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Hey everyone,

Wrote another OS!  Really hoping for some emotional drama tomorrow, so here is my version.  It continues from the pre-cap with the conversation between Neha and Priya in jail.  Really want this to happen but I know it won't.  but hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like/comment!


Priya: Please mujhe kuch bhi kar ke mujhe le chalo un ke paas.

Neha: Priya, dekho, relax.  Main Vikram se baat kar ke kuch intezaam kar ne ki koshish karti hu ok.  

Priya nods and Neha leaves from there and calls Vikram as soon as she gets outside.  She explains the situation to him, which he already knew, and tells him to figure out a way to get Priya out for a  few hours.  There had to be a way.  Priya was the only one who could take care of Ram right now.  He needed her more than ever and she was stuck in jail.  

Vikram speaks to the warden of the prison and somehow manages to convince him to let Priya out for a few hours.  He tells him that he will even agree to guards accompanying her back and forth, just as long as they get to speak to her for a few minutes in private.  The warden reluctantly agrees and arranges for her to be escorted to Vikram's house.  Vikram and Neha had sent the kids to their Neha's parents house for the night so they can arrange for them to meet there.  Once Priya arrived, they uncuffed her and had a guard stand at every possible exit from the house; under each window and door.  The house was surrounded to ensure that she didn't escape. 

Priya had told them not to tell Ram anything.  She entered the house and saw Ram standing by the window in the living room, looking out, lost in his own thoughts.  He did not notice the constables standing outside the window.  Tears were falling from his eyes and he was beyond confused.  What was he supposed to feel at that moment?  Was he supposed to be hurt and angry that Niharika ruined his life? Or thankful that she saved it? Or sad because all though everything that happened, Rishabh, Natasha and Sid still lost their mother.  

Priya slowly walked up to Ram.  His back was facing her.  She put a hand on his shoulder. He didn't move, thinking it was Neha.  Nothing that Neha said or did at that moment could have made him feel any better.  All he wanted was for Priya to be with him, for him to lay his head in her lap and hug her and cry.  Priya squeezed his shoulder a bit. 

Priya: Ram' 

Ram froze.  How? How was it possible?  That's when he noticed the constables standing outside the window.  He turned around and there she was standing in front of him.  She looked tired and worn out.  Her eyes were swollen from the lack of sleep and crying.  

She looked into his eyes and wiped the tears off his cheeks while shaking her head.  He just hugged her tight, burying his face into the crook of her neck.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, caressing his hair gently.  

Neha signaled to Vikram for them to leave and give Ram and Priya some privacy.  They needed to be alone with each other for a few minutes.  They needed each others comfort and arms.  Vikram and Neha went to their own room. 

Priya kept holding Ram, who was silently crying in her arms.  

Priya: Ram, apne aap ko sambhaliye.  Main jaanti hu ke kuch dinon mein aap bahut hurt hue hai aur bilkul toot gaye hai lekin please Ram.  

Ram shook his head without lifting it.  He just held her tighter, not wanting to let her go, ever.  He had been waiting for this moment for so many days now.  He had wanted her in his arms, holding her tight and for her to hold him too.  

Priya: Ram'

Ram let out a loud sob.  Priya rubbed his back with one hand and held his head with the other, brushing her fingers through his hair gently, trying to console him, and comfort him.  She needed him to stop crying.  She couldn't take his pain, she couldn't see him so hurt and broken. 

Priya: Ram please' 

She tried to lift his head and make him look at her but he wouldn't budge.  She stopped trying and just held him tight until he was ready to talk.  After several minutes, Ram himself lifted his head.  He still had his arms around her waist.  Priya cupped his face in her hands and made him look into her own teary eyes.  She wiped his tears again.  

Priya: Ram, aap ko himmat rakhni padegi; Rishabh, Natasha aur Sid ke liye Ram.  Un teeno ne bhi apni Maa ko khoya hai.  I'm sorry Ram.  Main jaanti hu aap Niharika se kitna pyaar karte the.  

Ram looked away.  

Ram: Mujhe pata bhi nahi hai ke mujhe iss waqt kya mehsoos karna chahiye Priya.  Uss ne mujhe marne se pehle sab kuch bata diya.  Bataya ke ussi ne mere Maa-Baap ko alag kiya tha.  Ussi ne mere Papa ke haathon meri Maa ko meri zindagi se nikalwaya tha.  Uss ne meri zindagi tabah kar di Priya.  Uss ne mujhse meri saari khushiyan cheen li, aur tumhe bhi.  

Priya made him look into her eyes again.

Priya, while shaking her head: Nahin Ram, Uss ne mujhe aap se nahi cheena.  Koi mujhe aapse nahi cheen sakta Ram.  Main hamesha aap ke saath hu.  Main aap ke dil mein basi hu aur koi bhi aap ke dil se mujhe nahi nikal sakta.  

Ram, looking away again: Ek aur baat bhi bata di Priya.  Sid ne woh accident karwaya tha.  Mujhe maar ne ke liye.  Aur Niharika woh gaadi mein baith gayi, mujhe doosri gaadi mein bitha kar kyun ki woh jaanti thi aur Sid ko rokne ki koshish bhi ki lekin woh nahi maana.  Usse ehsaas ho gaya tha ke uss ne mere saath jo kiya, galat kiya.  Ke uss ne mujhe kuch nahi diya lekin maine usse sab kuch diya.  Ab tumhi batao mein kya mehsoos karu.  Kya mujhe hurt aur gussa ho na chahiye, ya phir uss ka shukr guzar hona chahiye Priya?  Mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aa raha hai.  

Priya immediately let go of him and turned around, her back facing him.  Tears started flowing freely from her eyes.  Sid had tried to KILL Ram?  What if Niharika hadn't realized she was wrong?  What if she hadn't switched the cars and given up her own life?  What if Sid had succeeded in taking Ram away from her forever?  How would she live?  The thought of being away from Ram forever made her tears turned into sobs real quick.  She could bear being in jail for 14 years but she couldn't bear the thought of anything ever happening to him.  At least in jail, they would still get to see each other.  

Ram held her shoulders and turned her around.  He took her into his strong arms and she buried her head in his chest, clutching his collars tightly.  He held her tight, and caressed her hair gently.  She continued to sob against his chest.  

Ram, with tears rolling down his cheeks: Nahin Priya, mujhe kuch nahi hua hai.  Main yahi hu, tumhare saamne.  Please shaant ho jao.  

He rested his cheek on her head and held her tighter.  Priya moved her arms to around his back, so she could hold him tight.  She didn't want to let go either.  They had both been in so much pain the last few days with their fears turning into reality.  She had been more worried about Ram than herself but for the first time today, she couldn't help but think only about herself.  That one question "What if?" kept coming to her mind. 

Priya all of a sudden remembered Ram, and all that he had just found out before Niharika breathed her last.  What were they supposed to do now?  There was no doubt she regretted and realized her mistakes before she died.  But that didn't change the fact that Ram had spent 20 years of his life in complete loneliness, isolated from the people that truly loved him, isolated from his mother, working and slaving to provide for his step-family.  But was it worth it dwelling on the past that could not be changed?  Wouldn't it be better to focus on the future and make up for lost time? 

She lifted her head and looked into his eyes.  He cupped her face in his hands and wiped her tears with his thumbs.  He still had tears in his eyes too.  Priya lifted her hands and wiped off his tears too.  They both looked into each others eyes, seeing the same pain, sadness and confusion reflected in both their eyes.  

Ram, breaking the eye-lock: Priya main kitna bura hoon.  Maine apni Maa ki baat pe vishwaas nahi kiya.  Kaisa beta hoon main?  Mujhe sharam aati hi apne aap pe Priya.  Na ek achha beta ban paya, na ek achha pati. 

Priya tried to make him look into her eyes again, but he resisted. 

Priya:  Ram, idhar dekhiye. 

Ram shook his head.  She tried again and he complied this time.  When she made him look into her eyes, she knew he believed what she was saying.  

Priya, tears forming in her eyes again: Ram, aap ek bahut achhe bete the.  Aap ne apne Pita ka vaada nibhaya aur apne poore parivaar ko dher saari khushiyan di.  Un ki saari zarurat poori ki Ram.  Aur aap iss duniya ke sab se achhe pati hai Ram, pata hai kyun?  Kyun ki aap mujhse itna pyaar karte hai.  Aur Maa aap se naraaz nahi hai Ram.  Woh jaanti hai ke aap ke aankhon pe Niharika ki patti bandhi hui thi.  Woh jaanti hai ke andar hi andar aap kitna taras gaye the ek Maa ka pyaar ke liye.  Ram aap bilkul bacche ki tarah hai, bilkul innocent.  Aur issi innocence ka faayda uthaya Niharika ne.  Lekin jo ho gaya, so ho gaya.  Hum guzre hue kal ko nahi badal sakte Ram.  Kaash aisa kar sakte, lekin yeh naa mumkin hai.  Lekin guzre hue kal ko yaad kar ke hum apna aaj kyun kharaab kare Ram?  Main jaanti hu iss baat ko bhoolna asaan nahi hai.  Lekin shayad waqt aa gaya hai Maa se milne ka, unse baat karne ka.  Ram aap ko mann ki shaanti milegi.  

Ram, tears flooding his eyes again: Kiss mooh se unhe mil ne jaaon Priya?  Kitni baar maine unhe bezat kiya.  Yahan tak maine tumhe bhi uss party wale din itna kuch kehdiya Priya.  Why? Aisa kyun kiya maine?  Aisa kaise kar sakta hu?  Jab ke main hi jaanta hu ke main tumse kitna pyaar karta hu. 

Priya, tears rolling down her cheeks: Ram, main bhi jaanti hu aap Maa se kitna pyaar karte hai.  Woh gussa, ek bacche ka gussa tha apni Maa pe jo usse chod ke chali gayi.  Ram, jab bhi maine aap ke saamne Maa ka naam liya, mujhe aapki aankhon mein woh chupa hua pyaar aur dard nazar aaya.  Aur rahi baat party ki, main aapse kabhi naraaz nahi thi.  Main jaanti hu ke aap pe kya guzri hai aur mere natak ki vaja se bhi aap ko bahut dukh pauncha hai.  Im really sorry Ram.  Lekin maine yeh sab sirf isiliye kiya taake aap ko Maa se milwa saku.  Main sirf itna chahti thi ke aap hamesha ke liye Maa ko apna le.  Ram, Maa ne apne bete ke bina 20 saal guzare hai.  Aur aap ne bhi Maa ke bina 20 saal guzar diye.  Ab bas, ab waqt aa gaya hai aap dono mine ka.  

Just then, the constable bangs on the door, telling them time is almost up and they need to hurry up. Ram and Priya both look at the door.  Then turn back and face each other.  

Priya: Ram, jaana hoga.  

Ram shook his head violently.  He held on to her hands that were on her cheeks. 

Priya: Ram, please, aur mushkil mat banaye.  

Tears were pouring out both their eyes.  Ram took Priya into his arms again.  She rested her head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat closely. It gave her a new strength.  She knew Ram would go talk to Krishnaji now.  That was all she had wanted to start with, for mother and son to be together.  For them to make up for lost time.  But now, she wanted to be there too.  She wanted to be with Ram, always.  She needed strength to go back to jail.  He held her tight, almost crushing her in his strong muscular arms.  She turned her head and buried her face in his chest, trying to inhale his scent.  He could feel her tears through his shirt and he had tears in his own eyes.  He just held her.  The constable banged on the door again and Vikram and Neha came down the stairs too.  Ram and Priya were still in a tight embrace.  Priya broke the hug and looked up at Ram.  She wiped his tears and shook her head, silently telling him not to cry. 

She turned to leave and took a couple of steps forward when Ram held her hand.  She stopped without looking back at him.  She knew if she turned, she wouldn't be able to leave.  She had tears flooding from her eyes.  He came in front of her, and wiped her tears.  She closed her eyes as he kissed her on the forehead, and on her eyes, kissing her tears away.  Then he kissed her on each cheek and finally planted a soft kiss on her lips.  

Priya opened her eyes, feeling the tears forming again.  Ram let go of her and took a step back.  She turned around and walked to the door.  When she got there, she turned around to look at him one last time, before disappearing with the constable into the police van.  Ram stood there with tears in his eyes.  But he knew what he had to do.  He was going to talk to Krishnaji. He had a new strength building within him after being with Priya.  He would get her out.  He was determined to.  He would never let their love fail.  He would keep his promise to her.  They would be together; they had to'

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Posted: 2012-06-19T18:35:53Z
Amby bamby
Such a heart wrenching emotional OS ,that too early in the morning for me!! What a way to start the day!..
Felt deeply sad and wanted to hug Raya and squeeze their hands and say "dont worry everything will be fine"..Great writing.. But not fair to give two back to back very sad OS..Please give me something cheerful the next time please..
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Posted: 2012-06-19T18:59:28Z
ClapClapClap...Nicely written Amby...keep it up...very emotional CryCry
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Posted: 2012-06-19T20:14:00Z
Really good OS! Big smile Very well written!Clap Totally love ur emotion-filled stories! Heart
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Posted: 2012-06-19T20:57:01Z
maar daala ...my eyes shedding tears reading this ... baby
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Posted: 2012-06-19T21:02:29Z
vry emotional os...hope sumthing lyk dis wil happen in d show...thnx for d os...aftr watching two boring episodes it was a treat to read ur os
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Posted: 2012-06-19T21:26:29Z

Very emotional one. Thats exactly what I was thinking about. The first thing that comes to Ram's mind after hearing from NK would be his mother. How she sacrificed her life for his. And how he didn't trust her just based on hearsay. Must be feeling miserable. I wish they show mother-son reunion soon, like Wed or Thursday. Please continue your other track where Priya has to remind Ram of their relation and make him fall in love again. Great work.
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Posted: 2012-06-19T21:28:03Z
Ah, wonderful scene Amby... A very possible scene in the show as well..hope CV's have planned something like this...anyways not much worried wht they show on screen as I got wht I wantedClap
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