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OS: Tu Hi Mera!!

This is something i would have loved to watch in the show... It did not happen.. And now, with the growing distance between Ram and Priya, my wish for such a scene has become manifold...
Started this one long back.. But this was rotting in some folder which lay hidden in my laptop... Discovered it accidentally yesterday aur socha ki isko complete kar hi du!! So here it is.. Hope u like it...

Ram stirred a bit... He was sleepy... Tired... But something was not letting him sleep... He could feel a soft and delicate pair of hands playing with the buttons of his kurta.. He felt A wave of thick black hair on his shoulder.. And they had an awesome fragrance.. He would love to be lost in them forever.. However he dare not open his eyes and take this beautiful angel in his arms... Yes.. He loved her crazily.. Yes.. Priya was his life.. But he never had the guts to say the three magical words he felt for her... They had really become close to each other now.. All the initial awkwardness gone... She was his beat friend now.. He shared everything with her.. All his deepest secrets.. But he never had the guts to confess his love for her... He feared she might go away further.. And he could not let that happen in any case..

Wait.. Was it really priya who was now lying this close to him? Or was it another of his fanatasies..
No.. It might be another of his dreams.. He dreamt day and night of having priya in his arms.. Closer to him than ever.. No..
Maybe... Maybe this time it wasnt his dream..maybe she was actually that close to him.. Did that mean she loved him too??
His wandering thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the alarm.. Dammn.. Why!!
And as soon as the alarm started buzzing priya detatched herself from ram..
He slowly opened his eyes deliberately so that he could give priya enough time to move away.. He did not like that.. But he did not want any kind of awkwardness between them.. Slowly rubbing his eyes, he woke up looking for Priya.. She was standing in the balcony, admiring the beauty of nature..
Ram: Good Morning
Priya: Good morning..
Ram: Yaar tum chutti pe bhi itni jaldi jaag jati ho..
Priya: Kisne kaha aaj chutti hai? Today is monday Mr. Kapoor.. Aaj aap ki important meeting hai remember?
Ram: i know mrs kapoor.. Par tum toh vacation pe ho na..

Yaa.. Ram had a big business deal to crack and he was in Shimla for that.. And this time, he decided to take Priya along with him.. And he had two reasons behind that.. One, she was lucky for him and two, he could not bear to be away from her..
Ram soon got ready and they had their breakfast together.. Ram picked up all the necessary files, his wallet and phone and walked towards the door.. He was about to step out when he turned back..
Ram: Priya would u care to join me for lunch? Mera conference isi hotel m hai.. Ill meet u in the dining area at about 12.30.
Priya shyly just nodded her head.. Ram smiled and left for the meeting..
Priya was free the whole day.. No classes to attend.. No family problems to solve.. Only one thing dominated her mind..RAM!! Her love... Her life.. Her world.. She loved Ram like an insane person... She could do anything for him.. Anything that could make him happy.. She however did not know he loved her just as much... And being a woman, she had no intension af taking the first step.. If Ram loved her, he would express it first.. And her imaginations of the future made her blush.. She forcefully put her body in motion and walked towards the washroom.. After a nice warm bath, she took all the time in the world to get ready.. She chose the best suit she had bought along and chose matching accessories to go with it.. Her wet hair lay on her shoulder and a beautiful smile on her lips... She felt good today... Like something great was about to happen.. Like she was closer to Ram than ever.. She had the feeling that Ram loved her too.. And she was just not able to come up with a logic for these feelings of hers.. All ready and set, she looked at the watch.. It was still 11.30... An hour more to go.. But staying in the room was becoming difficult for her.. Har thoughts wandered towards Ram.. So she decided to go to the sovineur shop in the hotel lobby and buy gifts for the family.. She reached the shop and started roaming around about aimlessly, thinking about what she was doing in the morning.. What made her do that?! What if ram would hace woken up!?
How awkward the situation could have become.. But her urge to be close to Ram was uncontrolable.. All she qanted was to be cuddled next to him in a huge bear hug.. Lying cozily and comfortably on his big broad chest.. She blushed at these thoughts.. It was almost 12.15.. She decided to check her looks one last time before she finally met her husband for lunch.. While she was in the washroom, she heard someone talking..
Girl: haan bubba.. The Ram Kapoor is here.. In the hotel..
Haan sachi me.. Yaar.. Hes so cute.. I love him. And boss paise wala hai.. Meri saari zarurat poori kar sakta hai.. Aur mai uski... Arre kya matlab mujhe bhaav nahi dega? What if i seduce him today.. Haan aaj... Agar wo mere sath mere room me nahi gaya na.. Mera naam badal dena..
Saying so she left.. Priya stood rooted to her spot... Could Ram? No.. Ram would never do that.. He would never cheat on her.. No.. Rubbishing the negative thoughts she went towards the restaurant.. She was looking for Ram when she spotted him.. His arms around the very same girls shoulder.. Her arms around his waist.. They were walking out of the restaurant towards the rooms from the other door.. Priya was broken.. She never expected this.. Nerer in the wildest of dreams imagined such a thing.. Maybe he dosent love me she thought.. Maybe he needs something else..
Priya walked back to to their room.. She lost her apetite, her love and with that, she lost herself too..
Shutting the door behind her, she dropped down on the floor crying.. She cried bitterly.. She could share any thing.. Anyone.. Anyone but her husband.. Her love.. She composed herself a bit and went towards the terrace... Fresh tears formed her eyes and flowed down her cheeks.. She heard her phone beeping but ignored it..coming back in, she sat on the bed, leaning over the pillow.. Shutting her eyes, she remembered some of her cherished moments spent with her man.. Her thoughts were disturbed by a knock at the door... She ignored it.. The knock grew louder.. And the person started banging..
Ram: Priya.. Open the door.. Priya.. Are u there? Hearing his voice she gathered the courage and wiped off her tears.. And slowly went to open the door..
And as soon as she did, Ram rushed ahead and hugged her.. Sqeezing her into a big hug...
Ram: thank god Priya ki tum yheek ho... I was soo scared.. Mai tumhara wait kar raha tha restaurant me.. Tumhe call bhi kia.. Phone kyu nahi uthaya... Breaking the hug, he cupped her face..
Ram: priya whats wrong? Tum ro kyu rahi ho? Batao na.. Priya please trust me.. Mai sab theek kar dunga.. Batao toh kya hua hai?
Priya: kuch nahi mr kapoor...
Ram: kuch nahi hua isiliye ro rahi ho? Priya come out with it.. Kya hua hai?
Priya: im sorry mr kapoor.. Mujhe nahi pata thha.. Im sorry ki maine aap se shaadi kar ke aap ki zindagi barbaad kar di.. Im sorry... Ki mai aap ko khush nagi rakh payi.. Im sorry for coming into your life and ruining it..
Ram: priya kya bole jaa rahi ho? U are the most important person in my life..

Priya: rehne dijiye namr kapoor.. Aap ko ye sab kehne ki zarurat nahi hai...
Ram: priya! Stop it! Just stop it! Tum kya soch ke ya kya dekh ke ye sab bol rahi ho mujhe nahi pata.. Par mujhe ek baat boht acchi tarah pata hai.. Aur wo ye ki meri zindagi me koi itna important nahi hai jitni tum ho.. Mai khud bhi nahi.. Mai kisi ke bhi bina jee sakta hu.. Tumhare bina nahi.. Mai kuch bhi seh sakta hu.. Par tumhari narazgi nahi.. Mai kuch bhi dekh sakta hu par tumare aanoo nahi.. Mujhe accha lagta hai jab tum meei fikr karti ho.. Jab tum mere lie concern dikhati ho... Jab tum mujhe unhealthy khana khane se rokti ho.. Jab tu.. Jab tum mujhe sota hua samajhke meri bahoon me aake simat jati jo.. Jab tum mere kurte ke buttons ke sath khelti ho.. Kab pyar se mere baalon ko sehlati ho..
Priya was looking at him shocked!?
Ram: aise mat dekho.. Mujhe sab pata hai.. Mai jaga hua thha.. Mujhe tumhari har baat pasand hai priya.. Tumhari aankhen.. Tumhari muskaan.. Tumhare baal.. Especially jab wo bheege hue hote hai.. Tumhari chaal.. Tumhari awaz.. Har cheez.. Aur pata hai mujhe sabse zyada kya pasand hai.. Tumhari caring nature.. I LOVE YOU PRIYA.. APNE AAP SE ZYADA.. APNI JAAN SE ZYADA.. Mujhme aaj tak ye saari baatein kehne ki himmat nahi thhi.. Par ab bas.. Aur nahi.. Mai apni feelings aur nahi chipa sakta..
Priya wiped her tears that refused from stopping and walked towards the door...
Ram: priya kahan jaa rahi ho? Mat jao please..
Priya went ahead and closed the door.. And turning around, ran straight into his arms.. He wrapped his strong arms around her instantly holding her as close as possible..
Priya: im sorry mr kapoor.. Im so sorry.. Sorry ki maine aapko galat samjha.. Sorry for telling u all the crap that i told u..
Ram: waise tumne aise kya dekha priya?
Priya narrated whatever she heard in the washroom and and whatever she saw..
Ram: oh wo.. Wo ladki toh pagal hai.. Mere se aake faltu baayein karne lagi and phir behosh ho gayi.. Mai toh bas uski help karne ki koshish kar raha tha.. Usse restaurant ke bahr le gaya aur phir ek maid ko bol dia usse uske room tak le jane..
Ram: waise kisi ko jalan hui?
Priya broke the hug and turned her back to ram..
Priya: jalan? Kisse? Kyu?
Ram: nahi hui jalan toh itna aasu kyu bahaya?? Kya municipality ki water shortage kam karne ki than rakhi hai?
Priya: mr kapoor please.. Aankhon me kuch chala gaya thha...
Ram: accha
He came up right behind her...
Ram: bol bhi do na priya..
Priya: kya bolu?
Ram: wohi jo maine bol dia.
Priya: aapne kya bola..
Ram: priya u r not being fair..
Priya: mujhe bhook lagi hai.. Im sure aap ko bhi lagi hogi.. Lunch kar le?
Ram sulked and went to sit on the couch.. He switched on the TV and sat glued to it. Priya smiled and ordered for lunch.. They ate silently... Ram went back to his tv and priya sat with a book in hand.. Her mind definately elsewhere..
In the evening..
Priya: mr.kapoor...
Ram ignored..
Priya: mr kapoor... Suniye na..
Ram still ignored
Priya: Ram...
Rams heart skipped a beat on hearing his name..
Priya came up and sat next to him.. She leaned over his shoulder and wrapped he arms around his waist sideways..
Rams heart beat raced but he remained mum.. Still showing anger on his face..
Priya took her hand off his waist and put it on his cheeks and raising herself she gave him a kiss on his cheek... Rams smile came back and he turned her face towards priya.. Priya shied and burried her face in his chest..
Priya: ram.. Bahr chale.. Please.. Mai room me vaithe baithe bore ho chuki hu..
Soon dressed up, they went out of the room.. They roamed about and saw the local specialities..
They had the time of their life chatting..
Priya: Ram.. Waise deal ka kya hua?
Ram: kya hona thha... Mai The Ram Kapoor hu yaar... I had to crack it... And how can i lose when my luck is with me..
Priya blushed.. Soon they reached the hotel..
Ram and Priya went to the restaurant for dinner.. The hall looked decoated as if some party was going on.. It was the hotels 10th anniv and Ram was invited as the chief guest..
Ram and Priya settled down at a table in the corner.. Near the windows overlooking the mountains..
Priya excused herself to go to the washroom.. And when she came back, the same girl was tring to flirt with Ram.. Looking at priya ram mimicked to help him.. Priya walked up to the table and held out her hand..
Priya: Mr.Kapoor.. Would you please care to dance with me?
Girl: Excuse me! Tum wohi ho na jo subh washroom me thhi!? Meri baat sun li aur tum bhi aa gayi??Dikh nahi raha ki hum baat kar rahe hai?
Priya: dikh raha hai.. And for ur questions.. Haan mai wohi hu.. And dusra.. Let me introduce myself.. Im Priya... Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor... So if you could please leave me and my husband.. We would love to spend some time alone...
The girl left in a huff.. Ram took priyas hand and led her to the dance floor... In the centre of the floor, in the darkness, with a soft light focussing on them..
Ram wrapped his arms around her waist and she wrapped hers around his neck..
Ram: thanks priya..
Priya smiled and hugged him.. Resting her head on his chest..
Priya: Ram.. I ... I...
Ram: Kya hua Priya?
Priya: I love you Ram.. For ever.. Till eternity...
Ram smiled and priya lifted her head to look at his face..
Priya: Ram dinner kar le?
Ram: haan...
They enjoyed a candlelight meal with no one to disrurb them..
After dinner... Ram took priya back to the room..
Back there...
Ram and priya changed and were sitting in the terrace looking at the sky and stars.. Ram slowly moved closer to priya and put his hand aroinh her shoulder.. Priya snuggled closer to him and resting her head on his chest, she dozed off.. Ram put his head over hers and he slept off too...
They stayed in simla for a week and their relation progressed slowly from being just good friends to an inseparable pair full of unconditiona l and irrevocable love for each other...
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Do like and comment!!!

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me first me first!!!

awww... wat a cutie mutie update dear...

between these tensions.. these ffs make ma day..
seriously u made ma nxt 2 days.. thnk u dear!!!!
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that is awsome ClapClapClapClapClap
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Originally posted by shilly

me first me first!!!

awww... wat a cutie mutie update dear...

between these tensions.. these ffs make ma day..
seriously u made ma nxt 2 days.. thnk u dear!!!!

Hey shilps!
thankls sweety!!!
Glad u like it!!
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Originally posted by viny_queen

that is awsome Clap

Thanks viny!!
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I am so glad that you found this OS and finished it for us...it showed the beauty of their relationship evolving from friendship to inseparable and eternal loveBig smile . You are a very gifted writer... In these times when BALH is showing a very strained RaYa relationship...I can certainly use some beautiful moments of RaYa like the ones penned in your OS to relieve some of the stress that ongoing track is causing Wink
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Posted: 2012-10-04T11:04:51Z
So beautiful!!!Perfect timing when people are really stressed out with current track.. this is really romantic..

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