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Hey guys starting a new SS'thank you all for liking my previous FF'.i hope you will enjoy this one also'the story is being presented my way but the basic idea is taken from my fav Indian author.

"IF ITS NOT FOREVER 'ITS NOT LOVE"'.the story revolves around the lives of  Ram , Priya , Ansh ,Akirti..finding true love, losing it and then''..well the story ahead will reveal that.

Character sketch '

Ram ' a guy who does not believe in love'for him every relation was just based on s**'he could hook up with any girl'but when she entered in his life ,he fell head over heels seeing her.one meeting with her and that was the day which marked the end of his reckless dating days'where he would choose girls only on the criteria if she would sleep with him.

Priya ' breathtakingly , unrealistically beautiful'.even the plastic surgeons would fail to give such perfect features'.lives with her brother as his parents are setteled in Dubai.

Ansh ' best friend of Ram'and doesn't give a s*** to anyone or anything.

Akirti ' daughter of a richy'..gives a damn to the world'..stunning and sexy.

This is the story of a group of friends who battle the questions of LOYALITY and LOVE as they step out of their college'.story of test of love and loyality'.how far do you hold on and support your love'or you fail and leave them midway.

They will discover the answers of different questions''.like'"is love and lust different?" "would you forgive your partner if they cheat on you?" "what woud hurt you more your partner cheting on you or hiding that from you?" "do you trust your partner?"

Hey guys please pen down your views about the story. Suggestions and criticism are welcomed.

Part 1'

Ram's heart was pounding as loud as it can as soon he saw the text he received from Akirti'.she must be crying he thought'damn it'I want to go back and comfort her'..why the hell my life is always in such a mess'..why am so selfish'.i wish I can go back to her and hug her 'tell her I don't deserve her'.i don't even deserve Priya'.i deserve no one'!

What have I given her till now except for pain'she have loved me and I gave  her nothing'am such a piece of shit'..he looks back at the closed door of Akirti's house'with a heavy heart he loaded his luggage in the taxi and moved in''he took his cellphone out from his pocket'."call me damn it"'.i want you to call me Akirti. 'but he knew she wont call''.he hits his hand on the car seat'.damn it'.."out of sight and slowly and gradually I will be out of mind also Ram"''.Akirti's words were echoing in his head''.she told him she wont call once he leaves for Mumbai'..that day it will be the end'..afterall it had to end someday and this is the perfect situtation'.. " you will be in Mumbai'.i will be in Delhi'.we will finish all the contacts and its done'our chapter will be done Ram"''.

but i don't wanna leave you''he said'..

Akirti ' you have to Ram'..she is waiting for you'she is f***** waiting for you'.

 But what about you'..what about you Akirti'..Ram asked'shaking her'.

"I will be fine"'.she said her words were choking'.

"I will find a person better than you" she said in a sarcastic tone'

"yeah someone who does not pass out in just few drinks'one who can protect me well" she continued'.

"will you really" he asked'.

" how can I 'I can never" she said with tears welling her eyes'.

"please go please just leave" she said and continued packing his stuff'.

"wont you come to the airport" he asked'

"no" she said coldly'..

"I will miss you" he said softly'

"I wil miss you too" she said handing him his luggage'.

Ram snapped out of his thoughts'.." I am such a screwed up person'why Priya why did you do this"'the taxi came to a halt outside the airport'Ram took his luggage and went inside'.

He took out his cell phone and dialled a number'before it could ring he disconnected the call'he dialed again'.and disconnected again'.he continued doing that '.."damn you are such an a**h*** Ram"'.i shouldn't call her 'he thought'..but'we all are allowed to make one mistake in our lives'arent we'.he dialed the number again and this time he didn't disconnect'."I know I am being a a**h*** but I guess that's me'..i am being Ram again'..same selfish spineless Ram"

The number rings and the person on the other side recieves the call'.


Ram did not speak'.the person was about to disconnect the call when spoke up'.

Ram ' Priya''

'Priya froze listening to his voice''a cluster of thoughts and memories started occupying her mind'.

"am sorry Ram please forgive me'I love you'"

"just leave me'you are a ****'damn it'I was dying for you and you'.thats it'.i am breaking up with you'right now'don't ever show me your face"

A tear tickeles down her cheek''.her thoughts are disturbed by Ram's voice'

"priya are you listening to me?"

After a pause he hears  the beep sound'she had disconnected his call'

Ram with a heavy heart took his flight'..earlier he was going Mumbai for his job but with Priya there'he had some unfinished business to deal with.


Ok guys this was part one plz hit the like button and plz leave your comments.EmbarrassedBig smile





PART 3 : PAGE 10




PART 5 : PAGE 21


PART 6 : PAGE 29


PART 7 : PAGE 34


PART 8 : PAGE 41


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Me first me first!!!!!!

u r jus awsome in writing yaaar... luved the begining... continue asap... n ol de time u cme with diff sketches f ram priya n ol...
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Posted: 2012-08-05T08:54:22Z
Originally posted by shilly

<font color="#CC0066"><font size="4">Me first me first!!!!!!

u r jus awsome in writing yaaar... luved the begining... continue asap... n ol de time u cme with diff sketches f ram priya n ol...
thank you so much shilpa :D you always encourage me to write :D
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Posted: 2012-08-05T08:55:41Z
Kya baat hain naya FF ... Achi shuruwaat hain Anjie... Big smile Naye naye characters hain.. Cool LOL Thanks for PM ! Keep it coming Wink Love it graphics
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Posted: 2012-08-05T08:58:02Z
Hey its gud. . .do continue. . . Tnks for d pm:)
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Posted: 2012-08-05T09:00:43Z
Love the beginning.. continue soon...
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Posted: 2012-08-05T09:03:16Z
Originally posted by SanRaj.RaYa

Originally posted by shilly

<font color="#CC0066"><font size="4">Me first me first!!!!!!

u r jus awsome in writing yaaar... luved the begining... continue asap... n ol de time u cme with diff sketches f ram priya n ol...
thank you so much shilpa :D you always encourage me to write :D

itz jus coz u r a fabulus writer... SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile  na biiiggg hug 4 dis talent  HugHug Heart
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Posted: 2012-08-05T09:18:21Z
Originally posted by Pinky.Raya

<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4" color="#cc0000">Kya baat hain naya FF ... Achi shuruwaat hain Anjie...Big smileNaye naye characters hain.. CoolLOLThanks for PM ! Keep it comingWink</font>
Love it graphics<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4" color="#cc0000"><i></i></font><div></div>
shukriya pinks partner
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