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was it u 
rose for ME???
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Update ...

Update ...

Update ...

Update ...

Update ...

Update ...

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Update ...

Update ...

Update ...

Update ...

Update ...

Update ...

 will give .. shortly .. 

repeating .. stay tuned 
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Cady came with both kids, priya slept crying on the couch.  She hugged both the kids. Kids were unable to know what happened to her.wiping her tears.  Cady  partilly knows the reason of her tears. Cady  came near and hugged her.

"uff .. !  hello dram queens .. stop it now or shall I also come and join the group hug' hey goli {peehu}  ur hungry right." Raina  spoke .

Every one set themselves right priya wiped her tears. Smiled. Asked raina to help them change their clothes. After jyothi's death  it was a routine that raina and cady  spend  time after school in priya's house along with her two angels. Cady being a teenager was close to priya she understand her so good.

"I hate u being dull like this priya. Actually I have an idea u saw ram uncle right  he is hansome, cool funny and  can handle kadoos kapur well to protect me  like u do always u both are similar,u both look cool together and make an awesome pair..[priya blushed  sighed and rushed to kitchen]  arrey  sunno na. usiki jo biwi hai.. uff  I pity  ram uncle"  priya pushed candy to cady mouth and said " sorry  sugar free hai .. so no problem..  kitna sochthe hai tum. Accha  I need ur help  tell daijaan u will be late ok..  mujhe  bahut  saare  kam karne hai"

She took milk and snaks to all the kids and her chai. Kids came changed ,telling priya what all they did in  their school she enjoy listening to kids, to cady and raina too.  Suddenly she remembered ram's words  to tell them about their father..

"Chocolate nuts smoothy kisko chahiye..."

"aaj '! sach  mamma.. paap ka fav  hai na mera bhi"  peehu said. " mujhe chahiye" 

Priya  smiled seeing the 3 year  old kids took both to her  arms hugged them .. " kisi ka birthday nahi hai..  papa ane wala hai tho  hum  usse invite kaise karenge. Papa ka fav smoothy."

"Sach mamma papa aaj ane waala hai ! humare saath khelenge." Both started jumping the joy of meeting their father shown up on their faces.priya stood in guilt feeling bad that she came long way away from him, seeing the   kids dancing and jumping retiring to their room along with Raina. . Cady stood up there perplexed to what she said.

 " papa .. their papa??" cady said.

"  yes  their father and my husband,  u will be surprised  to see him , I bet u will zap ur mouth  miss cady.. plz need ur help to arrange things."

" yeah k  but haan I bet  he wont  be as charming as  my uncle u know ... trust me.. ram is the perfect match  for u . u been a single marry ram  uncle.."

Priya smiled  " ok  mark ur words cady  surprise ahead  for  u !!"

Priya made all ram's fav, ordered to finish out cady and raina's study. Peehu and riya trying to build up something with blocks as they have nothing to do in preschool. Priya was tensed how cdo she welocome ram , n what he will tell to kids. She do know that its difficult to keep ram away. Her heart badly want his presence and his aroma around her. She sat in couch waiting for ram'  a page in the magazine caught her eye, was a wood house  her lips curled to smile '

Priya is quite after ram said the words, they soon reached the house Mrs Daisy. Ram used to come to this FH with dadaji.Mrs daisy was grand mom of ram's friend. Soon they reached ram saw Mrs daisy standing out side the house  with roxy their Lamber dog. Mrs daisy was surprised to see ram carrying a girl.  Ram  kept priya down and greeted Mrs. Daisy.

R: aww.. after a long time Mrs daisy  how r u?

Mrs D: heloo ram . kapoor  how r u  after a long time my son.  Curious  abt priya she  turned her gaze to priya.

R; cutting straight to point I need ur help.Our car is out of fuel as we cannot walk till the FH we want some place to stay for this night I cant spend a whole night with her in that car.  BTW she is priya. My'.{paused priya looked at him} my .. my   friend. Priya this is  Mrs daisy , my friends GM and dadaji's friends wife.

Mrs D : uff.. ram did I ask the details I know ur a gentle man. Come inn..

Mr. Danvil is out of station. To the city as their grand daughter is unwell. So Mrs daisy informed ram at any time she may  have to leave. She asked them to be comfortable.  Priya liked the house  she halted near a wal seing the portraits. Mean time ram informed Mrs D abt priya's state and his confusion in their relation. Mrs D move d to priya  observed her. Priya was staring at the pictures of the wonderful Mr&Mrs Danvil.

P; they are simply awesome. Seems u have a very good married life

MrsD its not good , awesome or  happiest .. it was as usual. But we trusted each other, accepted , loved each other. That's it.

Priya looked at ram. Mrs D  with all her experience came to a conclusion she loves ram more than him.

Mrs. D :  darling don't think of anything  but be with ur heart don't be scared of anything, its love , true love .its abt finding a soul mate. I am sure u found him '

Priya smiled.  And hugged her. Ram saw this was thinking.. {priya wil be fine with everyone except me. me tho usse paayar kar ke beta tha} they all had some coffee soon Mrs D has a call she left the place.. priya lost in the words of Mrs D abt soul mate. They finished coffee priya took the cups to kitchen . she  turn on the tap and found it was under repair  water came over her  making her wet. Her saare sticked to her body.. she came out , ram's eyes  glued on her voulptious beauty. She felt shy in his gaze , ram went inside and bought her  a long T shirt.  Priya changed to  the t-shirt and shorts. Ram meanwhile finished cleaning kitchen. He removed his  jacket and was in vest when priya came out.  She saw him without a blink . silence ruled for a while. Priyas drunken state made her open up to him.

P: raam''.  Y did u conclude I dint love u. do u know how much I love u

R: leave it , I am sorry..

P: no , why should I leave u need to know.. my love  older than urs. I realised I am in love with u in UK it self. I feel am urs, especially after ur kiss. Which made me think am only urs. Yes I love u, I only Loved u and my love will remain the same a life time. To me I can only accept u as my husband in heart. Because I love u. ur hear ram [pointing to her heart . rams gaze  fixed on her body,] baas ab upar dekho.

R; y don't u accept that u love me..

P; my mom.. I value her she thinks am unwanted because of me she lost her career. Now she Is not. She lost her career as she is pregnant with me. she hates me. that I was an unwanted child. I have no intrest in beauty and all she always loved Ayesha not me. Ayesha is her daughter,she want Ayesha as successful model. I cannot marry u because of my family ram. Ayesha likes u lot and my mom will treat me '. As if  stood a barrier to her. Now it wont happen' mom will be happy

She stood up and went near a window , tears rolled down her cheeks. Ram went there near to her  she turned back and hugged him..

P: Ram .. I love u . I love u  from the bottom of my heart.  I promise I will love u till I take my last breath, In fact u never know how much I crave to be with u in ur warmth, this is what all I need. U smell so good.. ur intoxicating ram. I could not sleep that day when u kissed me. If I remember it now I could feel ur lips on mine. In the party I  was comfortable with ur hand on my bare skin.  I love u so much. Ram make me urs now.. I need u. I even dream of bearing ur babies..  she kissed him on his lips..

Ram was shocked. He broke the hug and looked at her deep into his eyes.

P: plz ram. I want to be with u. I need u ram, please make me urs. U love me right.. plz prove me ur love tonight.make love to me and make me urs.if not today it can never happen.. please give me some courage.

R: common priya .. I love I want to marry u . I want u for the rest of my life . I don't need ur body.plz  calm down. I don't  want our love to be a regret. Ur drunk u need to sleep this off..

P: y don't u understand  I dint mean u  love my body . may be I need u tonight. I am telling u na if not now will never can be..

R; what rubbish

P; nothing' so u don't..

R; priya  I promised karthik. I will only touch u when ur my wife. Do u think I don't want u . its difficult for me to control with u beside me.. when u ask for making love I wanted to but I wont. 

 He hugged  her took her to the  bed room and made her sleep in his arms.  Kissed her on forehead.. priya kissed him on his lips kiss went long n passionate. She later on slept in his arms muttering ram I love u. ram took a cold water shower, and slide in to her side in his boxers and vest.

Ram woke up early in the morning, moved the curtains..  turned to priya she stirred in bed. As her T  shirt is over sized and it slid down her shoulders.

R; hmm good morning.. thinkin[ oh  god she is so cute.. I wish she wake up as my wife with me in my bed]

P: good morning.. [pleased to hear ram] realising suddenly.. where are we ??  y r u  like this.. seeing him in boxers checked herself in shorts. Exposing her  long legs to him. She covered her  self in the quilt. Staring at him for an ans.

R; thank god  I dint do anything it would have be the biggest regret in my life. 

He Said her how they r here. Priya remembered everything. He did not tell her what she has asked for. But she felt guilty for asking so. Soon priya got up from bed and freshn up. They went from the place leaving a note to Mrs Daisy. For the next 3 days she avoided ram, not even a cal.  He came staraight to her cabin in college in the evening.

P; u here.. this is college plz don't come here frequently and am not ur employee..

R; do u know something.. ur my employee. I own this college.  I wanted to gift u this when we r married. Anyways y r u ignoring me?

P; am busy.  I don't want ur  college or u.!

R: what is this '

P; oh so u came to know ..

R; y do u want a long leave what r u upto'

P: ok I will resgin. sign on it. Y should I answer what am I doing.. Who are u .. to me.

Ram cannot tolerate this anymore. He pinned her to the wall and kissed her harshly showing her his authority. She is week to push  him aside. He broke the kiss when she is about to speak he kissed her again..

P: stop it ram. What right u have '

R; hmm I should have made u mine that day. This is the reason rightur avoiding me.. What ever anyone say ur mine alone. I will marry u or else on one.. I love u .. mind it

A week later priya is in flight remembering what she spoke to shipra' she closed her eyes  tears rolled down her eyes.. she heard a voice very familiar. "Darling don't waste ur tears.."

 Her inner sense recognised the tone. She opened her eyes in a quick second " raam"

R:  hi .. am  ram kapoor..

P: ur here..

R; what do u think I build up this big empire. I doubted u  am right ur leaving India n me right.. am not a toy u leave for ur sister n go.. 

priya is shocked. Annoyed. Want to change her place..

R; if u want to change  u have to sit alone with me  very private. I can do what ever I want or sit here calm .

Ram made her plan flop , now he is with her. He even said to the co passenger that they r wife and husband were heading to Europe for HM.  He made her embarrassed a lot.  Some how managed to escape from ram after..


thanks for  the read.. 

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Awww Molly you updated ..You made my day darling ...
Love you for this ..Than why did you tell that you are not even pen it down ..
It's just smashing update ..But in first update you mentioned their age as 5 years [kada]
here i read 3 years ..just clear my doubt here ..
Otherwise super cool baang update ..Thank you soo much darling...
waiting for next ...
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very nice update
very eager to know
so please update soon
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priya is trulymad LOL
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