OS: Pyar Ki Jeet (prediction of promo version 1)

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Hey guys,

here is what i want to happen in the promo episode.  I have not seen the video and this is based on the WU.  I have 2 versions of what I think might happen.  This is the first one.  I will post the next one later because I haven't written it up yet.  hope you all like it.  Don't forget to like/comment


Priya stood in the doorway of KM.  Niharika was doing her aarti.  She remembered the last time that had happened; on the morning after their wedding.  At that time she entered the house, clueless about what was happening.  But this time, she was entering with a purpose.  A purpose to save the house from Niharika's evil schemes.  She gave Niharika a bit of a smirk. 

Then she saw him.  He, for whom she had been waiting her whole life for.  He, whom she loved more than anyone else in the world, even herself.  He, for whom she was doing all this for.  Her man; Ram.  Today, he had a slight smile on his face.  She could feel the tears coming on as she remembered what Vikram had said.  How he had locked himself in a dark room, and hadn't eaten anything, or even talked to anyone for a few days.  It was her fault.  She had put him through that.  She had hurt him to save him.  And she was about to hurt him again, this time even more than the first time.  She blinked her eyes a few times and the tears went back in.  She couldn't show her weakness in front of Niharika. 

She entered the house and came face to face with Ram.  They just looked into each other's eyes.  There was an awkward silence between them.  Neither of them knew what to say.  It was almost as though their relationship was surviving on Niharika's orders.  Ram put his hand in his pocket, pulled out a small box and broke the silence. 

Ram, opening the box: Priya, yeh tumhare liye hai 

He took her hand and Priya closed her eyes as he slipped the diamond ring on her finger.  She looked at the ring and then at Ram and then again tried to blink away the tears.  By now, Niharika had left from there. 

Priya: Main bhi aap ke liye kuch layi hoon. 

She hands him a set of papers.  Ram looks at her with a questioning look. 

Ram: Kya hai yeh?

He takes the papers from her and looks at them in shock.  He looks back up at her. 

Ram chokes out: Divorce papers? 

As Ram looks into Priya's eyes, he sees it.  Even though it was only for a fraction of a second, he sees it.  He sees the hurt, the sorry, the same pain he had been feeling in the last few days.  He sees her tears that she had been trying to blink away since she entered through that door.  Priya sees the hurt in his eyes, the question, the pain.  And that quickly turns into anger. 

Ram, in an angry tone: Why Priya? Why? Why the hell are you doing this?

Priya, trying to be stern: Maine aap se kehdiya Mr. Kapoor.  Main aise aadmi ke saath nahi reh sakti jis ne mere parivaar ko itna dukh diya hai.  Jis ki vaja se mere bhai ki zindagi barbad ho gayi aur mere papa ki tabiyat bhi karab ho gayi.  Nahin reh sakti main aise aadmi ke saath jo mujhpe koi bharosa nahi karta.  Jo meri baat par vishwaas nahi karta.  

Ram yelling: Jhooth bol rahi ho tum!

Priya: Oh right.  Main bhool gayi, main toh kabhi sach bol hi nahi sakti.  Please Mr. Kapoor, sign kar dijiye aur mujhe jaane dijiye.  Mujhe aap ke saath ab nahi rehna.

Ram: Priya bakwaas band karo.  Aur batao tum yeh sab kyun kar rahi ho. 

Priya is silent.  She is looking down and her eyes are closed.  Ram comes closer and puts both hands on her shoulder and shakes her. 

Ram: Batao Priya! Kyun kar rahi ho tum yeh sab!

Priya is still silent.  Ram shakes her again, a little harder this time. 

Ram, yelling: Batao Priya!

By now, they both have tears in their eyes.  Priya slams down his hands from her shoulders and steps back.

Priya, yelling back: Kya bataun main aap ko? Kya jaan na chahte hai aap? Yahi ke main yeh sab aap ke liye kar rahi hu? Yahi ke Niharika ne mujhe dhamki di hai ke mujhe aap se door jana padega warna woh mere bhai ki zindagi barbad kar dengi? Yahi ke woh aap ke paise ke peeche padi hai? Yahi ke ussi ne aap ki asli Maa ko phasaya tha taaki aap usse ghar se bahar nikal de, aur ab bhi woh hume alag karna chahti hai? Kya jaan na chahte hai aap? Kya farak padega.  Aap ko meri koi bhi baat par vishwaas kabhi nahi hoga toh kya farak padega agar aap ko sachai ka pata chal gaya toh? 

Ram's eyes widen.  He is shocked.  She couldn't be lying.  Priya would never lie to him.  She would never say something like that if it wasn't true.  He knew her that much.  He had made the mistake of not trusting or believing her once and he wasn't going to do it again. 

Ram: Kya?

Priya collapses on the floor, sobbing. 

She continues: Ram, aap nahi jaante main aap se kitna pyaar karti hu.  Jitna dukh aap ko hua hai mere jaane ka, usse kahin zyada dukh mujhe hua hai aap ko dukh paunchate hue aur aap ko iss halat mein dekh kar. 

She buries her face in her hands and continues sobbing.  Ram rips up the divorce papers and throws them in the air.  He comes and kneels down beside Priya on the floor and takes her into his arms.  He holds her tight.  Priya grabs his collar and continues to sob with her head on his chest.  After she calms down a bit, he takes her face in his hands and makes her look at him.  He wipes her tears and looks into her eyes.  He sees the love in her eyes for him as well as that pain that had held in for so long.  That pain that was finally released from her heart.

Ram: Priya, mujhe tumhari har baat pe vishwaas hai.  Aisi galti phir kabhi nahi karunga.  I'm sorry Priya.  I love you Priya.  Ab main tumhe kabhi jaane nahi doonga. 

He takes her into his arms again and holds her tight.  Priya finally felt relieved.  She felt like a huge load had been lifted from her chest.  She was back in Ram's arms with her head on his chest, where it belonged and he had listened to her.  He had believed her over his family.  He would take care of it now.  She trusted him and she trusted her love.  Her love had won.  She had defeated Niharika.

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Posted: 2012-05-15T06:04:46Z
Thanks a ton for the lovely OS!

You are a rockstar yaar!!!!! Kudos! what a simple way to solve a problem.. just communicate and all will be well.

Loved it! Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2012-05-15T06:13:15Z
Wow,super. Apne kitni easily problem solve kar diya. After reading your os i feel good and relax .now for sometime no worry about running show. Thanks dear
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Posted: 2012-05-15T06:21:06Z
Beautiful Amber. Way better than the show but CVs ko itni akkal kahaan.
But we can hope and dream.
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Posted: 2012-05-15T06:34:28Z
If only the solution was this easy!! No matter what has happened in the recent past, there is no way that Ram will even think that his step family will do anything wrong.. Natasha's sorry seems to have assuaged any feelings of wrong doing in his mind regarding her and he did not suspect his step mom at any time during this whole fiasco.. why would he listen to priya !?!?
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Posted: 2012-05-15T06:36:21Z
Amby first things first. I dont mind people considering me a pervert but yes u r my new love. This is for ur PM. Will compliment after reading this.
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Posted: 2012-05-15T06:41:25Z
Originally posted by nandinimp

If only the solution was this easy!! No matter what has happened in the recent past, there is no way that Ram will even think that his step family will do anything wrong.. Natasha's sorry seems to have assuaged any feelings of wrong doing in his mind regarding her and he did not suspect his step mom at any time during this whole fiasco.. why would he listen to priya !?!?

Don't worry Nandini di, this is just for people like us who try to use logic. So chill. And enjoy these logical stories.
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Posted: 2012-05-15T06:43:48Z
Amber beautiful. Even if Priya confesses like this Ram won't react in this manner for sure. He might say u r in this house only because of my mom.
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