sunset for a happliy ever after... but she not only beleived in it, she made it also possible...a reality, but oddly
she always holds me responsible for the happliy ever after...<He smiles his devasting smile>
When she walked into my life and turned my house into a circus... I never beleived this girl would change my life forever, She made me discover love... everyday with her has been
a thrilling roller coaster ride... Oh yeah... Dont tell her That I told you this... She would become kind of emotional, spoiling the aura that I wanted in her today... and  off
late she is becoming very emotional...and it reminds me of the days when she was pregnant with Mushkan...Her pregnancy swings were so tought o manage..  Her mood and cravings
would change with a blink of an eye...or is it possible that... Oh my god...Is she pregnant again?"
Kushi walked in after putting the children to sleep. She looked at the decorated room and exclaimed "What the"
Arnav turned to look at his wife
"Whom are you talking too Arnav Ji? " She asked suspiciously
"hmm.. er.. No one..." Arnav quickly answered her as she peeped out carelessly in the direction of camera and then back to him..
"have the children slept?"he asked her
"yes finally... after 3 stories, one of which Mushkan is now getting obsessed with.. "
"is it How her father met her mother"
"Oh no.. that she got over... and now she is actually telling that story to her friends... now she is actually obsessed with How her father married her mom"
"Oh the first version or the second" Arnav asked her amused
"They find the second perfect... and the first adventurous... so both actually... first is Arav's favorite and second is Mushkan's"
Arnav smiled "Finally alone time for us" as he took his wife into his arms.
"What is the need to do this Arnav ji... Look what Arav told today morning.. it was very embarassing.. Children note what their parents do"
"its not my fault...They have been watching romantic cartoon shows"
"It was only Mushkan... Dont you remember the other day when we were kissing in the kitchen when Arav walked in?"
"we cant help accidental walk ins.. He is soon nearing his teen.. he will learn quickly and also.. that would only teach him that his parents love eachother very dearly and it
will prepare him for a life of his own"
"Oh yeah.. I am sure he is surely  gonna turn up like his dad"
"Is it good for him or bad?"
"I know that the girl he chooses will be as lucky as his mom" Kushi smiled

"Isnt it too early for us to think about his love life? he is just 12" Arnav looked at his wife amused
"So what... I only pray that our kids get true love and cherish love and life like we do... they meet someone who is imperfectly perfect like we find eachother..."
Kushi told as Arnav hugged her while looking into her eyes, he bent and pecked on her forehead
"Happy birthday love" 
"thanks a lot, now where is my gift Arnavji?"
"Didnt we give you in the morning? Breakfast?" Arnav asked her mockingly
"Hmmph.. that was the kids... they wanted to surprise me and you helped" Kushi accused him
"Ok.. then lets see what else I have got...what about this?" Arnav asked as he held the white cover to her...

Kushi opened tentatively. and saw it was their tickets back to India
and yelled happily
"Arnavji.. You are the best..Thank you so much..but it is two weeks from now?"
"Hmm.. we need to wrap up things here kushi... The next two weeks should be a little tedious for me... then we will be gone for good .. back to India..."
"We dont have to return back here?"
"No... I can travel when it is needed... for a couple of days or so... But we wont be away from the family now...and I know you miss them a lot..."
"thankyou so much Arnavji... I am.. this is the best gift I can get..."

"Hey you dont have to cry for this.." Arnav told her hugging her again and placing a peck on top of her head
"Oh its only I felt so moved now and I was alone for the day..and then exhausted and... I didnt expect this surprise.. its too good to be true"
"You felt alone? Why Kushi.. it was you who asked us to go and then.." Arnav looked into Kushi's eyes and then at her face " Kushi whats wrong? you look tired, pale and fatigued"
"No Arnavji... Nothing can be right as it is now for us..." She told him, as he looked at her with worry. She smiled at him shyly before she bit her lips "I need to tell you
something too"
"yes Kushi..I am listening"
"I missed my period this month.."
"and?" Arnav prompted as he felt his heart starting to go dhal dhak again
"and I took the pregnancy test today afternoon"
"and?" Arnav prompted again, coming closer to her and holding her at her arms and peering down at her anxiously
"and it came out positive...I didnt know how you would react if I told you the third child is on the way and"
Kushi couldnt complete her sentence as she was pulled into a strong embrace by her husband.
"This is the best return gift that you could give me Love" Arnav whispered to her lovingly "I agree  three could be a little crowded... but more of joy"
He heard her giggle a little and looked into Arnav's face with her arms still around his neck.

They looked into each other's eyes as Rabbavey started playing and he bent forward towards her lips but stopped mid way.
Kushi looked confused as Arnav, relinquishing his hold on her for a moment, quickly moved towards the windows and hissed,
 "Ok folks, thats all from us for this season, you will allow us a well deserved break and privacy... wont you?" He asked the viewers.. as Kushi opened her mouth in surprise seeing the camera...then she too smiled and bid goodbye to the viewers,
"we will meet you all soon in the next season" She called out as Arnav pulled the curtain and Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon title track started playing as the viewers saw the shadows
of Arnav and Kushi sharing an intimate lip lock!
The End.
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Posted: 6 years ago
beautiful, romantic and lovely
I wish the makers had given us such a happy endingCry
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Posted: 6 years ago
wow...u gave such a lovely ending !!! but unfortunately in real we got abrupt ending !! i feel like crying for ipkknd & arshi .thanks for sharing !! fabulous post ClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by rrd29

beautiful, romantic and lovely
I wish the makers had given us such a happy endingCry
Dont worry. we are aways free to dream and imagine... thanks for your comment :)
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by laxmisarada

wow...u gave such a lovely ending !!! but unfortunately in real we got abrupt ending !! i feel like crying for ipkknd & arshi .thanks for sharing !! fabulous post ClapClapClapClapClapClap
Thanks so much!
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Posted: 6 years ago

its awesome

loved it

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Posted: 6 years ago
Brilliant thought!!!
Aww they are going to have one more kid what a birthday gift fr khushi
loved the happi ending
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Posted: 6 years ago
the best maha episode/epilogue
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