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Posted: 2012-08-11T21:23:10Z
Monday, Aug 13th, Episode 814
Suda is in the temple looking for someone...suddenly she notices Krish and Babu there and is surprised. She calls," mamaaa" she goesd to him and tells that Gayu is in the auto parked in front of the temple...and she tells," maamaa...see how much akka loves you..? she said that you must be in the temple..as she felt your presence nu" Krish wants to see Gayu but Suda remids him about the Josiyar's warning and asks Krish to leave from there so that Gayu can gto into the temple. Krish leaves with Babu...Suda comes and tells Gayu that Krish was there and now he has left.
Mugs visits Swetha and asks her to show the baby once to him. He has brought a stuffed toy for his baby. Swetha screams," how dare you come to your managers house like thuis...? because of you we .lost our 80 lakhs Rs house...and you are here with a 100Rs toy visiting me? get out of here" She grabs the toy and throws out. Shw wanrs her mom not to let anyone into the house like this. Mugs is sad ..he comes out and takes that toy and leaves.
Babu is in the room discussing with Gowri about what happened in the temple and he is so amazed about Gayu and Krish love for each other. Hearing all this Gowri screams and asks him to stop.." I am sure you set up a josiyar and did all this to sepoarate them...illiyaa?" Babu is so shocked to hear this and feels very dejected.
Visa comes to see mangu and swetha. SHe scolds Mangu," when my son came here you did not even give him some water to drink...what type of a woman you are?" Here comes comes Swetha and Visa murachufies at her...


Updates by atina

Tuesday, Aug 14th, Episode 815
As Visa is screaming at mangu ...Swetha comes and Visa tells," When you change the style of your dressings etc...do not think you are a new person..." Swetha asks," who are you?" Visa is very upset..and she screams at her.  But Swetha tells how Mugs lost everything...and Mangu also adds to it. Visa tells," ok I agree with all this but my son is a man and you are woman...you hjave to adjust and live with him ..athuthaan vidhi...I am sure of one thing...my son will never here even once...but you will come and falls on his feet one day" Visa leaves...Natraj  regrets for all the screamings mangu and swetha did to Visa. He tells that Swetha should go and live with her husband...but Swetha refuse and goes to her room.
Swetha is in her office room and comes to know that Mugs is not in his seat. She tells the peon to tell Mugs to see her as soon he comes. After sometime Mugs enters her room after knocking on the door...Swetha screams at her...and he replies to her calling her madam...madam...madam...( too ...too much paa) Swetha screams that it is wrong on his part to take time to go to drink coffee...and asks him to get out...???!!
AZ's house...Mugs is fed up and tells his kashtam in the office...Chittu and AZ tells," if you keep quiet everything will be ok...she is simply teasing you...why should you react..be calm she will also shut her mouth" ( ippaveh appadithaaneh Mugs is behaving???)
Mugs is busy at his desk...Swetha is watching him from her room...she is so restless...walks up and down...Suddenly she sits and calls the peon and asks him to take the F2 file from, M ugunthan. When the peon asks for that file..Mugs can not find the file as it is missing. Mugs tells the peon," you go and tell madam that I w3ill bring the file within five minutes..." Swetha is watching all this from her cabin...!!!


Wednesday, Aug 15th,
appaaadaaa...santhosham...enakku thaan...no serials today...due to Independence day progs.


Updates by atina

Thursday, Aug 16th, Episode 816
Mugs is still looking for the F2 file.  Swetha comes out of her cabin and  shouts at Mugs and brings him out of his room. Now they both are in the main floor where all the other workers are there. Infront of everyone she starts her lecture and screams. ...finally she tells," Mr Mugunthan...I do not know what you will do...but I need that file today...you should make another file and then only you can home"
Poor mugs sits at his desk and starts recovering the file info one by one from his system. It is evening...everyone leaves...it is dark and still mugs is in the office. Finally he is done by 11 pm  and calls Swetha who is in deep sleep. She picks up phione and starts laughing," acho cho...you are still in the office...acvtually I found the file and it was sent already to the head office before I left the office in the evening...sorry I forgot to inform you...ha ha ha ha" Mugs gets so irritated and disconnects the phone...he throws that file on the floor and leaves.
He is at home with Chittu..who forces him to have dinner. He refuses to eat...so chittu bring some milk...He tells what happoened in the fofice...Chittu feels bad for him.
It is early morn ing..Chittu is at Swetha's door step..mangu refuses to let her in but chittu forces herself in  and goes to Swetha's room...who is still having her beauty sleep...


Updates by Janu

Friday 17th Aug updates
Chithu goes to swetha house to ask for nyayam... at the door mangalam stop her but chittu puyal pole goes inside after scolding mangu. She meet sweta dad and he kulam visarichu him, then tells him that she came to see swetha. he told her she is sleeping upstairs. Chitu storms to swetha bedroom , wake up her and starts scolding her for insulting mugs at working place. swetha reply her saying that she is not targeting chitra but mugs, so ask her to bust off. Chittu scolds her somemore, but swetha cools telling her that she purposely tortrure mugs and will continue doing that. she ask if mugs can stand her game, he can stay there otherwise just resign and look for other job. Mangu and her husband just look vitting.. Chittu tuppify her and left the place moraching the family member
At mugs house, all of them looking for chittu. Chittu vegam vegama comes and tells them the galatha at swetha house. visa is romba kovam kovama at swetha. chittu tells mugs to resign and look for other job. visa said, why need to resign , teach her son to plan something to kavuthufy swetha job... (nalla amma) . AZ and chittu doesnt like the idea... just leave the place peacefully, do not uthufy swetha anger somemore. mugs thalai attings...
Paro visits Gayu at sudha house. she kulamvishariching and found that gayu is looking sad. sudha and mil say that gayu is very sad to be part of krish and ask paro to advice her to be happy for the sake of baby. vishnu tells paro that no to believe joshiyam tos much, at least gayu can talk with kris via phone. paro also agrees with vishnu idea but gayu reluctant and worry about baby safety. Vishnu insists and ask paro to call kris immediately. Paro tries to call kris twice but kris is enggage in another line with customer. then after sometime, kris saw the missed call and return call ti vishnu house. the moment phone rings, everyone happy and ask gayu to answer at it must be kris. Gayu reluctantly walk anna nadai and pick up the phone, before she could talk a ,izard falls on her, she scream and on the other side, kris hears this and shock.

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Posted: 2012-08-17T07:56:58Z
Thanks Janu...that is pretty fast...
suda suda update...you have done...!!good job maa!!
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Posted: 2012-08-17T22:59:28Z
Thanks for the updates. Thalai, almost the whole week on your shoulders?? Will do the next week. Serial pathi...vendam, Roja Onnum sollathe..Odu...
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