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Posted: 9 years ago
congoo sanooHug

let me just come back tomorowEvil Smile...won't leave u tht easilyROFL
Posted: 9 years ago
I opened the thread thinking it would be Sano Stern Smile
Congratulations! Hug
PS- Hinna, tum har kisi ko grill karne ke peeche pari ho :P
Posted: 9 years ago
I just hateee motw, i'm gonna run away haha.
Posted: 9 years ago
oye hoye,ballay ballay,  Party Party Party Party
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by fairy17

I opened the thread thinking it would be Sano Stern Smile
Congratulations! Hug
PS- Hinna, tum har kisi ko grill karne ke peeche pari ho :P

tumhari baari to aane do :PPP
Posted: 9 years ago

Real Name : sanober

Hobbies : Apart from sig making; surfing on net, listening music, watching movies,playing cricket and badminton (shshshs)

Profession = right now, i'm free..
How you came about India-Forums? =  It was for the show kutumb i guess, i was searching videos through google and that's how i landed onto IF. LOL

 Favorite Sections/Shows  on IF : avi/signature shop and Chat club section.

Favorite Actor (Male & Female): None.
How does it feel being the Creative Shopaholic of The Week?
I'm not happy at all. LOLLOLLOLLOL itna likhna padta haiOuchLOL
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by Sano88

I'm not happy at all. LOL itna likhna padta haiOuchLOL
that sone of the reason i love you ,you are mentally realisticROFL
you are giving a me a weakness woh tu aaj kal inactive hoon
kabhie na kabhie zarur grill karongiEvil SmileLOL
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by _QueenofHearts_

Are there any abandoned houses / buildings around where you live?
Have you seen The Hunger Games movie? If so, what did you think of it & how it compared to the book? If you haven't seen it, what was the last movie you saw in theaters and how was it? 
Nopes, have't watched the movie you've mentioned above lol. The last movie i watched in theatre was - Mere Brother ki Dulhan and me totally loved it.LOL
Where did you go the last time you flew on a plane? What's the longest amount of time you've ever been on a plane?
I'd been to Saudi last month. | i3/30hours. Short na. i hate FLIGHTS,. They are DAMN boringDead
If you could choose a few songs to never hear on the radio ever again what would they be?
There's a song named - Achar daalker something.. what was actually that? I was with my sis in the car, while we were on the  way, and this  song was being played at that time.. & i immediately  changed the channel. ConfusedLOL still lburst out in laughing yaad karke.
There are too many songs actually which makes no sense Confused
What about if you could end any TV show?
I would like to end PR at the first spot;  The show is running from ages, LOL the next would be - Yaha mai ghar ghar kheli, then Is pyar ko kya naam doon, BV.. LOL actually all Zee tv shows sucks big time.
What TV shows do you have your DVR set up to record?
What is the last Disney movie you watched?
i don't remember.

If you had to do something new to your hair right now what would you do? (Highlights, a new cut or color, etc)
I would like to have a new hair cut, haven't got it done from 2/3 months. ROFL i dont believe in using colours on my hair. I like the way they are. Big smile
Are you into conspiracy theories at all? If so, which if any do you believe to be true?
 but i can't divulge any details hahah.. I just want to remain mum.
Have you noticed climate change where you live? (I'm not talking about changing seasons)
like? samji nahiConfused
What color(s) do you tend to avoid wearing and why?
I don't like orange much.. reason.. kuch khaas nahi
Do you watch shows like Planet Earth, Human Planet, Frozen Planet etc? If so, which is your favorite? If not, you probably should, but tell me which TV series you own on DVD.
Is question ka main kya jawab doon.
 i do own few series but they are not televiison related. =)
What color would you never consider dying your hair to?
i don't think if i'll ever go fora  colouring haha.
If you paint your nails, which colors do you tend to use the most?
i don't use nail paints as ive to offer namaaz and it contains alcoholl ..Embarrassed
How often do you delete texts / conversations on your phone?
quite often LOL
What baby animal do you think is the cutest? Please post pictures :3
time nahi filhaal LOL
Have you ever donated money to a charity, politician etc?
No comments for the first one. As for the second,
. I will never ever donate my money to politicians.. they are simply useless.Ouch
Do you like the new Timeline feature on Facebook? What do you like / dislike about it? If you don't have Facebook, why not?
I hattte it.. my pc hangs alot while using FB.. Waise bhi, i'm not a fb bacha/  just joined fb for CWLOL and i dn't play it anymore.LOL
What's the last thing you received in the mail?
spam mail. Sleepy
Are you going to any upcoming concerts?

will edit later.
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