One shot- OS-ROMANCE !

Posted: 2012-08-10T23:59:55Z
DISCLAIMER- This is a rough patch of work.. Since my Romantic scene writing aint all that good So I m just trying this out.. This is completely fictious & please pardon me If I have gone overboard with my imagination.. & Anu di I m sorry that I am Taking your idea & writing this.. ! You can as well sue me over copyright issues :P Actually Last night I was thinking about what anu di had typed in,in her first OS,so with that as the backdrop I would Like to continue The story but End it rather in my way which is just to showoff my inner-Romance skills.. Once again I regardless a I wish to thank Anu di more..& to thank all you guys for baring my idiocy ! Please do fill in your veiws & comments,negative or positive...
I just wanted to try out some Romance here before I write it in My FF ! so here we go.. N yes it will be a little raunchy & might get senuous.. I dont know how far that will work out ! lets see if I can romance as well ! wish me luck ! Thank you !

The back drop is something like this{same as what anu di has written} Rajat has gone for a meeting... Ram -priya alone in the house @ night.. Peehu is @ cady's place... This will be after the kiss.. Though anu di has ended it in a different manner,I wish to add a little more romance to it ! 

Ram has pinned priya against the wall of priya bedroom.. He removed his blazer.. Priya hasd stopped weeping by then .. They kissed after a long time.. They are breathing hard on each other's phase.. They forgot what had happened in the past.. One kiss was enough to break the nots,nots of misunderstanding.. ! 
Priya-Ram... main...
Ram shuts her up by keeping his index finger on her lips..
Ram-aaj tum kuch nahi kahogi.. 
his voice firm.. His eyes deeply drowned in hers.. he heart pounding as fast as it could.. he breathed into her...
Ram tighted his grip.. He pushed her hard against the wall.. Moved so close that he could almost hear her heart beat !! dhak dhak-dhakdhak.. ! It was music to his ears... ! he took his lips near her ears.. He nibbled the lobe of her right ear..! he smelled her perfume.. the fragnance was the same.. priya tried really hard to free her hands,but couldnt do it.. she felt a rush of feeling & andrenaline pump in her body.. ! her sexual harmones had been stirred after Five long years.. ! It was hard for her to control her thirst ! she swalloed a lump of emotions.. ! Ram moved his face across hers.. reaching @ her neck,which was bare.. he starred @ it as priya took over..She removed his tie with her teeth !  she then  moved her lips towards ram's.. Ram forgot about the neck as he saw those same two lips & remembered there first kiss.. He reached out for the kiss.. his hands still pushing hers against the wall.. Theirs heads tilted in opp direction,helped theirs lips to finally meet.. ! their lips moved in sync..Ram's lips went up & priya's went down... The kissed for a minute.. when Ram broke the kiss to catch some air.. ! they breathed hard.. ! priya pushed him & tried to run.. ! Ram held her across her waist & pushed her to the bed.. !
Priya-Ram ye galat hai..
Ram didnt listen to her.. he kissed the neck then the cheeks.. while his hands moved down her waist.. Priya moved it up his back.. ! priya cluched his hair.. ! Ram crossed legs with priya's He tried to pull her dress off... The room darkened as they continued to make love ! 

so ? how was it ? Sorry I just turned 18 So had to sensor stuff !!! :P N yeah reply n tell me  if I have done justice in writing romantic stuff too ! comedy I can do,Romance not my cup of coffee !
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Posted: 2012-08-11T00:07:00Z
it was so romantic :D i think u must try ur hand in romance too :)
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Posted: 2012-08-11T00:09:41Z
Hey that was really great... You write romance very well... And will always love your piece of writing...
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Posted: 2012-08-11T00:13:27Z
Ahem ahem...romance...romance huh :P
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Posted: 2012-08-11T00:21:48Z
Itna accha romance chal raha tha..yeh puraani Hindi style light kyun gul kar diWink btw excellent attempt ...RaYa ka hot romance...dil khush kar diyaClap
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Posted: 2012-08-11T00:30:23Z
Pinky must say this it was very romantic.go ahead
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Posted: 2012-08-11T01:49:14Z
hey its really good move on baby use it in you ff...
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Posted: 2012-08-11T02:25:29Z
That was really good! Can't wait to read romance-stuff in your FF..Embarrassed
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