Yaad Tu aayen Gaye Review

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Brief Story!

Shahwar and Zaviar are brothers and running a big business. Shahwar "Sajid Hassan" is elder than Zaviar "Humayon Saeed". Zaviar is engaged to Mehru "Reema". Mehru lives with her father Ahmed Hassan "Shakeel" and mother Saman Ahmed "Zaba Shehnaaz",

And is deeply in love with Zaviar, and in absence of Zaviar she shares her secrets with the moon. Cousin "Jedi" of Mehru is down to earth person and in love with Mehru. They are friends and at times worst enemies.

After completing his studies in London Zaviar returns to Pakistan accompanied with a friend Maham who has soft corner for Zaviar. After reaching Pakistan Zaviar joins his brother in his business. Shahwar is in love with Mehru too, so to get his brother out of the way he corners his brother in a project which requires 5 lac dollars. Due to insufficient funds zaviar is tensed and worried. Shahwar blames Zaviar for miscalculating the amount required for project but helps his brother get the amount from Maham. Maham wants zaviar to break his engagement with Mehru and gets married to Zaviar in return of the amount. This incident breaks hell loose on Mehru. After weeping for hours she makes up her mind to take the revenge from Zaviar. During this phase Shahwar apologies to Ahmed Hassan for what Zaviar had done and instead propose to marry Mehru. Though Ahmed Hassan was not in favour of Shahwars proposal but Mehru accepts the proposal of Shahwar. When Zaviar comes to know about Shahwars proposal to Mehru's dad he gets upset. Ahmed asks Mehru that won't she be troubled livening under one roof with Zaviar, she replies that she won't be but Zaviar surely will be. Shahwar and Mehru get married. News of Shahwar and Mehrus marriage upsets Jedi, he losses his concentration in studies, he returns to his hometown leaving his education incomplete.

Each passing days bring new tension between Zaviar and Maham. Mehru joins Shahwar in the business. Mahams brother feroze wants revenge of his father from Shahwar baigs family, and one fine day succeeds in assassinating Shahwar baig. Maham and Feroze are convicted of Shahwars murder. Mehru. Mehru continues the business with her secretary Farjeen and during this phase bud of love blossoms once again between Zaviar and Mehru, and on the other hand Maham comes out of jail and comes to know about the new development between the two and Maham is suffering with cancer. One fine day Mehru asks Zaviar to convince her dad for their marriage.

Ahmed Hassan insults Zaviar when he brings marriage proposal for Mehru, Zaviar with grief returns to London for his wife's "Maham" treatment. Mehru gets ill in sorrow of not getting the love from her in-law family, and with the grief leaving the property for Zaviar. On his arrival from London Mehrus secretary gives him her peace of mind and informs him about Mehru's death, when Zaviar reached her grave he finds it to be missing, mean while Maham in London passes away due to cancer. In the end Zaviar commits sucide at so called Mehru's grave .


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Posted: 2005-05-10T23:15:06Z

oki, I watched this show, to the part where Maham's bro killed Shahwar.

but I didn't get the last part, Mehru was alive but zavier thought she died???

plz somone help me out!! Thanks!!

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Posted: 2005-05-11T12:17:49Z

mehru  died at the end


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Posted: 2005-05-12T11:04:14Z

oh really Thats sad!Cry


y did they kill everyone at the end!!

tu phir yaad kis ki aagi jaab koi raha hi nahian!Cry

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Posted: 2005-05-12T18:49:23Z
I think this was a good drama, but I have to be honest and say that the real reason I watched it was cause my fav singer Shafqat Amanat Ali from my fav band Fuzon sung the title song (opening) of the drama. (hehehe). But I also really like Humayoun Saeed to. Big smile
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Posted: 2005-06-09T07:19:55Z

Thanks for the story!!

Much appreciated !!


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Posted: 2005-07-24T21:27:45Z
Cry Ending is very sad.... I havent watch the drama but will see it now for sure... I like tragic ending lol... Wink
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Posted: 2005-07-25T07:04:33Z
i like the story of drama b/t i feel star plus looking
pakistan main tamaam larkiyaan shalwar kameez pehanti hain sari nahin Angry
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