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The place for completely unauthorized, unofficial, irreverent, pure, unadulterated bull shit.

On this forum you will find people with uncles, cousins, friends and girlfriend working on the sets of Bigg Boss dishing out the most delicious gossip and  super secret spoilers. This is not that place!

On this forum you will find people who religiously watch the show and excitedly race to post what they saw 30 seconds ahead of the next person. This is not that place!

On this forum you will find people making 1001 different threads about the same Telly Buzz article that was posted sometime last century, or any other juicy tidbit news article about Bigg Boss and its contestants. This is not that place!

On this forum you will find people making a million polls on extremely important issues like which contestant most resembles an Equus asinus or which contestant would make the most functional ass wipe. This is not that place!

Now that we have established what this is not, what is this exactly then? Go back and read the first sentence doofus. That's all it is. While I may not have impressive friends and relatives who get the spoilers and nor am I able to post updates, copy-paste articles or make polls - I have some pretty cool contacts in high and mighty places. So here you will receive the most authentic originally written articles, poll results which I have personally tabulated with my patented statistical methods. Most importantly running commentary and insights on obscure little known details from the internationally recognized and critically acclaimed commentators - who will take time off their schedules just to give you a Bigg Boss exclusive dish.

The exciting panel includes, but is not limited to

Big Bird

McKayla "Unimpressed" Maroney

Angry Queen

And Our highest most esteemed, most venerated, most honored panelist
(you really should be bowing that it took the time to do this)

Time Magazine's Man of the Year

"THE" Chair

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Casey Anthony to enter Bigg Boss House as Wild Card Contestant

(Reuters) October 10th: Hollywood Insider caught up with the Anthony at her undisclosed location in Florida to get an insider scoop on the most exciting news since her trial.

"I have always been a Salman Khan Fan" gushed Casey "This is like a dream come true". The young woman who rocked the United States with the most publicized trial of the decade was declared not guilty of murder charges last year, after a long grueling court battle. "I kept thinking of my hero" she confesses explaining how he love for Salman Khan guided her through the most troubling and trying time of her life. "I was innocent just like him" she explains. Knowing that Salman Khan has been falsely accused of countless crimes he didn't commit, but got away every single time reassured her that she would to. "It was my strength, you know, like you see, like truth always prevails" Casey utters as she breaks down into tears and tells a harrowing tale of her ordeal "People always want a scapegoat. People die and they just want someone to blame."

But things are looking up ever since her favorite actor heard about his fan and decided to invite her onto the Indian celebrity reality show he hosts "Bigg Boss". Even though she does not speak a shred of Hindi she is excited to enter the house and woo over the contestants and billions of Indian hearts.

"Would Indians accept an alleged child murderer?" Critics wonder. But the show has a history of inviting and glorifying criminals and suspected criminals. Casey Anthony is just an international celebrity who fits the bill. When asked the question Casey merely smiles and says "I'm sure they will. I am not a po*n star you see". 

Source: Reuters.com/casey_anthony_BiggBoss
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Originally posted by DejaVu.

Mckylisa totally not impressed with Mckyla being represented by Big bird!!

McKayla is fixed now. LOL
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Lemme bookmark for some fun reading!!!
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ohh man LOL
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90% of Twihard Edwardians support the quest of the "Common Man"

A recent survey study has unearthed some very interesting parallels and crossovers between Bigg Boss and popular  fantasy fiction series Twilight.
BLS The US Bureau of Literature Statistics maintains in depth statistical data of international reading engagement data and other demographic information on readers. The data reveals fascinating facts. About 73% of the global population reads books, of which approximately 47% are fans of the Twilight series. "I think these are the 47% Mitt Romney might be referring to" says John Galvin the commissioner of the BLS.
An interestingly large number of Twilight fans are Indians. "When you think about it, Twilight is like the perfect love child of a Yash Chopra romance and a Bad Ramsay horror flick. That is why it strikes a chord with so many Indians" explains Galvin. Many of them also watch the television show Bigg Boss. Surprisingly not many 1984 fans follow Bigg Boss. After all it is 1984's Big Brother who has sparked the international reality show rage. The Bureau thinks that it is because most people who read classic literature are too busy reading to enjoy television.
Amidst Twilight followers or Twihards as they are fondly known as approximately 47.5% support Team Edward, 47.5% support team Jacob and the remaining 5% support Team Volturi. Amidst these Edwardians a whopping 90% support Kashif – "The Common Man".
"He is so sexy. He reminds me of Edward" gushes one supporter. "Do you see how he follows Karishma around and stares at her body? How romantic! Just how Edward used to stalk Bella" swoons another.
But not everyone sees it that way. Many viewers and house inmates have expressed concerns that Kashif is creepy and obsessive over Karishma. "That is utter nonsense. Only some wild outcast freak, probably a Jacob fan would say something like that. Everyone knows that every common girl dreams of her man sneaking into her bedroom while she sleeps" says an angry fan who hopes that Kashif will also spend many nights sneaking onto Karishma's bed and silently watching her sleep.
Edwardians also tend to find the common man's language romantic and endearing. "You are looking like fresh fruit, from the garden of Eden" Kashif complimented his beau Karishma. One fan was reminded how Edward used to sniff Bella and find her blood deliciously scented, and thought Karishma must smell like a delicious fruit to Kashif. Another fan thought of when Edward turned Bella into a vampire. "We are both the same temperature now" Edward said. Kashif delivers powerful romantic lines just like Edwardian 'temperatures'.
When questioned about Sapna who criticized Kashif's clingy behavior, many fans called her "Ostentatious". Most did not understand what it meant, but since it is the biggest English word used in the series, they like to use it a lot. "Edward called his flashy car 'ostentatious', Sapna is like flashy car with tattoos, it suits her". Other fans called her a "Wet mongrel like Jacob".
As an expert on 47% and common men, we sat down with Mitt Romney to discuss this Common Man.
"This is exactly what I was referring to" Mitt elaborates running his fingers through his well gelled hair "You have people like Kashif who are lazy and entitled. There are so many tasks to be done and accomplished, but all they want to do is play the clowns. There is work to be done. You can't sympathize with them. You give them a little bit of the spotlight, let them spend a few days with people clearly greater and better than them, they stick their nose in the sky and act like celebrities. Just because you know one does not make you one. At the end of the day, you are still a a lame unemployed man and I'm still a billionaire. This is just the kind of entitled behavior I want to end".
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