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As I heard in news that after leap Priya will have 2 daughters. Priya settled in dubai with her daughter. Assuming that when Priya left Ram Niharika's and their group truth was out. Priya gave birth to twins. When she left Ram she got to know that she is pregnant. So Krishuji told her we will go after your delivery. But she neither told Ram nor anyone that she is still in mumbai. Ram tried alot to find her but he couldn't. He was so depressed. In KM only Ram, dadi and rishabh were there. His room was the same like before.

Her delivery got over and she gave birth to twins and she decided that she would give her one daughter to Ram. So she called up Neha from her phone. Neha always used to call her but always her phone was unavailable. Neha saw Priya was calling her and she picks up.

Neha: hello! kahan thi tum itne mahine? mene kitna koshish kiya or tumhara yeh phone always                   not reachable. where were u? are u listening or not?
Priya: tum bolne dogi toh me baat karungi. me mumbai me hi hu. ab me thode din baad bahar ja
            rahi hu settle hone. mujhe tumse ek kaam hai. tum krishnaji k ghar aa jao but ram ko kuch               mat bolna.
Neha: par kyu? tum vahan par ho kya?
Priya: ha me vahan rehti hu.

Neha reaches there and rings the bell and Priya opens the door. 
Neha: kaisi ho tum?
Priya: me bilkul thik hu. andar aao. tum vo kamre me jao me juice lati hu hum dono k liye.
Neha goes in the room and finds 2 new born babies. Priya comes in.
Priya: yeh lo neha tumhara juice.
Neha: thanks Priya. par yeh bachhe?
Priya: yeh mere hai. I mean mere aur ram ke.
Neha; kya? u were pregnant?
Priya: ha isiliye toh me yahan mumbai me thi. me chahti hu ki tum ek bachhe ko ram ko de do.
Neha: par kyu?
Priya: mere pass toh meri ek beti hogi or me chahti hu ki ram k pass bhi ek beti ho.
Neha: tum vapas aa jao pls. ab toh niharika bhi nahi hai.
Priya: nahi mene tickets book kar li hai or tum isse le jao. please.
Neha: thik hai.
They chat for sometime. While going Neha says will miss u Priya and ur daughter will too. 
Priya: tum isse ram ko 10pm k baad dena. varna ram mujhe dhund lenge.
Neha: thik hai. pa tum ja kahan rahi ho?
Priya: dubai
Neha goes with the child and goes to her house. 

Neha goes to Ram's house with his daughter. Dadi,Rishabh and ram surprised to see neha with a child. they ask her who is she?
Neha: yeh lo tumhari beti.
Ram: kya? meri beti?
Neha: ha yeh tumhari beti hai. 
Ram: priya kahan hai?
Neha: voh chali gayi ram yeh jagah chodke tumhari ma k sath.
Ram thought she must have gone to Australia. 

After 5 years.
Ram someehow got to know that Priya has settled in dubai and not in australia. he also settled there in australia with his daughter Pia, dadi and rishabh. Vikram and neha and kids too came there. 
dadi: abhi hame pia ko koi achhe school me admission dilana chahiye. 
ram: ji dadi.
Pia was just like priya. she didnt like to eat unhealthy food. 
dadi: vaise ram ek baat toh kehni chahiye ki pia apni ma jaisi hai.
ram: ha dadi. hum toh dubai usse dhundne ayi hai.

Priya goes to a school to make riya's admission. Riya started going to school. Priya would leave her and her dadi would bring her back. 
Next day ram went to the same school for piya's admission. her chachu used to bring her back.

She was in riya's class. Riya was shocked to see her as she looked the same like her.
The teacher made her sit with riya. In break Riya asked her. 
Riya: tum toh meri xerox copy lag rahi ho? yeh kaise piya?
Piya: pata nahi riya. me bhi shock ho gayi thi. so friends?
Riya: yes offcourse. 
they both spent the whole day and some days together and became best friends. 
Riya: tumhare ghar me kaun kaun hai?
Piya: mere papa, par dadi and rishabh chachu. or tumhare?
riya: meri mummy, dadi and bua. tumhari mummy?
Piya: papa ne kaha tha ki vo unhe chodke chali gayi cos unhone unki step mom ke bare me 
         kuch kaha. jo papa nahi mane or vo unhe chodke chali gayi or unki step mom bht buri thi.  
           abhi bhi papa unke liye bht tarapte hai. or tumhare papa?
Riya: mumma kehti hai ki unko papa ko chodna padha tha cos vo apni step mom me bht 
          vishwas karte the but mummy ki baat nahi mani. vaise tumhara pura nam kya hai?
Pia: pia kapoor or tumhara?
Piya: riya kapoor. 
Both were shocked as both were kapoors.
teacher came and told piya that ur chachu has come and was taking riya. 
Riya: teacher me riya hu.
teacher: sorry riya! tum dono ki shakal itni milti hai ki me confuse ho gayi. 
Riya: its okay teacher. 
Afterwards krishuji came to take her.

she went home. She told about piya and her conversation with her. Krishuji was shocked.
There in piyas house piya told her pardadi abt it and she too was shocked. she called up ram and ram was shocked and he went to the school to take riyas address AND NO.. first school was not giving but later they gave. 
He went home and told riya to talk to piya.
Piya: hello Riya!
Riya: ha me bol rahi hu. 
Piya: me piya bol rahi hu. mere papa tumhare ghar valo se milna chahte hai. kya hum kal lunch me mile?
Riya: ha zaroor. vaise kal school bhi nahi hai. pakka kal milenge.
Piya: thanks u. me rakhti hu.
All were happy but piya couldnt understand.

they came here. krishuji was shocked to see dadi. she took her blessing and dadi told piya to take her blessings too. she was going to take her blessings when krishuji held her in her arms.
just then priya came n was shocked to see dadi.
Priya: dadi aap?
Dadi: kaisi hai meri bachhi? 
Priya: me theek hu dadi or aap? she took her blessings and saw Piya.

Just then riya came and saw piya. krishuji put her down and both of them started playing. just then ram came and saw priya.
both their eyes became emotional.
riya went to ram.
Riya: uncle aap aiye na andar.
Priya: yeh tumhare uncle nahi hai. yeh tumhare papa hai.
Riya: sach me mummy? she went and hugged ram and took her in his arms.
same with piya.
soon the kids got to know that they were sis.
piya told aaj me mumma k hath se khaungi and riya told me papa k hath se.
Piya: mumma mujhe apples chahiye or zyada oily khana nahi chahiye.
Priya was shocked to hear this.
Dadi: yeh bilkul tumhari tarah hai priya.
Priya: fir riya bilkul ram jaisi hai.
They both finished lunch and she switched on the tv for both of them.
while others were having lunch and soon they finished. gave everyone their rooms and was telling ram about his room. dadi interupted.
Dadi: ram tumhare kamre me rahega?
Priya: par dadi?
Dadi: tum kuch nahi bologi.
She finally agrees and first both of them take kids to sleep.
make them sleep. 

Priya: RAM NEHA KA CALL AYA HAI ZARA LAPtop on kijiye and webcam on kijiye. 
ram: thik hai. are password kya hai?
Priya: apna naam dal dijiye. 
ram: kya ? thik hai.
lappy starts and he switches the webcam on.
they chat with neha and vikram n kids. they ask abt their kids. they say they are sleeping. 

After finishing the chat ram says i am sorry to priya.
they hug each other at last. 

hope u all liked it.

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wow this is sweet!! twins!! Big smile nice concept i liked it Embarrassed
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Posted: 2012-06-01T06:16:12Z
EmbarrassedEmbarrassedDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Awesome post sister...thanks a lot for this OS...don't have enough words to thank you for this beautiful story ...so cute...BlushingSmile...continue next part A S A P...hope it happens the same way in the show too...
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Posted: 2012-06-01T06:21:54Z
How cute!!
Loved it!!!
Parent-trap! Wink
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Posted: 2012-06-01T06:29:59Z
It was lovely. Smile
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Posted: 2012-06-01T07:25:20Z
Twins!! Wow!! I lvd it.. Tht was realy awesme.. Expecting more such gifts frm u..
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Posted: 2012-06-01T07:41:59Z
Awesomee...SmileBig smile
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Posted: 2012-06-01T07:49:00Z
very cute.Piya  and Riya. adorable.
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