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Posted: 10 years ago

Hello shallo !! People...People...TODAY the 14th of August is A Really Special Day !! Guess Why? On this day a Cuteee Gujju, a ADORABLE Girl was Born ..This Girl has won everyone's hearts ...brightened up days...Filled  B2B with loads of her craziness...Guess Who's She?

hmmm... lets welcome her with the great MSK...


Omg... no no... may be technical fault... the budday girl got changed... lets try again!!!!

shall we have a glimpse of our cute nishu nowEmbarrassed

Yeah, she's Trendy

She's a Cutie

She's Januable

She's Lovely.

She's Adorable,

She's SEXY,

She's the Unique One

She's FF writer too LOL

Okay I know that wasn't even poetryLOL, but LOL, it describes her well.LOL

        Today She Turns ## Old LOL !! Together with me, Shout Along People,

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Nisha
Happy birthday to youuu 

Happy Birthday Nisha Party

Wish you a very very very happy birthday my sweetu Aunt !! Hug


Wish u all the best on this special day & have loads of fun!!
Stretch ur body, And get ready for the day, its beautiful and warm...coz its ur budday... so make a secret wish... get urself started... this day is special...coz its ur budday... enjoy every moment!!!
Hoping that this day always be a special one to remember.Embarrassed
On this very special day of urs i want to let u know u r the most sweetest caring Aunt ever that anyone can have...it has been great knowing uHeart...we have shared countless of good memories & looking forward to add more into themHeart... its always fun talking to u & and Ahem ! Ask ur Hubby to not make fun of ur niece and her Hubby LOLEvil SmileNow Now where is my Piece of cake Miss.Nish? GeekDo not forget im ur first neice and i found u first so first preference to me Evil SmileLOL ...Missing you these days...Hope u get back to us like before Embarrassed
once again wishing You a very Happy Birthday!Hug

 May all your dreams come true and that you succeed in all that you venture out to doHug Have a rocking birthday and make sure you celebrate it to the fullest as it comes only once a year...Embarrassed Lub ya loadsHug

Wishing u all the luck,love and happinessHug
Keep Smiling always !!! =)  
I tied few warm wishes together, And blew them with a flying kiss, now take ur eyes in the blue sky and find them reaching ur lips, feel them coming right on ur face...
just hug them all with a warm embrace
wishing u a wonderful happy budday aunt...CHarming auntWink

Lots n Lots of Love & Hugs From
Thushy Binge Maan Singh Khurana <3 Cool
Muwhhh <3 


Editing Credits to My Jaan Riya WinkShe added a extra script like giving my MSK for a day Shocked I edited that ROFL have fun with my Leena unkeelLOL

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Posted: 10 years ago

Birthday Messages

-- Leena --

Once upon a time far far away ….in B2B land…I saw her…she was smiling ….Embarrassedher eyes  deep like ocean and lips red like  rose…Embarrassedwaooo…she was just like a fairy…Hugso beautiful that I just couldn't stop my self from  proposing  her … Heartand o miii she refused  Broken HeartBroken Heart

Story endLOL

now what actually happenedWink

m a full tharki so when naz invited me to B2B the first thing I did …searched for a girlCool

first day I was little disappointed as there was no free seat for meOuch but wohooo 2nd day …there you go…I got my gal…yayieee…Party

she is very nakhare wali(ghass be ni daali muja first day to) but then I tried all mi tharki tricks on her … ROFLand finally she accepted with a list of  things  she want after marriageTongue

after few open  dates on B2B ...we are almost officially engagedDancing

so this is how we metTongue

who is she  BTW???Shocked

she is miii lubbb, mi sweet heart ,mi honey ..actually she is my tweetyBlushingEmbarrassed


some secrets behind our relationship ….Wink

we share best understanding like gurti  ….lmao  (this line dedicated to riya baby)ROFL

we care and support each other like gurbina ...rofl ( this line is dedicated to thushy…mi dear I love torturing you every single day)LOLROFL

we don't know …when we are going to  live like a married couple ,we are just ….( this line is dedicated to Scooby du…mi partner (confused atma)…pinku …  )WinkROFL

so finally its time to say happyyy budddayyy to mi lubEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

like I said  you are my tweety soTongue


 Starting with a love songStarHug



Cakes …Tongue




Birthday wishes …Big smileBig smile


May you live a very happy and successful life ahead ..cheer up…life is good…find your happiness….they are somewhere near you….SmileSmileSmile

 (note for nishu...dear forgive me...its mi first time...i don't really write long birthday wishes ..this is my first time tryLOL

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Posted: 10 years ago

Birthday Messages


Many many happy returns of the day sweety aunt*tyt hug & kisses* 
May God bless you with all happiness in the world.Let your sweetness stay with you forever.
love you so much..muuuaaahh!!!

yours sweety niece


Many Happy Returns of the day, NishaHug Hope you have a great year to look forward to! Big smile


Olla Nisha Khala Hug

Happy Birthday Happy birthday, its ur happy DAYYY 


its PARTYY time

 LOLeven stuui is dancing at ur b'day Shocked

dont forget to have ur vegetables on ur b'day WinkLOL


hope u lyk the cake  Embarrassed

and the cupcake Big smile


chocolate icecream LOL


here's a birthday gift for moi buutiphuul and lovely khala nishu


have a happy happy birthday moi khala nishu.. moi lub ya bery much and always remember that i'm ur sweetest niece WinkWink

always have faith in urself and trust God.. may ALLAH bless you with happiness and success..

ur sweet niece Noor Big smile

Big smile



"HAPPY BIRTHDAY NISHU Hug Have a Rocking birthday this year and a bright future ahead Big smile God Bless u and showers his blessings on u Embarrassed Once again many many Happy returns of d day Party love u Hug Heart "



Nishu, Hug

Happy Birthday Sisterrr,

Wishing you all the greatest things life, because someone like you my dear friend deserves nothing but the best. Happy Birthday Nishu!!! Though we may not be in touch as regularly as possible be assured you are always thought of... May every dream of yours come true... Have a blast and Njoy your day!!! God bless !!!



Happy Birthday Nishu Hug Hug Hug Hug

May Allah give you heaps of Happiness, Success, Peace and Joy every step of the way!
I want to always see you smiling, TwinnyBig smile
We are always there for you at all timesHug Hug Hug 


Wishing you the top of life without a single tumble.
Wishing you the smiles of life and not a single grumble.
Wishing you the best of life and not a claw about it.
Wishing you the joy in life and not a day without it.

May the sun shine all year long,
Everything go right and nothing wrong,
May life bring love back to you,
And may all the dreams you dream come true!

Loads of love & hugs and heartfelt wishes,


Many Happy Returns of the day, NishaHug 
God bless you with all the happiness & joyHug
May all your dreams come true
Have a wonderful birthdayHug
Hope you have a great year to look forward to! Big smile
~Jeej & Didi

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Posted: 10 years ago
aww... thushy edited moi gipppt phaar ya nishu...
challo... lemme name MSK as leenu now...
here comes our leena after surgeryROFL

nishu... u r moi BIA/MIA...
so puleaeaaaj come soon na... i can't run moi lipheee without that stoopid thing called brainLOL
challo... lemme wish u a happy happy budday...
i know u have faced a hell lotzzza probby in these recent days... ut its all a yr old now... u r born today nishu and let  it be... forget watever happened... ofcourse except us...dare u try to forget us...u have 2 face the consequences thenLOL may be i will be forced to open a post praising nano..and ur lobe RIYA SENEvil Smile...my dear charming charmi... i wanna wish the original charming gurl who born todayWink not the kissy partner or my mind in action aka MIA... 

Thinking of the time we spent together makes me smile always nishu... especially the days when u defended me inspite of those blunders i made... the days when u fought for me... the days when u shared about ur life...and  jeez... how can i forget the days when i pushed u into the well and made u stay there...lolz...
u r such a sweet heart charmi... always keep a smile and live ur life... don't ever feel bad abt anything that happens with u... we r there to support u at any cost...Embarrassed
ur budday is the perfect time to wish u nothing less than ur favourite memories and all ur dreams may get fulfilled...
wish u get all the happiness u deserve...
love u nishu... have a blast...
once again... happy birthday darling!!!!!

LOVE u... muahhh 

- Riyu -
Edited by riya27 - 10 years ago
Posted: 10 years ago
Many many happy returns of da day Nishu<3 aka my ahem ahem partner*don't get moi wrong ppl*phor moi ahem ahem meanz kissin partnerLOL
I lobe ya shooo bhery much meri kissin spree queen<3 lol

I just lobe ur honesty<3 or should i say over flowin honestyROFLlyk seriously i laughed my butt of wen i read ur slam...ROFL
Innocent slam senderLOL--
wat touches ya most??
Nishu-da thumka queen----
Ur impossible<3 n i lobe it<3

And and and i know ur expectin a gipht dat too a phree ki carGeekhere ya go...

surpriseROFLkia motors ki ishpecial brand new gaddiROFL

*innocent phaceROFL*

N how can i leeb ya widout kissey??hun??LOL

Muahhh muahhh muahhh<3

Hav a greeeaattt one<3
lobe ya freakin' much partner<3
Budday budday!!!
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Posted: 10 years ago
Edited by LuvScooby - 10 years ago
Posted: 10 years ago
leena... err... unkeel...
u dedicated a line paaar moi... aww... 
*muahhh* for yaLOL
leenu see gipt for u too... urs and ur lobe's romance shomance
 so u gifted a jumka for nishu kyaLOL
Posted: 10 years ago
Leena Unkeel In MSK Mask ShockedROFL

Why this Koleveri Wify ROFL

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