I miss Nishant Shokeen As ...

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Posted: 10 years ago
I miss Nishant Shokeen as Kanha...I dont like this new Kanha...He just does not look or have the personality of mischivious "Mann mohana" kanha...Nishant truly and genuinely looked like kanha..
What do u all think??
I like this new girl who is playing role of Rohan's wife?  SHe is charming and has beautiful smile..
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Posted: 10 years ago
Dabulls... i liked nishant in the kanha role ... initially, he was awkward but he really grew into the role ... started liking him towards the end

i however like the new guy and think he fits the current role ...  is very good with his expressions - he has an enigmatic look  and looks young and fits the natkat kanha role ... his dialogue delivery needs improvement though - i think he is struggling with the hindi.  I also think he looks good with radha

The new girl playing radha has a sweet smile .. both of them do ... 
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Posted: 10 years ago
Dabulls Nishant  was good as Kanha but he had to leave as he is getting married and also some knee surgery  he was good as kanha and liked his dimple also but then the show has to move on

I like the enigmatic smile of the new one though still he has yet to reach that comfort level but then the old Kanha had Balram and as a team both looked very good and their scenes were good though wont approve of all the content  I am talking about acting.

Radha's smile is sweet and she looks good
Posted: 10 years ago
even I missed Nishant as Kanha but after these few episodes I'm starting to like Pracheen as Kanha now and he looks good with Radha
Posted: 10 years ago
yesss missing nishant as kanha i wish he stayed for this track then left
Posted: 10 years ago
Thanks to all of you for responding..I get some of you got used to the new dude who plays Kanha...I have seen him in couple of serials b4...Never cared abt his dialogue delivery.
Nishant just fit into the Kanha role and I would watch the episode & catch him on CB although I am not regular CB viewers.  Had the Devine look...Embarrassed
His smile, dimples and the way he spoke to Radhika and Balramji, one could feel that real kanha was there...I am not even Kanha devotee but he made me pay attention to him..My hubby and I both loved him and missing him so made this topic..
Enjoy the new Kanha you all...Nice chatting ...APpreciate your posts..Big smile 
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Posted: 10 years ago
agree missing nishant but the present actor also suits the role
Posted: 10 years ago
we are geeting used to new one .and yes i remember ,we got difficulty in nishant too in early epis .so give sometime ,may be this new one grows in mischievousness too...

Nishant Shokeen

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