Book 3 FF:Till the End of Time (book4 link: pg 148)(Page 50)

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no prblm take ur time...Wink we ll wait...

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Thanks for understanding everyone Hug I'm sorry I wont be able to reply the comments this time but I read all obviously and thanks for the feedback. next chapter will be mostly on Mohini's past and Aryan's babies will arrive in the world. and after next update I will introduce you to the full panel of judges of Supernatural court because Abhay's hearing will start..  Wink the spoilers are for bearing with me LOL

thanks all will be updating the chapter within tomorrow Hug

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Will update on next page LOL
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a wonderfully written emotionally charged update Tanzie. though i never liked peehu in this story, still her death scene was really touching. 
and mohini is truly the most despisable evil character ever.
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amazing...superb update TanzieClap
U have written this part beautifully Tanzie. Feeling bad 4 Peehu & Aryan. Death part was really touching, tears came while I was reading this part

Mohini she sacrificed 7 innocent children to bear a child and later sacrifice itOuch...Power really can make one blindOuch. Now Pia want a baby too. Hope there wont be any sacrifice

Next part will be regarding supernatural court...cant wait 4 it

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Tanzie this was a heartbreakingly beautiful update dear Clap I have read this update more than 5 times already especially the part with Peehu's farewell letter. You have poured your heart out literally while writing out the whole death sequence and it shows ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap This is what makes you unique here n I am sure many of your other readers will agree with me on this - U r truly in a league of ur own Approve

To start off with, lets take the supernatural part of this update. The beginning was truly spellbinding Clap Mohini chanting her spells and the way u wrote out the whole part where the blood mixes with the sands n takes a form was fantastic Clap U r an ace at this stuff Thumbs Up Mohini surely is a shrewd woman Pinch The fact that she didn't wanna rule out even the impossible factor here proves that. I am talking abt the fact that none of Abhay's blood relatives are alive but still y take the chance? Then she went onto to see if it could be anyone related to him by blood, be it his warlock brother whose life he had saved or his vampire sister turned by him. But then ultimately she could crack it out. How could she not? She is the most powerful of the original witches Big smile I like the way her character has shaped up thus far in this story. It doesn't make sense if u have a sorry excuse of a villain in ur story just to glorify the hero. What makes it more fun is the fact that the villain being more powerful will push the hero to trespass the threshold of his own strength and emerge victorious Clap She is now wondering how come an ordinary human could thwart the most powerful original witch n its obvious she's intrigued by Pia n she's now more than eager to meet her.

Pia fretting over the SC notice was again well portrayed Clap How should a women who beat all odds to get her husband feel upon realising that she stands to lose everything she has put on stake? Cry Pia going into shock, not responding and Abhay resorting to the last attempt that would snap Pia out of her agitated state was written well Star More than anything Pia fears losing Abhay the most and him walking out on her was the only thing that would grab her attention Embarrassed When it comes to Abhay the fragile human becomes a ferocious tigress Big smile who would never let any harm befall her love Embarrassed
I always wondered if a witch like Mohini would go to this extent just to avenge her sister who could probably even be brought back to life. Y would she hate Abhay with such a passion? Confused And now we know the reason behind it all - the revelation of her greatest deception that led to Mohini losing not just her husband but everything she had ever craved for Ouch Though I wonder how much more evil can she truly get to first kill 7 innocent humans to first conceive but only to kill her own child which would be the most powerful hybrid ever in order to gain unsurmountable power Dead Power could drive anybody crazy but to an extent where one decides to sacrifice their child even before it got the chance to open its eyes to the world? Angry Gosh this woman is evil incarnate Dead I suppose she was attracted to Kol not bcoz she loved him but bcoz he was the most powerful vampire, an original vampire who is a vampire slayer as well. Now I am waiting to see how will Kol's character unfold. Has Mohini really gotten over her husband? I doubt tat Confused She despises him, fears him and at the same time does she crave for him? I am not sure abt the last part. U should answer that I suppose Smile And now with this revelation we are also exposed to a possibility which Pia thought was unattainable so far. I am fairly certain that Pia would now find a means to conceive Abhay's child but I hope she doesn't resort to any kind of desperate measures that will make everyone regret Cry 
And then now comes the most beautiful and heartbreaking part of this update Broken Heart - Peehu Cry
I still remember how I used to detest her n even to this day though I am an Aryan Alina shipper I cant help but mourn her Cry The letter part was beautifully written Clap Its the most soulful part I have ever read Star Beautiful piece of writing n hats off to u for that Clap
Peehu - What can I say abt this woman? She is probably the most flawed character in this FF who met with a tragic end Cry Even in death she refused to part with the pride n ego she was born with. She was an original after all n it ran in her veins. Nothing could win over her ego n pride - not even Aryan's selfless undying love for her Cry But in the end the mother in her had to win over it. For only a mother can forego her ego n pride for the sake of her children. A woman may probably never bow before her husband or the world but a mother will always keep her children above all else even her own life which is in stark contrast to her cousin Mohini though Ouch It was the most touching part of this story. Though Peehu never gave up on her pride she still wished her children would never be like her n this hope probably has been the most selfless wish she had ever asked for Confused She loved Aryan a lot though she let her pride ruin her marriage but nothing could stop her from loving him. I am sure she must have died a thousand times while she was away from him n she still did with the realisation that she  will never be alive to see her children grow up before her Cry No mother deserves this Cry Even while dying she refused to part with her prejudice over vampires but yet she was grateful to them for taking her in and she could entrust her children in their care Ouch She was honest enough to admit tat she couldn understand a part of him bcoz of who she was. This line literally made my cry Tanzie n its so so so beautiful -
Remember me as a time of the day. Don't remember the sundown; just remember me as the crack of dawn.
My heart wept for Aryan CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry - His loss is far greater than anybody's here Cry He loved a twisted woman unconditionally even though he got nothing but pain n rejection from her Cry but still he never stopped loving her. Even when he got to know that she had put not only hers but their children's lives in jeopardy , it didn make him hate her n he tried everything possible in his power to save her. I am sure if he was given the choice to chose between Peehu n their kids he would have chosen Peehu any day Ouch Not only Aryan's heart but even mine came to my mouth when I read the part where he came rushing to her n stumbled at the stairs when he saw a peacefully sleeping Peehu. I guess she must have died in peace as she knew her children would be safe with their father Cry Then Aryan getting all cold n distant refused to look at the face of his kids but only wanted to bury his dead wife with proper pride a witch or warlock is buried with was portrayed brilliantly. He had gotten into a state of trance where he could no longer be aware of his own surroundings and if anybody could break him out of it, it had to be his kids - the last living reminder of the love he held for his wife Cry
The moment where all the Raichands surrounded Aryan n the twins was really beautiful. It symbolised the fact that if destiny snatches something then it will also give u something in return. Peehu's death plunged Aryan into darkness but before dying she gave him the source of light that would now give him a reason to hold onto life n not give into pain n despair Embarrassed Gosh I so so loved it. Aryan finally let go his sorrow by breaking down n he had to do it all by himself without having anyone by his side. Its his pain alone n he needs to overcome it - for the sake of his family n his children.
BRILLIANT Tanzie Clap I am still finding it hard to digest that u wrote this when u were suffering from a writer's block Clap Thanks a ton for sharing ur stories with us dear Hug We will long cherish them even after u have ended them - such is the impact of it Star
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amazing update tanzieClap
godShockedjust to gain power mohini killed 7 innocent childrenShockedand was willing to kill her own child tooShockedwhat is she a phsyco...well definately she is...
aryan is totally devasted with peehu's deathCry

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