FF: After The Maha Episode THE END PG 22

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Hi everyone!
This is my first post hope you like it!

Anushka with rage in her eyes fires the gun.. Priya and Mona scream.. They are in a trance.. Ram is down, blood all over his blazer an hands.. Priya rushes to him.everyone is standing around in shock.. Tears are Rollin down their cheeks.. Is this a nightmare.. Rajat is unable to comprehend.. He picks up hi phone and calls do the ambulance..
If you find this interesting I shall write an ff..

Leave your comments everyone!



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sounds interesting, do continue
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Part 1 - Emotional Turmoil

Rajath asks Vineet if all the formalities have been completed.. Binders nods and leave to talk to the police.. Priya is not able to control her tears.. Mona is expressionless.. There is nothing in this world that could make either one of them come out of the trance..

Priya: Bringing herself together - Mona samhaalo apne aap ko.. Meri tarah dekho!
Mona: Looks at her with tears brimmibg her eyes.. Meri wajah se yeh sab hua hai Priya..
Priya: Nahi Mona.. Kismat ke aage hum kuch kar nahi sakthe.. Hume apne aap ko sambhaalna hoga.. Bachon ke liye.. Humaare parivaar ke liye..
Rajat: Mrs. Kapoor is right..
Just then There is a small pat on Mona's back.. Priya and Mona turn back.. Both their eyes apologizing..

Who is this?
Im not very good at writing.. But if yo guys think its ok.. Ill start writing seriously..


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Go ahead
n rock it!!
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its nice but give a long one this is tooo short
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Posted: 2012-12-04T01:02:06Z
lamba karu and raya pe fcus, pls dnt make rajat the mahan Dead
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Posted: 2012-12-04T01:51:03Z

There are many questions running through their minds.. Both the women feel a sense of comfort and assurance.. 
All this is interrupted by Priya's phone..

Priya: Haan bol Natasha.. Sab tik hai na ghar pe.. 
Nutz: Haan Priya.. Pihu sogayi hai.. Sab 10 min pehele pohonchgaye.. Papa ka haalath dekhinahi jaathi.. 
Priya: Natasha.. Mujhe pata hai.. Aur yeh bhi pata hai ki tum yeh sab sambhaal paogi.. 
Nutz: Lekin Priya tumhaari bagair.. Aur.. Haan mene Karthink ko batadiya hai.. He's leaving in the next hour.. Woh kal subah aajaayegnge..
Priya: You have to stay strong Natasha.. Mein yahin toh hu..Aur haan.. Kuch dino keliye sab KM shift hojaayiye.. Just for security purposes..
Nutz: Jaisa aap tik samje.

Priya signs to Rishab and asks him to sit beside Mona.. 
Priya walks in haste towards the doctor and asks for Ram and Pradeep.. 

Doc: Operation katam hone tak hum kuch kehenahi sakthe..
Priya: Ji.. Thankyou doctor.
There are a lot of apprehensions in her mind body and soul.. There is no fear, Only anger is flowing through her blood.. 
She sees the Doc leave towards the OT.. 
Rajat: Mrs. Kapoor.. 
Before he could say anything Priya gives him a glaring look and moves with fury in her eyes..

he sees her fisure fade through the corridor of the Hospital floor..

At KM:
Ayesha gets to know that everyone is coming over.. Her mother shows true concern as she is shaken up by the whole incident.. What if Ram dies.. Then Ayesha would be nothing again..

Ayesha: Yeh sab us Priya di ke wajah se hua hai.. Ab mere saare Dushman yaha aake mere sar pe baitjaayenge.. 

Mamaji: Are Ayesha.. Yahi toh mauka hai saabko apne side pe karne ka.. 

Scene shifts to Sharma Residence:

Nutz, Neha and Vikram get the entire family (Kapoors, Sharmas and Shergills) into various cars which speed towards KM.

Finally they go to Shergills residence..

Vik: Nutasha.. applogon ke samman bhej di hai na tune.. 
Nutz: Ha bhai.. Rehaan aur Rahul saare saman ek saath legaye..
Neha: Chalo Nutz.. Ab bacho ke chizeh bhi pack karlete hai.. 

Just then the door bell rings..

Part 2: 


Priya: Bas.. Ab koi kuch nahi kahega..
Everyone is stunned at the change in Priya's behaviour..

How do you like this everyone.. Suggestions, Criticism is all welcome :)



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Very nice continue karo yaar
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