TOI: Happiness laughter in Big boss house

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Posted: 2012-10-10T06:08:00Z

Happiness, laughter & surprises in the Bigg Boss house

TNN | Oct 10, 2012, 04.51PM IST
Happiness, laughter & surprises in the Bigg Boss house
Salman Khan
Continuing the strenuous task of the previous day, the housemates were up all night. While a few camped in the garden area, the others will be seen catching up on some much needed rest.Navjot Singh Sidhu & Dinesh Yadav cracked up for no apparent reason at five in the morning when Dinesh came to call Sidhu to join the rest of the task. After a while, as dawn approached, all the housemates woke up to 'Tip tip barsa pani' where Urvashi, Sayantani & Rajeev were seen having a blast while dancing. 

Although tired, the housemates were pumped up throughout the day with everyone pulling each other's leg. To start with, Sapna mocks Dinesh by saying that because of him she is bruised & beaten up. While a shocked Dinesh stood staring at her, she cracked up saying in her signature style - "ullu banaya, bada mazaa aaya". Meanwhile, the kitchen champions Rajeev, Urvashi & Sayantani will be seen complaining about Sapna & Karishma who do not willingly contribute to the household chores. 

Talking about her controversial 'toing' ad, Sana Khan explained that the ad got her more negative PR than expected. In the meanwhile, Sapna Bhavnani gets into her comfort zone and braids Delnaaz's hair who was most excited with her new look. At the same time, while Sapna turned to her profession, Sampat was seen turning into a stylist, dressing up Sapna in her trademark pink Saree and unknowingly making her a part of her Gulabi gang. 

On the boys' side, Rajeev and Sidhu will be seen engaged in a conversation again wherein Rajeev gets rather emotional. On the girl's side, Sana, Karishma and Kashif are seen cleaning & sweeping the floor with Khasif trying his best to flirt with Karishma by calling her 'honey'. Sana gets irritated and tells him to stop with the 'honey bunny' and to just cut the crap and collect the trash. In the garden area, while on the 'tarazoo', Sayantani unknowingly gets off the 'tarazoo' and Vrijesh goes flying up! Finally, Bigg Boss will announce the end of this strenuous task and the housemates will be seen celebrating! 

During the latter half of the day, the housemates will be seen arguing over the daily work distribution and how it is unfair that only some people work. The housemates take a breather & chill in the garden area with Sampat enjoying the attention that ended up with her pulling Vrijesh's leg by calling him a cartoon. 

The surprise of the day however was Vrijesh's conversation with Mr. Kapoor. Well, the Mr. Kapoor here is none other than Fishy Kapoor (the talking fish) who manages to shock Vrijesh while assigning him a secret task. Towards the end of the night the luxury budget will be introduced leaving a few like Rajeev uneasy & irritable!
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Posted: 2012-10-10T08:22:48Z
Thanks for sharing!:)
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