Siddhu's jail experience !

Posted: 2012-10-26T18:56:13Z

Bigg Boss 6:Siddhu's jail experience !

Bigg Boss has seen some of its inmates emotional side,when Siddhu was spotted in conversation with Urvashi, Rajev, Vrijesh and Aashka in the living area about his murder case back in 1987. The renowned cricketer was seen explaining the housemates how he was once going to bank and someone tried to trick him by saying that he had killed some one with a bat. He panicked and ran to Punjab with his brother Mann Singh Mann .

Siddhu also mentioned how schocked he was to see himself on TV with a headline- Navjot murders and escapes. Later he went on to High Court and then Supremem Court ran a case on him after 1 day bail.

It was apparently a few months before the West Indies tour and all the collegues had left for the tour.At the last moment his coach Dilip Vegneskar recommended him and the court finally let him go after 10 days.

To everyone's surprise ,Navjot scored the highest runs in the tournament. This incident showed different side of well known Navjot Singh Siddhu .

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Posted: 2012-10-26T19:38:36Z
So someone cries murder, and he runs for cover. Nice!

Tabhi uske siddhant kya uske ghutnon mein jaa aatke the?
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Posted: 2012-10-26T19:43:19Z
Tab uske siddhant the hi nahi. Uske baad aaye.
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Posted: 2012-10-26T19:44:06Z
Originally posted by Shreya_luvs

Tab uske siddhant the hi nahi. Uske baad aaye.

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Posted: 2012-10-26T19:52:14Z
Originally posted by -Xaffron-

Originally posted by Shreya_luvs

Tab uske siddhant the hi nahi. Uske baad aaye.


Actually correction. Woh sirf BB6 house main aaye.
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Posted: 2012-10-26T19:55:48Z
LMAOOO who runs off when told he is a murderer by a random stranger walking on the streets...LAME justification just like his never ending bhashans Edited by --Komal-- - 2012-10-26T19:59:40Z
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Posted: 2012-10-26T20:02:16Z
Originally posted by -Chandramukhi-

Uske siddhant and principles are only for the cameras for the show case purposes. All he wants is the wahwahgiri from some of our naive audiences who love to put this ex-cricketer on the highly pedestal. His siddhants are like Santa Claus, except that they both don't exist.

his ego is double his size...the change of expressions during the whole of episode today tells it all...the way his expression changed as soon as he was praised...he is the epitome of hypocrisy 
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