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Hello dear friends!! Returned last night, jet lagged and sleep eludes me!! 
Hence the story below!! Have always imagined the conversations our Gunjuhn would have had after their reunion and remarriage!! So many explanations,confessions ,secrets to be unfolded! Oh what drama!! So many tears, so much healing!! And all the time in the world, except not on Zee! Cry
So, without much ado,...here goes!!  A few months have passed, and G and R are in the process of readjusting to their lives as a married couple. But remain affected by the terrible events of the previous months. They must now learn to trust each other once and for all, and give each other the time to heal. But first they must learn to communicate ...and this is how it all begins, all over again!! They have to come to that place ...

A Place of Their Own...

It was that time once more. When the afternoon settled into evening,and the cares of the day could fade away ever so slowly and softly. A flock of birds circled the sky, and their sudden shrieks pierced the silence that had enveloped them both. They looked up,following the flight pattern of the flock for a while, then looked back, at each other. She leaned back into him, and held his hands ,intertwining her  delicate fingers with his own long ones. He smiled gently and kissed the top of her head. 

"Ready?" he whispered. She shook her head "  Just a little while". She always said that , when it was time to go, and he would respond by holding her just that bit closer,while burying his head in the crook of her neck. And her reaction to that gesture,was always the same. A sharp intake of breath,and a skipped beat of the heart. It would take a few more  minutes before they both returned to normal, from sharp shallow breaths to long deep ones ,when two hearts would eventually listen to each other's sound and agree to  beat as one.

Actually ,they had stumbled upon this place  just a few months ago. At one of those times when they had both needed to escape from the hustle and bustle of work and family commitments. When the stress and anxiety of what had happened to them began to materialize in strange ways, in their thoughts and in their dreams. And sometimes just in the way they would look at each other, in wonder and in awe...and in absolute relief.And in those special moments,when their eyes would meet, searching and asking , they would  sigh deeply then turn away ,just enough to hide the pain and the  tears that would often follow.

"Come with me"  he had said ,on one of those strange days. "Where?" she had asked. "Anywhere, just not here!"  he wore that forlorn look that he sometimes had. That look when words just would not do, when she seemed so far away and far removed , when his heart just ached for her .He wanted so much to reassure her that everything was going to be alright...once and for all. He would never let anything or anyone ever hurt her again, she would be safe with him forever! He had promised himself and he had promised her. And she had wept in his arms , when he told her. She believed him and she trusted him.
But... sometimes the past has its own way of catching up and events inevitably take their toll. He realized that now, and only time ...and love could heal their silent wounds. 

That long bike ride to anywhere, had brought them here, to this desolate place.
Not particularly striking nor even pretty, just private and peaceful. Somewhere to sit and think ...and at some point...talk. At first, they would speak about the small simple uncomplicated things,future plans for
the business,families,friends,and funny things. Their laughter would echo around them, it felt so good to laugh with such abandon. Especially after all the sadness . The echo of her laughter would infuse his heart with indescribable joy, because such is the condition of love. His happiness was inextricably tied to hers.He accepted that now, and there would be no turning back, not now ,not ever.

On the other hand, her sorrows were also his to bear. Though silent, he understood well enough the wounds that were there. And he was sure that with time and patience, they would heal, but they needed to talk about things.Not just about the little things, but the big things, the things that bothered them,that confused them, that haunted them both. So much had happened,and misunderstandings had always served to separate them before.If  only they knew then what they knew now. But now that they both knew, almost everything, what would they do? They had pledged to never keep secrets from each other, to be honest, to trust and to talk .However, in their efforts to wipe away the horror of those times, and to protect themselves and each other...they had shied away from opening their hearts to one another completely.

Until now. Until this place. Something about the combination of earth, trees and sky seemed to create an ambience whereby they could be themselves ,away from everyone else. Totally free and unencumbered , eventually their stories would unfold, bit by bit, word by word. One at a time, all in due course . Revelations that would hurt,  but that would also bind...two hearts and two souls into one.

" Ready Runjuhn ?" he asked again, ever so tenderly. She smiled gently and nodded " Yes, Gudduji...it's time."
They looked around ,then  hugged each other before walking slowly towards the bike. Guddu kick started the engine, while Runjuhn stood at the side watching him impishly. He looks up at her " What are you waiting for? " 
She watches him for a moment ,then remarks " Are you sure you want me to ride on your bike?" 
For a split second,he is completely confused, suddenly his face breaks out into that broad irresistible smile  " Ok, I get it! " Guddu revs the bike up a few times, then says 
" Madame patni, only if you promise to hold me very close and very tight!! None of that shoulder stuff!!" 
Runjuhn laughs and sits on the bike " Ok, that's a promise !"

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Leesan ...what a wonderful piece of writing...truly beautiful...loaded with emotion, love , sensuality , expression...so warm, so intense...Hug
All your short stories make me want more...I know how hectic and tiring the days are for you right now, but still I cant help but insist , please dear keep writing more of such mind-blowing moments for us...we love  those...
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leesan ... welcome home!!  We surely missed you!!   And what a gift you brought us from your travels!!!  My God!!!  I felt every tiny bit of emotion ... all the heartache, pain, suffering and the LOVE!!!  I could see G's face ... so much pain, regret and love!!   R ... the old hurt showing on her face but smiling so trustingly at her Gudduji!  The entire scene so gentle and beautiful!!!  I just loved it!!!  So simple, but yet conveying so very much!!!  I'm getting all emotional now!! 

Thank you my dear friend!!  I think I needed this just as much as G&R!!  Maybe I might start healing too!!  
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Posted: 2012-05-21T09:09:10Z
A big Warm Welcome back to my dear Leesan!!!

And Leesan, I know it a long time ago but I volunteered to send you to Kannauj with script in hand.  You should still hang on to your script, it may come in handy soon!!  Excellent post and story telling!!! If only they had listened to us ... deprivation of its worst kind!! Not being able to see our Gunjhun reveling in their newfound love!!

So nice to have you back!!!

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Leesan, Welcome back! I have been out of town too and just came back on today. What a lovely surprise it was to read this piece. Beautifully written and expressed.ClapClap I am still catching up a lot on the forum and work (of course I think of the forum first). LOLWill come back later on. Love to everyone and hope all is well with our forum friends.Smile

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welcum bck dear...
Wow ..that was simply amazing ..
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Posted: 2012-05-21T21:55:49Z
Leesan, loved it!!  It is sheer unadulterated poetry!  Music is the food of love and here you have set the pace of Gunjhun's hearts to the soundless harmony of love! 
I could imagine the entire scene, it evoked all the tender moments we have watched, time and time again, between these two.  Please keep writing.  How about adding Laddoo into the bargain next time around?  Wink
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Originally posted by godblessall

Leesan ...what a wonderful piece of writing...truly beautiful...loaded with emotion, love , sensuality , expression...so warm, so intense...Hug
All your short stories make me want more...I know how hectic and tiring the days are for you right now, but still I cant help but insist , please dear keep writing more of such mind-blowing moments for us...we love  those...

@godblessall...thanks for your kind words! Glad you liked it , really appreciate your support! Will do my best ...once time and inspiration  permits!!
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