Amey sings with Hariharan, Vinod Rathod!!

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Just read the part in RED. WOW, go Amey! You rock!! 😃

A doctor's profession is regarded as the most noble in the world. Doctors say it is a pleasure to encounter a thoughtful patient who just takes the time to say a 'Thank you' for the services they render. Be the special one this year, says Dr Parul R Sheth

Ask your grandparents and they will tell you how their 'family doctor' would come home with his magic box. This highly revered man would be able to treat most of your health problems with little medication and minimal laboratory tests. Most importantly, he had all the time to talk to you, making you feel better, almost instantly. A lot may have changed over the years, yet a doctor's profession is still regarded as one of the most noble in the world.

First of July has been designated as 'Doctor's Day' in India to thank medical professionals for their dedication towards a healthier society. The day is observed as a tribute to Dr B C Roy, a humane physician and a distinguished freedom fighter. The
day is Dr Roy's birth and death anniversary. Says Dr Lalit Kapoor, managing trustee, Association of Medical Consultants (AMC), Chairperson Medico-Legal Cell, AMC, Gastro-Intestinal and General Surgeon, Medical Director, Shakuntala Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, "Doctor's day should have the same significance, which is attached to Teacher's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and so on. Essentially, it is meant to be a reminder and a thankful acknowledgement of the special relationship." He adds, "Celebrating Doctor's day can ensure a renewal of the bonding between doctors and patients. It can positively generate goodwill and restore the relationship to one of mutual respect and trust - the way it was in yesteryears. This would also promote a sense of wellness and create a certain feel good factor." This year on Doctor's Day, Oxygen - a healthcare communications company has launched a musical dedication to doctors titled Doctor Tujhe Salaam. The album is a collection of six melodious songs sung by Hariharan, Vinod Rathod, Sushma Shreshtha and Amey Date - all on the theme of a doctor's noble contribution to mankind. Over 20,000 doctors practicing across the country will receive the album as mark of Doctor's day. The album is also available at Hallmark outlets for the public.

The Vedic system of medicine in India originated over 3,000 years ago. The two most famous texts belong to the Ayurveda schools of Charaka and Sushruta. Sushruta, a physician from the 6th century BC wrote the classic Sushrusamhita, which identified diseases, medicinal drugs and surgical equipment. In fact, he was the first 'plastic surgeon' to rebuild a nose. Several other branches of medicine such as Unani, Homeopathy, Allopathy emerged in order to treat and cure illnesses. According to Dr. Mukesh Batra, chairman and managing director, Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic, "Homeopathy recognises the human being as a combination of the mental and the physical being, hence providing holistic healing."

In the 18th century and beyond, with advances in chemistry, laboratory techniques and equipment, newer ideas came up. Until the 19th century, your doctor was the sole decision maker. But the 20th century brought out a new outlook. With the advent of evidence-based medicine, high-tech information technology, medicine still evolved further. The 21st century brought in a shift from individual doctors to large medical organisations and medical practice supported with counselling systems.

Richard Bohmer, a physician and a professor at Harvard Business School, US has an interesting theory about the changing roles of doctors and patients. He says, "A century ago, patients were more or less passive and ignorant of their conditions, relying solely on doctors for diagnosis and decisions. Now, patients can use tests to check themselves for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or pregnancy. Thanks to the web, they're also more knowledgeable, sometimes even requesting specific medications or treatment. On the other hand, doctors, especially in large organisations, are taking new roles as managers or system architects."
    Opines Dr Batra, "In homeopathy, the diagnosis starts by knowing the entire history of the patient so much so that the doctor spends a lot of time in understanding the patient's overall persona - physical, psychological and emotional. The doctor-patient is relationship is far better than in any other stream of medicine."
    Reflects Dr Aniruddha Malpani, infertility specialist and Medical Director, Health Education Library for People (HELP), "Information Therapy is the best way of improving the doctor-patient relationship. A wellinformed patient has realistic expectations of medical therapy and is able to get better care from his doctor, because he participates actively in his own care, and helps the doctor to help him."
    To mark the day, HELP is providing the book 'Successful Medical Practice - Winning Strategies for Doctors' at a subsidised price of Rs 100 (regular price Rs 250) to all doctors who come to the library. The message of this book is simple - 'Love your patients. Doctors who take good care of their patients will have a flourishing practice!'

Doctor's day makes you aware of the role of doctors in your lives so that you can express your gratitude for their compassion and commitment towards health care and wellness of the society. Says Dr Kapoor, "This day is an opportunity for patients to express their gratitude to their doctors for the medical assistance and solace they may have received in their time of emergency."
    Panacea Biotec has come up with a novel idea wherein, the company will deliver a bouquet to the doorsteps of the doctors of the first 1,000 people who log on to their website. The campaign aims at encouraging every person to thank their doctor for the latter's invaluable services.
    "It's a pleasure to encounter a thoughtful patient who just takes the time to say 'Thank you!' This patient makes the doctor's day. The best gift a doctor can receive is the referral of another patient - an ultimate accolade any professional can be awarded," concludes Dr Malpani.
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Wow thats really nice, thanks 4 sharing. 😊
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wooooooooooooow sweet go AMEY! finally something! i was waiting for this!! thx for sharingggggg

major aisha 😛
over and out
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thanks sonya!!!!! i can always rely on ya
GO AMMU GO AMMU GO AMMMU wow! hariharan, vinod ratho!!!

yeeeeeeeeeeeee u made my day
i noe i am verrrry exicted ... but cant help
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woooooooooooohooooooooooooo goo Ameyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!
Posted: 17 years ago
sonya aap aayi...aur hawaon mein khushiyan phel gayi 👏 thnxxxxx alottt!! 🤗 🤗

yeah...amey is siing with hariharan and vinod rathod...thas just ameyzingggggg!!! im gonna buy this doctor's special cd if i can find any around here 😡

goooooooooooooo ameyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! 👏
Posted: 17 years ago
thanks sonya...woweee great news!!!

still depressed that FG and II 3 may not come back to great to hear some good news..
      didnt know,i loved music talent shows so much.....i hope something comes up....right now in india we get to see CSI(all 3..i am hooked for years)..alan shore is hottt in "boston legal"...then there is 'HOUSE',"NCIS"...'numbers'.."greys anatomy",'frazier','becker'.."the apprentice' etc etc..I love them all...but...


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real thanx sonya 😊

waaooo thats so kool!!!!!!!Amey is singing with such talented and experiennced singers....I think this album is going to open some more doors of success to him 😊
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Thanks for the good news 😊
amey deserves to get many more oppurtunities like this.
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