Kinshuk Mahajan and Yash Sinha's touch therapy

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Posted: 11 years ago
Kinshuk Mahajan and Yash Sinha

Visit a TV production set and you will see it is bustling with activity in-between takes. And, in the congested space that a unit works for a show, tempers can fly when someone or the other feels he/she is getting the short end of the stick. When such a thing happens it tends to disturb the bonhomie that is needed to make teams of actors, technicians and creatives work harmoniously to produce an episode day in and day out for telecast.

Apparently, Kinshuk Mahajan and Yash Sinha of Zee TV's Afsar Bitiya have come up with an idea that could be emulated by other producers and on other sets. The duo has decided that a touch to the shoulder should be used whenever anyone sees a quarrel arising between two people. This serves as a reminder that disagreements can be resolved amicably, rather than through raised voices and hands.

Let's hear it from Yash Sinha himself. "Kinshuk and I are very great friends; at times we feel certain scenes should be done in specific ways. Furthermore, at times we might get into further discussions with our creatives," says he. "We therefore decided that should we see the discussion getting chaotic, we would touch the shoulders of those who are actively involved in the argument to calm them. This is done to each and every person on the set who gets into an uncontrolled discussion."

Why a touch to the shoulder?

"Well, each one of us is a human being with our individual sets of needs," he says. "And we know that disagreements will arise wherever there is more than one person. The touch is a gentle way of telling ourselves and our colleagues that things tend to happen, but it is up to us to find solutions to problems in a positive frame of mind, with a positive spirit."

Apparently, this has worked well with the Afsar Bitiya unit as disagreements are resolved quickly and no grudges are kept as happens on other shows where actors and even creatives tend to not speak to each other for days.

Well, we must say good job Kinshuk and Yash!!!


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