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Posted: 2006-06-21T06:04:04Z
Dad's say on father's day

They learnt how to walk and talk, they even learnt to be the men they are from their fathers, and now they are fathers themselves. Know what these new fathers have to say about their old man!

The moment you realise that your father is right, you have a son who says you are wrong... this is the bond that grows with just a special glance, here are some young television star fathers speaking about their experience with and as fathers.

Yash Tonk
Yash Tonk, came to be popular in the tinsel town in STAR Plus's show Kesar as Harman. Yash's prominent performances were seen in movies like Kuch To Hai, Ishq Vishk and Janasheen, Fight Club.

Speaking about father's day he said he never celebrated the day as a kid, but did allow us into a memorable moment in his life when this father guided him through a noble path... "I was studying in Class 10 and I heard that the Mathematics paper had leaked and that I could buy it for a particular amount. So, I approached my dad for the money (about Rs. 5000/-), even though I was well prepared for the exam. The moment I told him that I needed money to buy the paper, he gave me the thrashing of my life for even thinking of doing such a thing... He said that I don't care if you score low marks or fail the exam, but I don't ever want to see you cheating."

Yash's dad being an ex-army man was a disciplinarian and strict, and yet, Yash adds his father was also loving and affectionate. The best gift that I have ever received from my dad is his love and security.

Manish Goel
Manish Goel and Poonam agreed on a arranged marriage, and they did realise they love each other, and their son gives more meaning to their love story. Manish shares with us that his most memorable moment with his dad was the day he himself became a father, "It gave us both immense joy," he said.

Being the only son Manish's dad had given him a lot of gifts. But the best, he says was the day his dad decided to let him pursue his dream of becoming an actor and allowing him to move to Mumbai, even though they had their own family business to take care of in Delhi, "The decision of parting from your son is killing and the most difficult for a parent and I can't tell you how it feels now that I too am a father."

Manish agrees that he sees the world in a totally different perspective, ever since he has the Dad cap on, "Everything now revolves around Arya, be it shopping, renovating our house... I am definitely doing something very special for Arya. I am writing a diary for him, and have already completed the first book. It's my way of communicating with my son. I plan to give him fifteen such diaries by the time he reaches the age of fifteen so that he can read and understand every emotion expressed in it.

Manish writes in the diary with the same love he shows his son in real, telling us about the content of the diary, Manish states "Hi Arya, today we went to your play school for the first PTA meeting...." The diary also explains the sacrifices Poonam made for him and also has lots of advice on life... On things that I myself learnt from life like - It's not rosy everyday but yet neither consistent.

Vikas Bhalla
Vikas is one man with many talents - singing, acting, now television host and a loving father. For Vikas everyday is a Father's or Mother's day, "Being a son to my dad, and a dad to my child I balance both. I don't believe in days like this to express one's love for their parent. It's just a marketing gimmick."

Telling us about the most memorable moment his father, Vikas remembers the days when he was about seven years old and had just shifted from Delhi to Mumbai, "From my dad's bedroom window we could see the sea, since we didn't have a view like this in Delhi, I would lie on my dad's tummy and ask him to show me the sea. I still remember those days..."

When we asked about the best gift his dad has given him, Vikas said his dad's consent in following Vikas' dream and instead forcing on him his own, as the best blessing and gift, "He just had faith in me and supported me."

A dad himself now, he also views the world from a different angle. Fatherhood is all about love for your kid, a selfless love, which I believe is the only unadulterated love in this world. I usually go out with my family for either a lunch or dinner on Sundays and this Sunday being Father's day, I would be doing the same.

Amar Upadhyay
Today's youngsters are not far behind catching up with global traditions as Amar Upadhyay says though it wasn't a culture back when he was a kid, he does however celebrate the day with his dad. He credits his parents for whatever he is today... as he believes that what he is now is thanks to both his parents, their hardwork, sacrifices and love.

"My most memorable moment with my dad was when we had all been to Ooty for the Diwali vacation when I was a kid. It was pouring heavily and I got lost. My father was searching frantically for me and at last when he found me he hugged me and began crying.... This was the first and the last time I saw him cry. This made me realize how much I meant to him."

Being a father now, Amar says has definitely changed him. Amar believes fatherhood makes one realize how much their parents went through for them, what sacrifices they made, "After becoming a father I respect my parents even more than I respected them earlier. I still treasure the cricket bat that my father gifted me as a kid because I was the first guy to have a bat in my society and that made me feel very proud."

These are few moments that few actors shred with us, come back to indya.com tomorrow to know more of what more such television stars have to say about their days on Father's Day, do remember to wish yours and thank him for what you are today, and for all the days who are reading this, Happy Father's Day, you are special for y
Who's Daddy strongest?

Here are your favourite stars sharing with us what makes this day with their fathers more special. Know about these stars and their ideal star-dads and real star dads!

These stars are a household names today across the country, read their quotes as they share with us what their dads' mean to them.

Hiten Tejwani, Karan in Kyunki saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
I have never really celebrated Father's Day in my childhood. My father was very strict where studies were concerned. He would make me sit and do my homework every evening. But I used to respect him a lot. Every year, I buy my father lots of gifts such as shirts, pens etc. and he cherishes even the smallest thing that I have brought for him.

I have not planned anything special for this Father's Day. I will decide it at the spur of the moment and make the day special. My favourite onscreen father is none other that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Vivan Bhatena, Dhruv from Kumkum
As a child, I really did not give much importance to Father's Day but I lost my father last year and now as this very special day approaches I think of him and all the things he has done for me. I value Father's Day a lot more now. My dad taught me how to drive, he was a very cautious driver himself. But I was always brash! I liked to zoom but he would never approve of it. He would always tell me that one doesn't become a good driver if he drives fast.

When I got my father a watch from my first pay, I remember how very proud of me, he was. I think the best onscreen father on television is Hussain (Sumit from Kumkum) not because I act in that serial, but because he is a wonderful actor and a great co-star.

Sayantini, Antraa from Kumkum
I have never really celebrated one particular day as Father's Day but I would surely like to make my father feel special. When I decided to come to Bombay for my career, my father supported me a lot financially and emotionally. He has always been my pillar of strength during my ups and downs.

Every year during Durga Pooja I buy my father a kurta which he wears for the Pushapanjali. This has become a ritual in my family and is very close to both our hearts. This Father's Day I can't do much as he is in Kolkata, I will definitely wish him. I think the best onscreen father is my father-in-law in reel life, Sumit from Kumkum.

Anita Hasanandani, Anjali from Kavyanjali
I lost my father six to seven years back. That was one of the biggest shocks of my life. The thing I remember most about my father was that he used to pamper me a lot. My mother was very strict, but everytime my mother would scream at me, my father would scream at my mother. When I was in school I had saved my pocket money and bought my father a wallet. He was so happy with that gift, he used it thoroughly till it could no longer be used. I think the best onscreen father today is Mr. Alok Nath.

Iqbal Khan, Shaurya from Kavyanjali
I never knew Father's Day existed till I went to college. I feel my father has always made it a point to give me everything that I have asked for, but he never gave it to me easily, he has always made me work hard for it. He believes in giving that little extra for everything in life and he has instilled that quality in me.

Since I have started earning properly now, I plan to buy my father a car. I am going to do it very soon. I speak to my father everyday first thing in the morning but if I wish him for Fathers Day he would be zapped and tell me to make every day special. I think the best onscreen father is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Tina Parekh, Mukti from Kasautii Zindagi Kay
I think that all these Father's Day, Mother's Day etc, have been hyped in the last five years. When I was young I was not aware of these days. When I was a child my father used to bath me and dress me for school. He had two huge mugs which he would keep side by side. He would drink one glass of milk and make me drink the other. I was supposed to finish off the milk in the glass and not supposed to leave even a drop in it.

The only thing that my father wants is that his kids should behave themselves and he would be happy. I think the best onscreen father without doubt is Mr. Kiran Karmarkar (Om in Kahaani.... He has portrayed the father-daughter relationship so beautifully.

Pariva Pranati, Sanyogita from Prithviraj Chauhan
Father's Day really wasn't that famous during my childhood. I try and make my father feel special everyday. My dad is a shopoholic. He loves it when his kids buy him anything. When I first got my pay I shopped for my father and he was so very proud of me.

My father loves to collect expensive pens so I bought him one. I really can't do much this Father's day as my dad is in Nagpur but am planning to go there for my parents anniversary. I think the best onscreen father is Hussain who plays the role of Sumit in Kumkum.
our families!

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