OS : Kabhi alvida na Kehna

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R : Maa sahi kehrahi hai

His eyes swell up with tears at the very thought of the broken trust. All the while that he stood up for Niharika and the family, the favor in return was the least expected.His mind replayed the events just a while ago and he could remember the hurt his real mom Krishna Kapoor must have gone through. Priya was trying to tell me the same thing. They were RIGHT. And I was wrong to have placed my trust and work on the stepfamily. But he had some things to settle. The price for making him lose the love of his real mom, the price for those tears shed by his real mom, the price for messing the company his Bapuji built. Niharika and company had enjoyed for a long time.They have ruled over the Kapoor Industries and the mansion inspite of not being rightful owners. It was not time to bow down but for them to receive the payback. What goes around does come around.

His thoughts were interrupted with the Inspector asking him to come forward to be arrested.
Ram moves a couple of steps and hears a familiar voice.

P : Ruk jayiye Inspector. Jis company ki aap baat kar rahe hain, uski maalik Main hoon, Mr Kapoor nahi. Aap ko arrest karna hai to mujhe kheejiye. Us haadsa ka zimadar bhi main manoogi.

R : Priya, yeh tum kya keh rahi ho?

P : Mr Kapoor, aap ko yaad nahi hai ki aapne woh company mere naam pe transfer kardiye.
Inspector, aap mujhe arrest kar sakte hai. Yeh papers main aap ka proof milega.

Ram gets stunned at Priya's response. Just a few minutes before,he didn't listen to her but she comes back to rescue him in his crisis. He felt ashamed and embarassed. He has had enough loved ones suffer for him. He was not going to take that anymore.

Inspector. Yeh Meri Ex wife banne waali hai. Unone mere saath divorce maange. Aur alimony main yeh company inki naam pe nahi hogi. 

P : Mr kapoor. Maine toh aap ko sach dikhane keliye woh drama ki.

R : Woh sach mere saamne aa bhi gaya Priya. Aur mujhe pata chal gaya ki kon apne aur kon paraye hain. Ab tum mere liye aur kuch karne ki koshish mat karna. Itna tumne kiya uskeliye bahut bahut dhanyawaad.Mujhe please apne haal pad chod do. 

Priya's eyes couldn't believe it. She knew he loved her so much that he cannot see her suffer. But she couldn't watch him go through this suffering. She pleaded with her eyes and Ram nodded his head in negative.

R : Thanks for all your efforts. I can handle things myself. Please leave from here.

He didnt' want her to watch him being dragged away for a crime that he didn't commit. But he needed to be away lest he gets played by emotions.He had to be harsh so that her pains are lessened.He messaged Priya to leave and meet him in jail alone.

Priya wipes her tears and asks him to pay the price for not listen to his sagi ma.

P : Accha hua aap ke saath. Aap ne jo apne sagi ma ke saath kiya uski kheemat toh bhugadni padegi. Mujhe toh ap chutkara milgaya aapse. Hum dono ek doosre ki zindagi apni tarikhe se ji sakte hain.

She wanted to maintain that she hated him in front of Niharika. She didn't want to be shown as a threat to Niharika's evil plans. Atleast not until she meets Ram.She walks out the door not wanting to turn back. She knew she wouldnt' be able to handle it. Her breaking down were not going to help matters. This was the moment to be strong. So she took a taxi and waited for the police van to set in motion.

Vikram had spoken to the lawyer who was going to take care of bail and be present at the jail on time. 
The police van arrives at the station and Ram is taken to the allocated jail. He sits there and lets out a sigh. The past 20 years plays on his mind. He remembers how he was called at his dad's death bed, the promise to his dad, the news of his mom leaving them, the affair of his mom. There was only so much he could take. His dad was a hero to him. He couldn't see him die that painful death all alone. He believed in what was shown to him since he had no idea of his sagi mom. She didn't call, message or try to leave a note. He thought the worst and her absence evven in the antim sanskar made his fears come true. And then Niharika took over their lives. HE worked like a slave for her and the family. And now all he got in return was a blame to protect her own son. 

P : Ram..

Ram looked up to see a teary eyed Priya. He stood up and walked to her. Her hands were reaching out to him. They cupped each other face and uttered a mutual apology.

P: Mujhe maf kardijiye Ram. Aapko pehle sab sach batana chahiye tah. I was hoping that with the video tape, I can proof Niharika's asliyat. 

R : Maafi toh mujhe maanga chahiye Priya. Tumme aur meri sagi maa ki baat nahi suna maine. Mere liye ab tumme do cheez karna padega.

P :Kya hai Ram batayi ye? 

R : Pehle meri maa se ek baar mujhe milna hai. Please tum uska intezaam kar sakti. Mujhe pata hai ki main deserve nahi karta hoon. But ek baar unse maafi maangi hai.

P: Ram.. Maa sunegi toh khushi se pagal hojayegi. 

R: Aur doosri baat.. Tum hain divorce papers sign karna padega. And I want you to leave the country with Ma. 

P :Ram.. Nahi ho sakta. Aap ko iss haal main chodke main kahi nahi ja sakta.

Ram asks her to stay quiet. 

R : Priya. haalat ko samjho. Ab humare paas kuch nahi hain. Ek hi company tah usko bhi Sid ne ghadbad kardiya. Aur main Niharika ji ki harkato kon maaf nahi kar sakta. Mere aur mere parivar ko dukh dekhe woh sukhnahi reh sakti. Mujhe divorce papers se saare property tumhara naam karna padega. Aur tum Australia chali jao maa ke saath. Mujhe yakeen hai ki main Sid ka sach sabke saamne la sakoon. Bas. ek baar Unki naam pe kuch nahi hoga, toh aur kuch raasta nahi.

Please meri baat samjho. Yeh humare liye bahut zaroori hai. Please Priya. Tum meri madat karna chahte ho naah. Please.. Phir yeh papers sign karo. Main aaj bail main bahar aajaonga. Aur phir tumse aur maa se milne keliiye Vikram ke ghar par aata hoon. Ab yeh baat kisiko mat kehna. Main nahi chahta hoon ki kisiko shaq ho jaaye.

P: Theek hai Ram. I know we need to sacrifice for the long term. Niharika ji ki taaqat paisa aur property hai. Aur jab tak woh unke haat main hain toh aap ki parva bhi nahi karegi. Main aapse dupair main milti hoon. Apna khayal rakhiye.
I love you Ram.

R : I love you too Priya.

Ram reaches Vikram's home after he gets out of jail. He is silent the whole ride back home. Vikram knew his friend was torn from inside. He tried to cheer him up with some college talks but Ram didn't even fake a smile. They reach home and Neha gives him a big bear hug.

Neha - Fatty. Ab yeh sab baat chodo. Aur mujhe batao ki kya khaana hai?

Ram nods a No and walks to the washroom. He needed to be prepared mentally to meet his mom. He remembered those times when he bonded with his mom. He loved those moments and cherished them always. He was trying to hide them behind the hurt of her leaving him but they were imprinted on his heart to be erased. The more he tried, the more painful it became. Hence he found solace in that hate that he manufactured to keep his mind at peace. But now, he was ashamed. He didn't give her a second chance.There's nothing that can make it up for that. Not even his tears and life time asking forgiveness. He cried his heart out and then decided to face it as true to his nature. He made an error and he was going to make it right. It began with a heart felt apology so that he can atleast see himself in the mirror.

He made a resolve and walked out of the door. Priya and Krishnaji had arrived too. Neha informed them that he didnt' eat anything. Priya decided to back off and let the mom son have a hearfelt conversation. It has been overdue.

Ram walks upto them and touches his mom's feet. KK felt tears dropping and picked him up. 
KK - Nahi Ram beta.. Ab humne bahut aasu beha diye. Aur nahi.
R : Nahi Ma. Yeh sab meri galti hai. Mujhe pata hai ki maine guna kiya hai. Aur uskeliiye maafi bhi kaafi nahi hai. Please.. Ek baar mujhe maaf kardijiye. Aap ko itna dukh diya maine. Itna din aap se door raha.

KK- Nahi beta.. aisa nahi kehte hain. Tumne jo kiya woh tumhain dikhayi gayi thi. Aur galti toh maine bhi ki. Tumhain Niharika jaisi aurat ke saath chod ke chali gayi. Ab purana baat sab chodo. Yeh dekho.. Maine tumhare liye kya lekhe aayi hoon?

Ram looks up to see a tiffin box. Krishnaji opens it up and it has Ram's favorite food. Aloo parathas with extra ghee, laddoos and chicken.

R : Aap ne yeh sab.. mere liye?
He couldn't complete the sentence and hugged her tight. 
K : Main tumme dekhne keliye taras gayi thi. Mere beta ka khaana kilane ka mocha dega ek baar> Itna saal jo maine uskeliiye intezaar kiya.

Ram nods his head and KK feeds him with her own hands.

R: Aaj bhi aapka haath main jaadu hai ma. 20 saal hogaya ki maine itne accha khaana kaaye hue.

Priya clears her throat and gives her deadly stare at Ram.

R : Priya bhi bahut accha khaana bana thi. Par ma jaisa nahi.

P : Ab maa jo milgayi.. Maa beta milke biwi ka taang kheechna shuru kardiye. Dekho Neha?

The five of them laughed after such a long time forgetting what the future laid in front of them. 

After eating, Ram placed his head on his mom's lap and took a nap. He hadn't found solace with all the achievements of becoming a business tycoon. All that money couldn't provide him this peace. It felt like home. 

He woke up and hugged him mom thanking her for forgiving him inspite of his foolishness. He stepped up to Priya and hugged her. Thanked her for always sticking up to him. And for always providing him love and care. He gave her the papers to sign and asked her to stay with Ma.

R : Ma, Iam sending a part of me today. uska khayal rakhiye. Mere bina woh apna khayal nahi rakhti. Thoda daantke khaana kilaana padega. Aur woh aapka khayal acche se rakhegi. Mujhe pata hai.

KK : Tum jaldi aajao Ram. Tumhare bina hum dono ka mann bechain rahega. Mera ashirwaad hamesha hai beta. Sachayi ka jeet hamesha hogi.

Priya signs the papers and it was hard for her to control the tears. All those times she pretended to do this came true even if it was for a greater good. But who would explain it to her aching heart? 

Ram sees her dard and comforts her by holding her shoulder. 

R: Mujhe pata hai Priya. Tumme bahut dukh horaha hai. Utna mujhe bhi lagra. Tumse door main 3 din nahi reh paya. Abhi aur kuch raasta bhi nahi bacha. Ho sakhe toh mujhe maaf kardena.Aur hum dono ko yeh dard sehna padega kyunki maine galat insaanon se barosa kiya. 

Priya holds her hands and falls on his chest. She hugged him tight before it was time.
Ram touched k'K's feet and they decided to leave to Aus by tonight's flight. They would stay in contact with Vikram and Neha throughout. Ram will get in touch with them once the name is cleared. They bid their goodbyes and it was time to leave.

Tum ko bhi hai khabar
Mujhko bhi hai pata
ho raha hai judaa
dono ka raasta
dhoor jaake bhi mujhse tum meri yaadon main rehna
Kabhi alvida na kehna
Kabhi alvida na kehna Priya kept turning back to look at Ram.

 He was trying to stand strong to not let her see that he was breaking into a million pieces from the inside. But he knew that he needed to do this to get justice. After Priya left, he dropped on the floor letting out a huge cry. He knew his stupid decisions were making them pay. He saw a face next to him and it was Priya.

P: Mujhe pata tah ki aap mere liye strong ban rahe the. Aap toot jayenge toh mera kya hoga?

Ram hugged her tight. Haan Priya.. Mujhe ab bahut strong hona padega. I need to face this. I couldn't see you leave. He kissed her forehead and bid a final bye. Their hands parted while their souls met. 

Priya and KK reach the airport to catch their flight. Ram hands over the documents to be processed by Vikram. He asks him to take care of it so that none of the money and the property goes to Niharika. He had to do one final visit to the Kapoor mansion to thrown the evil ones and claim the territory. It was his mom's rightful place. Only hers.

He drove his car with all this thoughts. He spoke to Priya and Ma a while back and they were going to board their flight. In a matter of hours, they were going to be separated. It hurt him to see the ones he loved had to stay away.The flashbacks kept playing on his mind and he didnt' see the truck coming his way. He lost control of the steering wheel and hit the tree. He was thrown out of the car and a few minutes later, the car was set on fire.

R : Ma, Priya.
He smiled one last time with the last 6 months playing on his mind. Those moments made up for all the love he wanted. He even managed to meet his mom and seek forgiveness.
His eyes were closing and he remembered the last meal. The family hug and the forehead kiss. He had ensured Priya and Maa would get all their rights back. Sorry Maa.Sorry Priya. Will he be able to join them? Only time could tell.

Dur jaake bhi mujhse tum meri yaadon main rehna
kabhi alvida naa kehna
kabhi alvida naa kehna

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Posted: 2012-06-07T10:20:45Z
Cry oh fosla this was so sad it brought tears
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Posted: 2012-06-07T10:22:57Z
mind blowing Angie ji,sep tou confirm ho gayiCry lekin mujhe RaYa ke sep se pehele kuch C night jesa romantic moment chahiye tha.
Edited by jakther - 2012-06-07T10:26:21Z
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Posted: 2012-06-07T10:48:47Z
Angie dii that was so emotional...Cry  very touching & lovely...

Loved the convo btw Ram-Priya & Ram -KK...Now thats a great sweet way to show separation...
pls CV's copy kar lo naa yeh...
I hope pls pls show me bhi aise hi ho jaana chayiye...

Thanks for the os dii...
Edited by kaviya10 - 2012-06-07T10:49:55Z
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Posted: 2012-06-07T10:50:14Z
ClapAngie, OMG I am soCryCryCryCry It is absolutely amazing, so beautiful the way you penned down the whole story, gosh I could not read it.. for some reason I have a feeling aisa hi kutch show mai bhi hoga, what do you think? with all the rumors of memory loss, pata nahi, what the heck these guys are planning, but I see no other convincing reason for separation otherwise. Your story is really heart breaking.. ConfusedCryBroken Heart
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Posted: 2012-06-07T10:56:47Z
Oh no! Accident! now what? please don't let him have amnesia... at least in your OS, let him be pretending it !

I love the turn of events in your story. Ram going to Jail, instead of Priya and then getting the divorce as a pretense is what we all have been wanting! I love your story...Now we have to wait and see what we get on the show!

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Posted: 2012-06-07T11:43:20Z

it was such an emotional update..!!!...i was close to tears.CryCry...i just hope the cv's too get this idea ...if there should be seperation then let them show how you showed in your os..!!!...then it will be worth...but good work dear..!!TongueClapClapClapClapClapClap

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Posted: 2012-06-07T11:57:47Z
hi angie,
if your takes have brought us laughter (especially over teh last few weeks) this OS brought a sense of foreboding which leaves me totally rattled. What i love is the fact that you have beautifully shown their  emotions when they are back together and know that each loves the other to hell and back, and you have also woven the mystery that makes them scared for their future. the last part was awesome . Even as his mind fades Ram is thinking of Priya and his mom... that was an awww moment for me..
again wonderful the way your muse is working to entertain us all.. thanks to it!!
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