Reunion Prediction : hope it comes true !!

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 part 2 and 3 updated . Reunion Prediction : hope it comes true !!

Ram is sad Cryand he says that only if Priya comes back he will eat and start normal life. Niharika in trouble againOuch. Nih, Mama and Sid have a secret evil meeting. They think lets bring priya back and then we will make her life hell here, we will do something that Ram will hate her and divorce herAngry. They think of a plan, lets do something that will make Ram to belive that Priya and Rishab have a affair Shocked ! 

Niharika goes to Ram and says " beta how long you will be sadCry , let me go to priya's house and bring her ". Ram is excited and says " Maa you are so good. Please do something so that Priya will be back". Niharika says she will do her best.Confused

Niharika calls Priya and tells priya that she can come nowClap. Priya knows that some big problem is ahead. But she wants to take challenges. She says "OK i will come'. 

Niharika gives this good news to Ram  and says that she is going to bring her back but inside she is thinking 'what the hell is going on' ! AngryRam pleads " mom let me go to her house and i will ask for forgiveness from priya's parents and kartik too. Niharika gives permission with broken heart Broken Heart

Ram gets ready for the THE MILAN Heartmoment. He calls so many people in between in his journey to his darling's place. He thinks all set ! 

Ram goes to lift, as usual lift is not workingAngry. He starts to run upstairs without a single thought. He couldnt believe he has came to priya's floor within few secondsClap ! But he took lot of time ring the bellConfused ! He press bell. OMG ! priya opens the door. Ram is drenched in sweat. She Confused feels sorry. Priya couldn't say anything but Ram comes inside and sits on sofa.

 Ayesha brings water for Ram. Priya is still on gate thinking something LOL. Sudhir and Sipra came and sit infront of Ram. Ram inquires about Sudhir's health. Sipra says he is alright now. Ram says " I am sorry. I promise i will not get angry on anybody without any proof. Please forgive me  this time. And ask Priya to come with me." Sipra says " Yes yes, you can take her, she is your wife. You  have more right on her than us !. Ram says I want to meet Kartik. Ayesha says "Bhai has gone out". 

Ram says " PriyaaaHug come, let's go to our home " Sipra is delighted by his words. Both Sudhir and Sipra give a plesent smile to each other. Priya is still silent. 

Sipra goes near to Priya and says "go now i will pack your bag soon and send it to your place".

Sudhir in a very emotional tone say " you are always in our heart, you can come to our home anytime and stay as much you want, but dont leave such good husband like Ram ". 

Priya silently obeys her parent and goes downstairs. Ram follows her. Priya sits in back seat. Ram says her to sit in front seat with him. 

Ram immediately calls Mrs Jaferry and ask her to print latest news on tommorrow newspaper " Ram and Priya are together and forever Heart! Have it on your front page " .

 Priya asks Shocked " why are you doing this ? I dont like this". Ram hold priya hand Clap, not strongly but very softly and says " how dare they can write wrong about usAngry ? Forgive me for this time, i will not do again. "

Ram is driving fast and he is going in some other direction. Still holding Priya's handWink. Priya couldnt bear anymore and questions " where are we going ". Ram just smilesEmbarrassed. Priya feels that Ram is going to give her some kind of surpriseEmbarrassed

They reached a star hotel. Priya remembers this is the hotel where they had spend their first night togetherEmbarrassed. She smiles but still wants to be silent. Ram holds her hand Winkand takes her to same room. And to priya surprise room is decorated in similar mannerStarStar. Heart Heartshaped towels with all other decoration. 

Priya couldnt hold her laugh, starts laughing loudlyLOL. Ram joins her in laughLOL. Both look at each other and get united in a lovely hugHug.

 Priya says " You know Ram, first time when i saw this ( pointing to the love shaped swans ), i felt very ashamedEmbarrassed". Ram interupts " I was sweating " and both started laughing againLOL

Ram directs priya towards bed and Ram sits and drags Priya to sit on his lap Big smile. She shyly sits there Embarrassed. Ram says " be comfortable ". Ram holds her tightly from behind and says sorry. 

Now Priya feels sorryCry for him and then thinks 'first his sister bothered him and then his wife left him. How much he can bear ?' Says him sorry. Ram says "no problem, let's forget all those not-so-good incidents and look for better future". Clap

Ram : I have one more surprise for you. Star

Priya : what !Smile

Ram : I can't tell that now. Wink

Priya: Why ? Embarrassed

Ram : Surprise will not be surpise baba ! Wink

Priya : OK.Can you tell me who decorated this room ?Smile

Ram : obviously Neha. Star

Priya : Oh so nice of Neha. 

Priya : I dont have cloths to wear. 

Ram : I have asked Neha to buy some dresses for you. They are inside cupboard. 

Priya opens cupboard. Priya finds lot of cloths. Around some 30 pairsShocked

Priya: Why so many clothes. I have enough. 

Ram: Dont worry. You will know tomarrow.

Priya : ok. 

Priya finds all nighty sexy and bit transparent !Embarrassed Shocked

Priya is now worrried Confused

Ram : what happen ? 

Priya: Non of the night-wear is wearable.Embarrassed

Ram : why ?

Priya : All the night clothes are transperent.Blushing

Ram : what's the big deal ? 

Priya: What happens if somebody comes inside. 

Ram : No one will come, dont worry. I have kept do-not-disturb tag outside.Star

Ram goes near to cupboard,  Selects a deep red color nighty.Clap Star

Priya in a naughty tone : Why this one !Wink

Ram : You looked pretty in red one. Wink

Priya : So you have noticed me other dayAngry, even though you didnt lovBroken Hearte me that time.

Ram : What's wrong  ? That time also you were my wife. Wink

Priya : but..

Ram : No more questions please. Big smile

Part 2 :

Priya goes to washroom to wear sexy nighty Embarrassed. Ram is egarly waiting. Wink

She comes shyly with her dupatta covered around her soulders.Embarrassed 

She  thinks of past red nighty incident and smiles secretly.Heart

Ram comes closer and removes her dupatta.Clap

Ram : Do we require this dupatta anymore. Big smile

Priya : NO. Clap

Ram : And my dear Priya you are as hot as hot gets. Wink

Priya Shocked: Sachi ?Embarrassed

Ram : Sachi. Wink

Ram comes very close to her and hugs her. 

Priya : You can also change as i have changed ?

Ram : Me changing into Red nighty Shocked! I cant look hot and sexy like you. I admit !LOL

Priya : Stop joking ! Tongue

Priya hugs Ram passionately. Both of them are laughing too. 

Priya : You have got a good sense of humour. Big smile

Ram : All because of you.Heart

Ram removes his shirt and priya helps him too. Ram goes to get his white kurta and pajama. Priya stops him halfway Clap. And digs her head inside Ram bare chest. Heart

Ram is feeling tinkling sensation and unable to bear Confused. But since Priya is not leaving him, he holds her tightly. Star

After sometime, Priya picks a cream color kurta for him. Priya finds Ram too has lot of clothes. Priya wonders why so many clothes for one day stay !Silly Ram wears whatever priya gives and takes her to dinner table.

Ram had already ordered dinner for them. All  the items were Priya favouite. Party

1: Soup
2: Vegetable salad 
3: Fruit salad
4: Juice 

 Priya sees all item,and says" today i want to eat aloo paratha and Paneer Tikka malasa. Big smile

Ram : Are you joking.Shocked

Priya: I am serious. Big smile

Ram(teasing): You know you will become fat like me if you eat them ! Disapprove

Priya: Will you love me even if i become fat ?Heart

Ram : If you can love me even though i am fat ! why cant I ?Wink

Priya smiles and thinksCry 'Ram has not eat properly for so many days. Let him eat his favouite food today. Regarding my weight, i will do extra exercise Thumbs Up.'

Ram orders as per Priya's wish. In meantime Ram ask her for photoshoot. They have romantic photo session. 

1: Ram holds priya tightly from behind.Hug

2: Ram sleeps on Priya lap. Dancing

3: Ram kisses Priya on cheek. Party

4: Ram and Priya have eyelock.Thumbs Up

Ram again thinks 'all set !'.Star

Ram goes to washroom. And takes long time.

Priya meanwhile admiring room decoration and thinks ' not only Ram, Neha too is part of this beautiful surpiseStar'. 

Waiter comes and knockes the door. Priya is worried as she is red nighty. Ram comes for rescueSmile

He directes her to go inside washroom and opens the door and brings the dinner. He opens the door again to see if Do-not-disturb tag is still there or not. Wink

Ram calls priya for dinner. Priya meanwhile checks her look, her hair. Ram calls again as he has set dinner for both of them. 

Priya goes to Ram and sits on his lap. 

Ram : How will i eat ? I am hungry darling.Confused 

Priya takes paratha piece and feeds Ram. Ram happily eats. 

Priya feeds him 2nd piece, but she gets the 2nd piece from his mouth via liplock.

This continues till they finish their dinner. 

Ram and Priya goes to washroom together. Priya again checks her look, Ram notices that. Day Dreaming

Ram : You are looking just stunning, if you see from my eyes you will know.Dancing

Ram lifts priya in his arms and takes her to bed. He passionaly kisses her all over. And then they make love for long long timeCensored. And both hugged each other and slept peacefully in each other arms.

Part 3 :

Ram wakes up ( here alarm plays important role ) at wee hour, but Priya still holding him tightly.  

Ram : oh ! what to do now. Shocked

Ram: Priya leave me, i have to go to washroom.Disapprove

Priya in half sleep : Ok. And leaves him

Ram: Thank God !Big smile

Ram opens bathroom and with the bathroom light he starts packing both priya and his bag silently.Clap

Priya in dreamland is unaware of Ram's activity.Day Dreaming

After packing everything, he goes to get ready. Priya gets up now as she is missing Ram's warmth Heart. She heard bathroom tap sound, so she again goes to sleep holding pillow tightly.

Ram wears black suit ( looks too handsome ). And he wakes up Priya. Clap

Priya : Where are you going, leaving me ?Angry

Ram : I am going to take you too ! Wink

Priya : Where ?Question

Ram : Surprise !

Priya : Ok.Tongue

Priya gets ready and wears a red color chudidar suit. She searches inside her purse, thankfully one red color lipstick is there ! She applies on lips. And apply little  on eye lids too.Dancing 

Priya to herself : Am I looking good ? Confused

RaYa boarded car and driver drops them at airport.

Priya to herself : I think we are going for some outing.Party

RaYa boarded a private jet and reaches Maldives ! 

RaYa reaches a small hut next to enormous blue sea. Ram ask priya to get inside. Priya goes inside. Oh my god ! what she sees.Thumbs Up

Four walls of the hut have RaYa life size photos which Ram had clicked yesterday. And whole hut is decorated with red rose which matches with Priya's dress. 

Priya to herself : Ram has allergy. How will he stay here ?Confused

She checkes the flower. Only when she touches flowers, she realises that these are  artificial flowers. She breathes in relif.Smile

Ram enters. Priya runs and hugs him. Hug

Ram : Did you like this surpise.Big smile

Priya: Yes sona. Smile

RaYa spend some private moment with each otherCensored. Then they go outside to see nature's beauty. Priya sits on white sand, Ram sits next to her and holds her waist. Hug

After sometime Ram lays down on priya's lapWink and closes his eyes. Priya caress his hair slowly. Heart

Priya : how long will we stay in this heaven ?Question

Ram : As much as you want.Wink

Priya : What about your office ?Confused

Ram : I am all your's now.  Wink

Priya : Thank you for  surprise second honeymoon.Embarrassed

Ram : Correction ! real honeymoon. Party

Priya smiles and Ram joins her. Star

Blue sea, blue sky and white sand are witnessing eternal love.  Heart

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hey its good ..whats the next surprise for her
doo write more you are a good writer,keep coming them more

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whats the next surprise Wink
jaanam samjha karo LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
waiting 4 next
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Hey dear why do u want others to continue? U r a good writer. Do update dear.
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Wow, you write very well yaar ,its to good . Continue please . Waiting...
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BlushingBlushingEmbarrassed...Too beautiful...really awesome Smile...thanks for this post LOL
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omg!!! its mind blowing pls continue yaar... varna sunday nahi chalega... pls update the next part... thanks for ur postClap Edited by rnvdbhavani - 2012-05-13T00:30:16Z
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wow, the convo inside the hotel room was just Tongue  Tongue  TongueEdited by evanbaxter7058 - 2012-05-13T00:35:05Z
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