RaYa OS- Will You Be My Valentine?

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HugHola Rayaians!Hug


I was getting very bored and didn't think of anything other than Raya and then this OS just came to my mind. It has nothing to do with the story shown in the serial. Just a random thought! Hope you will enjoy!


|The prologue|


Priya was madly in love with a guy named Dev Kapoor! They were also engaged and were about to get married! But then an accident happened. Dev passed away and she was forced to marry Ram Kapoor; his older brother as she was carrying Dev's child! And the elders thought that this is the only way out now!




So basically Raya are married and are still trying to adjust with the new relation; accepting that they are married now; are pronounced as Man and Wife!


The day at Kapoor  constructions was almost over and Ram like a dutiful husband comes knocking at her cabin's door to drop her home. His home. He knocked on the door; saw Priya was in tears seeing Dev's photo. How could he betray her? How can he leave me to face the world? How can he take all the decisions in our relationship? Why Dev? She let out a huge cry; which shook Ram to no end. He was in tears; why was god so angry on her? What had she done; fall in love; what it a crime?


Then he again looked at her; she was not the same fragile Priya; she was the new Priya. His wife; Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor!


She was now looking at their wedding photo; though he didn't see it; he could sense it. The smile forming on her lips; he knew that she was trying to settle in my life. I have to give her time; to heal her scars.


She gently caressed their photo; kissed his photo.


Priya: "Aap itne acche kyun he Ram? Kyun mujhe aapnaya; kash aapne mujhse shaadi nahi ki hoti? Meri yahin saza hai. Maine aapke saath itna bura kiya; phir bhi meri izzat bachane ke liye mujhse shaadi ki? Kyun itne acche ho? "


Saying this she wept looking lovingly at his photo; and then seeing her tears on it; wiped it away with her duppata.


Ram came inside; and rushed to caress her in his arms. She didn't deserve the pain; agony; angst; instead she deserved to be happy! What was her fault that Dev left her? What was her fault that destiny separated them; does it mean that she can't think of being happy? She cried her heart out in his arms; still sobbing she couldn't believe that she was in his arms. She found peace; it gave her heart strength to face the world when he was with her. The man for whom she is falling in love with. Her husband; her knight in shining armor; her Ram!


He gently released her and said it's all over Priya. You don't need to cry.


Ram: "Priya; main tumse bahut pyaar karta hoon aur tumhe khush rakhoonga. Main tumhe chod ke kahin nahi jaa raha hoon. Bas ab tum ye aansoon ponch lo aur mere saath chalo."


Saying this made her get up; knelt in front of her.


Ram: "Priya will you be my valentine?"


A huge smile spread across her face; her face glowed! She was wondering? How can I be your valentine? I am his wife; confused but yet eager to be his only she gave in!


He lovingly took her hand; placed a kiss and both went home. He rushed to his room and she to hers. Both were very eager now; Priya couldn't think have spent a moment without him. She was indeed very lucky enough to be blessed by destiny to have found him; to be his wife!


She wore a stunning strapless one piece gown while he was in a total gentleman fashion. A three piece suit; with a black bow! They were complimenting each other. Priya remembered her earlier dates; but this was special. She couldn't comprehend it but she felt something for Ram!


He offered her his arm and she slid hers. This was the moment she was waiting for she thought! The perfect date; and with the man whom I am in love with!


Both were driving; Ram in between stealing glances at her. She looked so ethereal. I was so angry on our wedding day that I hardly noticed her beauty! He purposefully kept his hand on the edge of the gear; which would soon make contact with her fingers. She was too engrossed thinking about what Ram might have planned for me? She doesn't pay attention and her hand was over his; her touch was making him go crazy. But he had to wait for the physical relation. He can't think of hurting her again after what was given to her by destiny.


Both drove to a small hut. It was Ram's farmhouse and he often came here when he was really low. The nature and the pond in their house made him fell better! He drove the car in the porch. Got down from the car; opened her door and asked; will you please honor me and enjoy a dinner on this day with your husband?


She gave her hand and both walked inside. And when he opens the door; rose petals were showered on them!


It was such a lovely welcome! Priya breathed in; looked forward to the next set up done! A table for two; but with no food; no music playing in the background? What kind of a date was this?


She went ahead and confusingly looking at him; asked him? Ram there is no food and no music; what kind of a date is this? Is this a joke? Ram rushed to comfort her; he gently showed her the barbeque arrangement. He said; whatever you like order me and I will prepare it for you. How can I let my wife be hungry on our first valentine? And about the music; I guess you are too much into Bollywood films. He teased her; he loved that! She slightly punched him and made her way into his arms.


He continued; Priya your voice is as sweet as music; I love listening to your thought! She made him barbeque the chicken; she enjoyed it!


The whole night; the couple found themselves with each other swaying to an unknown music; only making them closer to each other. While they were getting more intimate with Ram's fingers making patterns on her back; he was exploring her with his lips. She couldn't resist him any longer. She was with him; and he gently picked her up and rushed them to the bedroom!


He placed her on the bed; lying besides herself. He wanted to grasp her; confess to her how much he loves her; wanted to make love. But he had to wait; there were many walls; not social; but he respected Priya and couldn't go against her wishes. He gently met his lips with hers; and she responded. She was ready to submit to the man whom she is falling in love with. But he needed an assurance; was she read for this? She has just accepted our marriage and she is ready to submit?


She looked deep into his eyes and he read them; this is what she wanted!


As the candles were blown away; the couple cherished their night of unison.


It was a total new beginning for them!


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One of the great  update dear .. too good
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awesome one thnx .
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Perfect!!!very romantic mayu..n the best part was ram was waiting for her assurance. This is the ram of balh.
Ur be my valentine line brought a huge smile on my face.keep writing more.
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too good yaar...

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i just wished this update had no end reallyyy superb...
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luved it...
thenk u for writin and pm...
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