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EmbarrassedEmbarrassedHi All, I'm new to india forum, and I must say, i was very happy to see that I'm not the only one who is truly, madly and crazily in love with RaYa...Partyanyway, weekends are so unbearable without BALHBroken Heart. So i was thinking about mondays episode, and thought i would share it with you ppl.
its probably rubbish, Confused, but still, here we go..
it starts just after fridays episode
Index : 
Part 1 : Page 1
Part 2 : Page 2
Part 3 : Page 3
Part 4 : Page 4
Part 5 : Page 7
Part 6 : Page 10
Part 7 : Page 12
Priya went to class with a broad smile on her face. She just couldn't stop smiling and glowing. Everyone Kept saying, 'priya mam aaj aap bahot khush lag rahi ho...'  , to which she had no reply, except another sweet smile.Smile

She finished her lectures and went to sharma house. She spent some time with her ma-papa. But she was restless. Her thoughts kept returning to Ram. She wanted to be in 'her house'. She wanted to wanted to be back in space which she shared with Ram. She wanted to be in the world, where she belonged him.Smile Wink And even more than that, she was longing to see ram again.Embarrassed 

So she made some excuse, and again got teased by her mother. Finally, when she was back to kapoor mansion, it was still early and Ram had not come back from office. Priya got fresh and changed. She sat in front of mirror. A flash back of past few days was running through her mind. How Ram cared for her, and fulfilled her wishes, however silly they were!Smile And today, the way he showed his possesiveness towards her. Blushing, she said to herself, 'oh, Priya, dekho tum kitani behak gayi ho pyar me, bas ek hi khayal ata rahta hai har waqt...'  She was looking at her own glowing face in mirror, amazed. Embarrassed

But even in that bliss, something was bothering her, she couldn't tell what. Then her eyes fell on bindi stuck on mirror, which made her cheeks go rosy again, as she recalled the bindi incident. Actually, she just wanted to tease Ram, for being stubborn about tedhi bindi. But when he pulled her into that corner, woh lamha kuchh aur hi tha..  The dim light and his firm grip made her heart skip a beat. As he held her so close, and gazed  intently at her, Priya automatically closed her eyes. Her heart beat ran faster. And her breathing became a little heavy, as she felt the closeness, and Ram's touch, adjusting her bindi. That moment meant a lot to Priya. But now she realized, that it wasn't enough. Her heart was longing for something else, which it had never felt before. She shivered a little, as she imagined, how it would be like, to feel his lips on hers...Embarrassed

At the precise moment, a sound at doorway startled Priya. Ram entered into the room, with his cute kiddish smile on his face. That made Priya blush even harder, because of the thought that was on her mind just a moment ago. She couldn't understand, where to look or what to do. But Ram(The-Innocent-kiddo-he-is-in-matters-of-heart... UfffWacko) did not notice this.

Ram : Priya, tum bi meri tarha bahot kush lag rahi ho, hai na?
Priya : ha, hu to.. waise aap jaldi aa gaye?
R : woh, kuchh khas kam kam nahi tha. Aur mai abhi bi celebration ke mood me hoon.. bolo kya kare?
P : (mischievously) Timepass...
Ram also remembers their convo in car, and smiles
R : achha, to subah tumhari pasand ka timepass kiya. Ab chalo, tumhe mera wala tp dikhata hu..
P : kya matlab?
R : chalo to.. waise tum to ready ho, achhi bi lag rahi ho. mai abi fresh hota hu, phir chalte hai
And Ram rushes to washroom, leaving priya pleasently surprised...
precap : lovely evening and a 'zatka' for priya...
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please tell me whether i should continue. feel free to tell even if u find it rubbish!
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Posted: 2012-02-18T07:21:08Z
hey hi priya_fan!!!!

tht was very gud!!!but not done yar...aise suspense nahi rakhneka...now plzz plzz update it asap...cant bear this boring weekend!!!!
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Posted: 2012-02-18T08:06:50Z
Hey Priya_fan, please do continue it's a great start..

We have less FF updates these days, n it becomes really difficult to kill the time especially during the weekends..pls update soon

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Posted: 2012-02-18T08:58:32Z
where  were they  going  by the way Wink
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Originally posted by Priya_Fan

please tell me whether i should continue. feel free to tell even if u find it rubbish!

You must be Kidding asking such question...Please Continue yaa...

Weekend tum pe depend karta yaar...I wannna know what happens next..
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Posted: 2012-02-18T09:25:39Z
What a question to ask yaar???? YOu are too good...pl pl pl continue...
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Posted: 2012-02-18T09:26:57Z
too good yaarClapClap
plz continue
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