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Hey guys,

Here is what came to my mind.  Sorry, it's not the greatest but after yesterday's episode, what can you expect haan? lol i don't even know what to call this. so if anyone has an idea, please feel free to post it! I kind of wish this had happened though, or something like this! Anyways, i hope you guys like it anyways.  Don't forget to like/comment!


Ram wiped the tear that had escaped from his eye.  He put the bottle back in the drawer.  Priya was right.  He knew she was lying about the money and the property but maybe she really did want a divorce.  How could she expect him to respect and believe her when he didn't even respect and believe his own mother?  Every word she had said was true.  She had brought out the one buried fear he had had since their honeymoon and now it was back to haunt him.  He didn't deserve her love.  Maybe he wasn't meant to have any love in his life.  Everyone who he truly loved had walked out of his life in an instant and for the most, part he was responsible for it.  He had accused his mother and she left him, he had blamed Vikram and he left his company, and he had not believed Priya and now she was going to leave him too.  If that was what she wanted, then fine, he was ready to give it to her.

He went to find her to tell her the good news that she wanted to hear.  He searched the whole house and asked everyone, but no one seemed to know where she was.  He came upstairs and walked by his mother's room and then noticed the door to his room was open and the light was on.  He peeked in and there was Priya, sitting on the ground, leaning on the bed, with his old photo album in her hands, and tears falling from her eyes.  She was flipping through the pages, looking at and touching each photo carefully.  He hadn't opened that photo album in years.  It contained pictures up until his parents had split up; of him, his mother, his father, his grandparents. 

He entered the room.  Priya heard his footsteps and immediately wiped her tears and closed the album and put it aside.  Ram watched her intently.  Why was she sending him mixed signals?  On one side she was telling him she married him for his money, which he knew wasn't true, and then she was telling him she didn't like his habits, which he also knew wasn't true.  And she wiped her tears every time he came in front of her, as if to hide them from him.  And even right now, she had just shown how precious his childhood memories were for her.  Then why did she go and bring out that ultimate fear inside of him by telling him that she wanted a divorce because a man who couldn't respect and trust his mother would never respect and trust his wife?  If she really hadn't wanted a divorce, she wouldn't have said that.  She stood up and faced him.

Ram: Uh Priya, mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor,  Dadi mujhe bula rahi hai, main jaa rahi hoon. 

As she starts walking away.

Ram, with tears stinging his eyes: Maine tumhe divorce de ne ka faisla kar diya hai. 

Priya freezes.  What? What did he say? He was ready to give in so easily?  Why?

Ram continues, with tears flowing freely now:  Tum sahi keh rahi thi.  Main tumhare pyaar ke layak nahi hoon.  Ek aadmi jo apni sagi Maa ki izzat aur uss pe vishwaas nahi karsakta, woh apni biwi ki kya izzat karega?  Shayad mujhe apni Maa ki baat sun leni chahiye thi.  Aur tumhari bhi.  Main na apni Maa pe, na apni biwi pe vishwaas kar paya.  Aur ek mujhe chod ke chali gayi aur ab dusri bhi jaa rahi hai.  Yahi meri saza hai.  Shayad meri kismat mein apnon ka pyar nahi likha hai.  Main jaanta hu ke woh paisa, property sab kuch ek natak tha, lekin phir bhi, main sab kuch tumhare naam karne wala hoon, kyun ki main jaanta hu ke shayad tumhari koi majboori hai jo tumhe yeh natak karna pada.  

Priya shut her eyes tight and a tear squeezed through.  She felt a stab in her heart.  She hadn't meant it like that.  She had just wanted him to talk about and investigate his past, and give his mother a chance.  She didn't want to hurt him like that.  But she knew she had.  She had to fix this.  She had to tell him how much she loved him.  She couldn't let him believe he wasn't loved and didn't deserve her love.   

He walked over and picked up the album she was just looking at.  He opened it to a picture of him and both his parents.  The last one they had taken together.  And he looked down at his smiling, happy family.  The teardrops fell from his eyes right onto Krishuji's face. 

Priya turned around to find him standing there with the photo album in his hands, and tears dripping onto the photos.  She walked over to him and took the album from his hands.  She put it on the bed, stood on her tippy toes and hugged him tight.  She put one hand on the back of his head, caressing his head.  He buried his face in her neck and held her by the waist.  

Priya: Ram, main jaanti hu aap meri kitni izzat karte hai aur mujhe iss bat pe kabhi koi shak nahi hoga.  I'm sorry.  Mera aap ko yeh baat ka ehsaas dilane ka irada nahin tha.  Main sirf aapko apni Maa ki yaad dilane ki koshish kar rahi thi.  Aap ne kabhi sachaai ko pata lagane ki koshish nahin ki, kabhi pata lagane ki koshish nahi ki ke woh kaisi hai.  Itne saalon se apne aap ko aur unhe itni takleef dete aaye.  Lekin, aisa kabhi mat sochiyega ke aap mere pyar ke layak nahi hai.  Aap shayad nahi jaante ke main aap se kitna pyar karti hu.  

She let go of him and made him look into her eyes.  She wipes his tears. 

Priya: Apne aap se bhi zyada Ram.  Aur hamesha karti rahungi.  

She hugs him tightly again while standing on her tippy toes.   

Priya: Aur Maa bhi aap se bahut pyar karti hai Ram. 

She caressed his head while he buried it into her neck again.  He lifted his head slightly and kissed her on the crook of her neck and then held her tightly.  But this time, it was a more relieved embrace.  He knew she was there for him and would always be.  And he decided to take that next step, and find out the truth.  

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Superb Amby...really loved it...hope the CVs of the show bring out such beautiful scenes like these...u rock Clap...keep it up.Thumbs Up...thanks for the PMEmbarrassed...keep continuing in the same track as and when u get time Big smile Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-05-23T21:01:16Z
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Posted: 2012-05-23T21:21:30Z
Thumbs UpLovely Amber. you are rocking, superb. I really hate current track, it is si painful to see Ram getting hurt so much, Priya should just stop and tell him the truth. Love the way you have written the scene,it is perfect, this is real Priya, the one in the show is not our Priya. Thanks a lot for your superb updates, I enjoy your writing more than ghatiya Balh.Waiting for moreDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2012-05-23T21:22:03Z
Thanks dii 4 wonderful update. Please write more .Edited by Nany - 2012-05-23T21:23:35Z
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Posted: 2012-05-23T21:31:49Z
Hats off to ur imagination ji... I jst loved it... Keep posting ur stories.. <3 <3
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Posted: 2012-05-23T21:35:22Z
Wow very well wrote if only CV will show something like this in show 
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Posted: 2012-05-23T21:39:15Z
Amby... Hug

thanks for taking us into the dreamland.. a much needed relief. sending a big box of chocolates to you. Which one do you like?

P.S. - Seems you have kidnapped the real PK for your OSs and the one in KM is her nasty clone Wink
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Originally posted by TVserialfreak

Superb Amby...really loved it...hope the CVs of the show bring out such beautiful scenes like these...u rock Clap...keep it up.Thumbs Up...thanks for the PMEmbarrassed...keep continuing in the same track as and when u get time Big smile

Thanks so much Kishore! 
I hope so too! They better do something soon!

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