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Hey everyone!

Wrote another OS continuing from the pre-cap, based on the revelations of today's episode.  Hope you all like it!! Don't forget to like/comment!!


Niharika: Inspector, yeh bilkul jhoot bol raha hai. 

Ram: Maa, yeh aap kya keh rahi hai? 

Rishabh: Haan Mom, bhai ne toh'

Niharika: Rishabh, yeh jo kuch bhi hua hai na, yeh Ram ki vaja se hua hai.  Iss ka zimmedaar Sid nahin, Ram hai Ram.  Ram hi yeh company ka maalik hai, aur jo kuch bhi ho raha hai company mein, Ram ki ijazat ke beger nahi hota.  Toh phir Sid in sab ka zimmedar kaise ho sakta hai? 

Ram looks at the conviction in Niharika's eyes and determination on her face.  What was she saying?  That he was responsible for what Sid did? How could she blame him for something like that? How could she support someone who endangered the lives of thousands of people and let a few even die?  He had just insulted his real mother once again, and told Priya to leave because of this woman and she had just thrown him under the bus for something he hadn't done to support her own son. 

He could feel his eyes starting to water.  Could it be possible that Krishna Kapoor had genuinely left him for his own well being?  Could it be possible that what she said about Niharika was completely true?  Inspite of being there for him, Niharika had still deprived him of a mother's love.  Though she was there when his own mother left him, and provided him with his every need, she still did not love him like her own son.  She still considered him to be her step-son and always put her own children above him.  He had only loved two people in his life.  One was Priya and the other one was Niharika.  And though Priya had constantly hurt him, he could still see the love in her eyes.  And she had hurt him even more by bringing Krishna Kapoor into this, and he had accused her of trying to take away Niharika from him.  He had stood up for Niharika in front of everyone, and she had just accused him to save her own son.  And for what had he stood up for her? Because she was with his father until his last breath? Because she was there for him when his mother wasn't? But was she really there?  If what his real mother and what Priya had said were true, and Krishna Kapoor had left him and his father for their own well being, then wasn't that a sign of more love towards them?  Could it be true that if Niharika could do anything to protect her own son, even if that meant framing him, then she could also do anything to distance his real mother from his father, from him?  

Krishna Kapoor's tears, her pleading with him to believe her, the pain and anguish, and guilt in Priya's eyes when he said that she didn't even want to see his face, all kept flashing in front of his eyes.  Why would Priya want anything but his happiness?  He knew she loved him, then why would she go through all this trouble to make him see this truth if it wasn't true?  What would she gain by separating him from Niharika besides his happiness and reuniting him with his real mother?  

Krishna Kapoor, his real mother had been right all along.  Niharika had ruined his father's life, and she was hell bent on ruining his too.  And the truth was so bitter that he had chosen to believe the lie because it was the easier way out.  It was because of Niharika that he had lost his mother and now he was in the process of losing Priya too.  And Niharika was also right.  He had given Sid the responsibility of the company, and so it was only fair that he took the blame for the deaths of these people.  It was his mistake. 

Meanwhile Priya had left the Kothi and was walking on the street.  Why had Ram refused to believe her? Why couldn't he accept the truth? Why was he so blindly trusting Niharika?  She could understand his feelings about Krishnaji, because she had questioned her about her behaviour too, but why would he accuse her wanting him to be alone again?  Didn't he understand she did all this for him?  All she wanted was for him to receive that mother's love that he had been deprived of for all these years.  All she wanted was for him to be happy.  And all she wanted was to be with him.  A few tears trickled down her cheeks.  She wiped them when her phone rang.  It was Vikram, telling her the cops had come to arrest Ram for a case of fake medication being produced by the Pharmaceutical company.  He also told her that Ram had put Sid in charge of the company a few days ago until she didn't take over.  Priya tells Vikram to call the office for the file that had the company transfer documents that she had found on Ram's desk. He had wanted to share his business with her. 

Priya, to herself: Ram, main aapko kabhi jail jaane nahi doongi, chahe iss ke liye mujhe khud hi kyun na jaana pade.  Iss waqt aapko shayad mere pyar pe vishwaas nahi kyun ki maine aap ko bahut takleef paunchayi hai aur aapko ehsaas dilane ki ke main aapse pyaar nahi karti and I'm really sorry for that. Lekin, ek din jab aap ko sachaai ka pata chal jaayega, tab aap zarur samaj jayenge maine aisa kyun kiya.  Main aapse vaada karti hu Ram, main aapko aur aapki Maa ko zarur milwaungi, aur aap ka saath hamesha doongi Ram.  I love you Ram and I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry. 

She wipes her tears and heads back to Lalaji di Kothi, where someone from the office meets her outside and hands her the file.  

Inside, Ram turns to the inspector, with the hurt and betrayal in his eyes.  Niharika had succeeded in her motive.  She had broken him down to the last bit, so that he didn't even have anymore will to continue to fight.  He had told Priya, the love of his life, to leave for Niharika, who had betrayed his love and blind trust for her.  What else was left to fight for?  

Ram, with tears and defeat forming in his eyes : Maa ne jo kuch bhi kaha hai, woh bilkul sach hai. 

He was talking about them both.  Krishna Kapoor had been right about Niharika and Niharika had been right about Sid.  

Inspector: Hawaldar, inhe arrest karo. 

Priya walks in at that exact moment.

Priya: Ek minute.  Iss hadse ka zimmedaar who shaks hai jo iss company ka maalik hai.  Aur company ka maalik Mr. Ram Kapoor nahin, main hoon. 

Ram: Ek minute, Ek minute, yeh sab. 

Priya cuts him off: Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor.  

She hands the inspector the file that she had found in Ram's office, with the transfer of company's papers and Ram's statement clearly indicating that he had transferred the company in her name. 

Ram: Inspector, please meri baat suniye. 

Ram, in his thoughts: Priya, yeh tum kya kar rahi ho?  Tum jaanti ho in sab ka matlab kya hai?  Why are you doing this Priya?!  

Priya cuts him off again: Aap shayad bhool rahe hai Mr. Kapoor.  Aap ne yeh company meri naam kar di hai.  In kharab dawaiyon ki vaja se jo bhi haasa hua, un ki moral responsibility, company ke owner hone ke naate, meri hai.  Main arrest ho ne ke liye tayyar hoon. 

Priya looks at Ram, her eyes screaming out the pain, the anguish and the love she felt for him all in one.  

Priya, in her thoughts: Ram, main aap pe kabhi koi aanch nahi aane doongi.  I'm sorry Ram, maine aap ko in kahi dinon mein bahut chot paunchayi hai, bhaut dukh diya hai aur main jaanti hu iss baat se bhi aap ko bahut dukh hoga.  Lekin, main aapse bahut pyar karti hu.  Main aap ko kuch hone nahi doongi, aur agar is ke liye mujhe jail, ya aap se door jana pade, toh bhi mujhe manzoor hai.  

She slightly smiled and turned around and walked out of the house, escorted by the police.  

Ram, stood there completely shocked.  Priya loved him so much that she was willing to go to jail for him.  He turned to see Niharika standing there with her arms crossed, rolling her eyes.  He left the Kothi and got into his car.  First he drove to the office to see if Sid was there.  He didn't find him, then he drove to the lawyer's office to explain the situation.  He found out from him that the courts were closed for the day and Priya would have to spend the night in jail.  He stormed out of there and drove to the police station.  He sat outside in his car, contemplating what to say to Priya.  She had clearly stopped her nautanki but she had not reassured him that she loved him.  But he didn't need to hear her say it.  He could see it clearly in her beautiful eyes, along with pain, anguish and guilt.  And she had just taken the blame on herself so that he wouldn't have to go to jail.  What more proof did he need that she loved him?  Her words meant nothing to him.  After all actions speak louder than words right? 

He needed her at that moment.  He needed her to know that even though he told her to leave, he loved her so much.  He just needed some time to digest things.  And he needed to tell her that she was right, that they were right, that he had been wrong about Niharika.  That she had betrayed his love and his trust.  He couldn't live without Priya and he needed her support.  He needed her to stand by him, to be with him and she couldn't do that if she was in jail.  He took a deep breath and went inside.  

Priya was sitting on the ground, in a cell.  She had opened her hair because her head was hurting from the up-do.  There were no more tears left for her to cry.  They had all dried up.  There was no point.  It didn't help the situation.  She just sat there quietly, thinking and remembering her happy memories with Ram.  Those were what she lived on now.  They were the only thing that could calm her down in all this.  

Suddenly a bailiff comes in and shakes the cell door, breaking Priya's thoughts.  

Bailiff: Aap se milne koi aaya hai.  

Priya looked up and Ram walked in. He walked up to the door and held the bars with both hands, tears forming in his eyes seeing her in that state.  Priya turned her face away.  She couldn't look him in the eye, because she knew if she did, she would completely break down.  And she didn't want that.  She wanted to be strong in front of him. 

Ram: Mujhse itna naraaz ho ke mujhe dekhogi bhi nahi Priya? 

Priya didn't answer.  She could feel the tears forming in her eyes.  

Ram: Kyun karti ho mujhse itna pyaar ke mere liye jail bhi jaane ko tayyar ho gayi?

She looked up at him, into his eyes.  She could see the pain in them.  But this time, it was more than she had ever seen before.  A lot more.  It was as if the whole world was against him and he was standing there lost and alone, not knowing where to start.  She slowly stood up and walked over to the door.  She put her hand through the bar and wiped the tears that had escaped from his eyes.  She caressed his cheek and he held her hand as more tears trickled down his cheek.  

Ram: I'm sorry Priya.  I'm really really sorry.  

Priya, tears starting to fall from her eyes: Nahin Ram.  I'm sorry.  Mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha.  Mujhe sab ke saamne Maa ko party mein nahin leke aana chahiye tha.  Aur mujhe aap ke saath woh natak bhi nahi karna chahiye tha.  Bahut chot paunchayi hai na maine aap ko.  I'm really sorry Ram.  

She lets out a small sob and turns around, trying to hide her tears.  Ram puts his hand through the bars, on her shoulder and tries to turn her around.  She resists him.  

Ram: Priya, please meri taraf dekho.  

She ignores him and continues to resist, tears streaming down her cheeks now. 

Ram, lets out a small sob: Priya please.  

Hearing his sob, Priya instantly turns around.  She looks into his tear-filled eyes.  He reaches over and wipes her tears.  And then puts his hands over hers, holding the bars with both hands. 

Ram: Priya'

Priya: Ram, I love you.  Maine aapse jo kuch bhi kaha, uss ke liye please mujhe maaf kar dijiye.  Sach toh yeh hai ke main aap ke beger nahi jee sakti Ram.  Main aapko khona nahi chahti thi.  Aap puchte rahe ke mujhe yeh sab karne pe majboor kisne kiya.  Niharika hi woh insaan hai'

She turns around again, unable to control her tears.  

Ram: Jaanta hu Priya.  Sab jaanta hu.  Niharika ne bhi Maa ko majboor kiya tha na, 20 saal pehle.  Aur ussi ne meri Maa aur mer Pita-ji ko alag kiya tha na?

Priya freezes.  She turns around to look into Ram's eyes.  But he is looking past her, into space.  

Ram continues:  Mujhe Niharika ka asli roop dikh gaya hai Priya.  Woh kabhi bhi mujhse apne bete ki tarah pyaar nahi karti thi.  Itne saalon se main sab ko galat samajta aaya.  Tumhe bhi itna galat samajta raha' ussi ki vaja se. 

Priya cups his face in her hands, through the bars and makes him look into her eyes.  But his eyes are still wandering, looking into space.  

Ram: Tum dono sahi keh rahe the Priya.   

Priya: Ram' 

Ram: Na main ek accha beta ban paya, aur na hi ek achha pati.  

Priya shakes her head: Nnn..n..

Ram, cuts her off: Main tum dono ka pyar nahi samaj paya. 

Priya could feel her heart break in two seeing Ram in this state.  He was completely broken.  He needed her right now more than ever and she was in jail.   

Priya: Ram, meri aankhon mein dekhiye..

Ram fixes his eyes and looks into hers.  

Priya: In mein aap ko kya nazar aata hai Ram?  Aap hi kehte the na ke aap ko meri aankhon mein dikhta hai ke main aapse kitna pyaar karti hu?  Kya aap ko aaj bhi wahi pyaar nazar aata hai Ram?  Kya aap ko lagta hai ke aap ke liye mera pyaar kam hua hai?  

Ram slowly shakes his head. 

Priya: Ram, main aur Maa dono jaante hai ke in mein aap ki koi galti nahi hai.  Hum dono aapse sabse zyada pyaar karte hai.  Ram, aap ek bahut acche bete hai, aur isse bhi acche pati hai.  Aur iss waqt aap ko himmat rakhni padegi.  Niharika ka saamna kar ne ke liye Ram. 

Ram: Uss ne mere pyaar ke saath, mere vishwaas ke saath khela hai Priya.  Aur maine tumhare pyar aur vishwaas ke saath khela hai.  (Priya shakes her head and tears start flowing from his eyes again). Aur tum yahan Priya.  Kyun? Kyun kiya tumne yeh sab?  Mujhe tumhari kitni zarurat hai aur tum yahan?  

Priya wipes his tears and smiles a little: Ram, main hamesha aap ke saath hoon.  Yahan par, (and she touches his heart) aap ke dil mein.  

Bailiff: Aap ka waqt khatam ho chuka hai.  

Ram: Priya tum fikar mat karo, main sab sambhalunga.  Kal subah, sab se pehle main tumhari zamanat karwa dunga.  

Priya nods slightly and smiles again.  Ram takes her hand off his cheek and kisses it, a couple of tears dripping down. 

Ram: I love you Priya.  

Priya: I love you too Ram. 

He turns to leave, when..

Priya: Ram'

He turns back to look at her.

Priya: Ram, please apna khayal rakhiyega.  Khana sahi tarah se khalijiyega aur meetha mat khayega.  Aur tablets ko haath lagane ki sochiyega bhi mat. 

Ram nods and smiles slightly.  He turns around and walks out of the police station, leaving Priya with tears rolling down her cheeks again.  She, more than anything in the world, wanted to be in his strong arms, with her head on his chest, telling him how much she loved him and that everything was going to be ok. 

Ram gets into his car and starts driving.  Instead of going to Kapoor Mansion, he drives somewhere else.  There was somewhere else he would rather go than home to Niharika.  He arrives in front of the house and sits in his car for a few minutes.  He can feel his eyes watering and tries to control himself.  He gets out of the car and walks up to the front door and knocks.  

Krishnaji opens the door and is completely shocked to see Ram.  She doesn't say anything, she just stands there looking at him, waiting for him to say something.  

Ram just hugs her and completely breaks down on her shoulder.  Krishnaji gets another shock at his action, but she rubs his back and caresses his head. 

Krishnaji: Ram, kya hua bete?  Aise kyun ro rahe ho? 

Ram, while sobbing: I'm sorry Maa.  Maine aap ke pyar pe shak kiya.  Main ek accha beta nahi ban paya.  I'm sorry'

Krishnaji: Ram, yeh' 

Ram: Mujhe Niharika ki sachaai ka pata chal gaya hai Maa.  Aur Priya bhi' 

Krishnaji: Priya? Kya hua Priya ko bete?

Ram starts sobbing again:  Sid ne company ke saath fraud kiya, aur Priya ne company ki maalkin hone ke naate poori zimmedari le li aur woh jail mein hai Maa.  Sab meri galti hai.  Maine hi Sid ko woh company ki zimmedari di thi.  

Krishnaji caresses his hair. 

Krishnaji: Shhh Ram.  Aise nahi rote beta.  Sab theek ho jaayega.  Tum chinta mat karo.  Chalo, andar chalo.  Beth ke baatein karte hai. 

Ram raises his head and nods.  He follows her into the house.  She sits down on the sofa and motions him to sit down next to her.  He sits down and then lies down, resting his head on her lap, with tears still streaming down his cheeks.  Krishnaji caresses his head gently.  Ram slowly falls asleep, with dried tear marks on his cheeks. 

Krishnaji looks down at her son, who she is sleeping in her lap.  She was seeing him after 20 years and he was in so much pain.  Niharika had completely broken him down.  She continued to caress his head, and then gently bent down and kissed him on the forehead. 

Krishnaji, in her thoughts: Ram, mere bete, tum abhi bhi bilkul bacche ki tarah ho.  Apni Maa ki ghod hi chahiye thi tumhe jis mein tum apna sar rakh ke so sako.  Lekin tum chinta mat karo bete, ab main aa gayi hoon.  Iss baar main Niharika ko nahin chodungi.  Ab tumhari Maa tumhare paas aa gayi hai.  Woh tumpe koi aanch nahi aane degi.  Aur Priya ko bhi kuch nahi hoga.  Main jaanti hu tum usse kitna pyaar karte ho.  Tumhi ne kaha than a, jo pyar karte hai, woh saath mein rehte hai.  Toh bas, yeh tumhara pyaar hai jo usse tumhare paas wapas leke aayega. 

She smiles, looking down at Ram. 

In jail, Priya smiles, lost in her thoughts, remembering her memories with Ram. 

And Ram, while sleeping in his mother's lap, dreams about his memories with Priya.  Now that he knew the truth and had accepted it, he would fix everything.  He would make sure Priya and his mother were always with him.  Him and Priya together could handle anything.  It was the power of their love that had brought them together, and they would continue to fight until they taught Niharika a lesson. 

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Posted: 2012-06-06T23:45:31Z
liked ur os title.. Comment on story after reading whole story..
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Posted: 2012-06-07T00:07:46Z
wow amby...it seemed to me that i was watching the serial...i realised it was an update only when it ended...so realistic...outstanding os !!!
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Posted: 2012-06-07T00:18:17Z
ur time is over? Ye kya tha? I was so much involved in the emotional scene n dis line just broke that state n make me to laugh.. U r superb wid ur OS.. I m huge fan of ur OS..
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Posted: 2012-06-07T00:21:45Z

Raya milan as well as Ram-KK milan!!!

This is one of your best posts Amby dear!!!!! Clap

Everytime I read your Oss, I get greedier and greedier and start having expectations from the show. Too bad they don't deliver always (well, most of the times) but YOU DO!

Love you for this! Really proud of you girl! Hug

P.S. - LOVED the title!!!
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Posted: 2012-06-07T00:21:47Z
Originally posted by D4BALH

ur time is over? Ye kya tha? I was so much involved in the emotional scene n dis line just broke that state n make me to laugh.. U r superb wid ur OS.. I m huge fan of ur OS..

LOL im sorry Embarrassed Just being a little realistic Wink 
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it though! Smile
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Posted: 2012-06-07T00:24:11Z
Originally posted by PunyaS


Raya milan as well as Ram-KK milan!!!
Of course yaar! Happy endings are my thing Wink
This is one of your best posts Amby dear!!!!! Clap
Thank you girl!! 
Everytime I read your Oss, I get greedier and greedier and start having expectations from the show. Too bad they don't deliver always (well, most of the times) but YOU DO!
Why do i feel like this one might be legit this time? Or something along these lines for the jail convo. Fingers crossed! 
Love you for this! Really proud of you girl! Hug
ROFL thanks Hug
P.S. watching KHTV on tv right now cuz its on and they're using Ram's BALH music... Dead
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Posted: 2012-06-07T00:31:22Z
Originally posted by azk92

Originally posted by PunyaS


Raya milan as well as Ram-KK milan!!!
Of course yaar! Happy endings are my thing Wink
This is one of your best posts Amby dear!!!!! Clap
Thank you girl!! 
Everytime I read your Oss, I get greedier and greedier and start having expectations from the show. Too bad they don't deliver always (well, most of the times) but YOU DO!
Why do i feel like this one might be legit this time? Or something along these lines for the jail convo. Fingers crossed! 

You do?? Maybe then its safe for me to have some expectations..Wink 

Love you for this! Really proud of you girl! Hug
ROFL thanks Hug
P.S. watching KHTV on tv right now cuz its on and they're using Ram's BALH music... Dead

Whats KHTV? another BT thing? they always do that.. recycling, isn't it?
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