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Posted: 8 years ago
nice update!

the gurmeet, maneet, gurmeet-debina, shivratri and sawaariya sigs were good!

thanks for the pm
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Posted: 8 years ago

Jai Shree Ram frnz..
hope u all doing well..
guys here is the new update..
a few freebies and others are requeted stuffs...
don't use them unless they r urs..

one req as i always make...pleaseee...don't post my creations on any other website or any thread on IF without my permission...

guys i tried my best with them...but doing requests after a long time..
so sorry in hopefully i didn't disappoint u..

for Siddu

for Olivey

for jenny
hun i did two sigs for u...

@^ luv this one

for freethinker

for maaneetluverr

@^ luv this one...

matching avi

hey sweets..sorry if u didn't like it..
i told u that m not that gud in long avis..

many of u ask me to use them or not..guys they r freebies..use them no problem..
jz don't share them on ny other page without my permission...


Namastey London
marn..Arjun n jasmeet...GOSH!!..i just luv them...
hw much even i donno...


@^ luv this one too..hehe..

that's all guys..
thsi updt has loadz of stuffs which i never expected from me...
i hope u guys will like them too..
plz leave ur comments/feedbacks...
thanks for all your support...

current shop status


which really means closed..
luv ya guys..mwah!!
loadz of hugs n kisses...

Edited by akki-rockstar - 8 years ago
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Posted: 8 years ago
waiting for comments..(;
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Posted: 8 years ago
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Posted: 8 years ago
I've said this so many times, BUT YOU ARE SOO TALLEENNTEED <3
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Posted: 8 years ago

Edited comment on the last update on page 18

And now onto the current one. I won't reserve a spot this time. It turns out that I just end up forgetting. So yeh behtar hai, that I type up the comment first.


This update is just so dhamaaal!!! Jhakaas!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rapchik!!! Dhaansu! Rapchundas! Bhapkaa!

And all the other tapori compliments! Can't think of any more right now, but I assume there must be more!

DUDE! How can you make siggies this good! They're fabulous! LOVE each and every single one of them! For real!!!

The rounded stroke thin, as I said in the last comment, is my phavorite thing!

And the coloring for this one goes PURPHECT with it!

Haayeee!! Kitna sona siggy hai! The coloring, the blue and pink text, the deep grey texture! Everything works for it! I'm just wowed!

^^make more like those please! I'm sure whoever requested that one will have their socks knocked off! They're so lucky! The siggy is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ramayana stuff is so sweet! Awww they're from the judaai scenes! Those were so sad, but you've made them so beautiful! Haayeee!

The Namaste London stuff is so fun looking and the perfect word I can describe is "jolly." It made me so happy when I looked at that section! So bright and colorful! Esp the first one you're using! Loving it!

And this Mahadev one is just brilliant! Has the whole snowy kailash theme to it! Great job!

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Posted: 8 years ago
Eeeks sowii sowii sowii for editing late,it's just I had exams this week so I hardly had time to come on IF :/ anyways I got one word for the whole update and that is WOW!Day DreamingDay Dreaming can you get anymore better cuz ur just FRIKKING fantasticc no jokee<3
omg the first request,gosh his smile takes my whole breath awayyDay Dreaming how can one man be such a gawjuss piece<3 I lovee the brownish colouring you used mixed with the blackkk,gives the siggy a whole new lookClap
the second request came out beautifully<3 I love that BW effect you put in the back & bright colouring on the top<3 I never get tired of saying this but ur colouring is just the BESTT!!Thumbs Up
awww those 2 dia mirza sigs are just a stunner! I love the style you used for both of em<3 the pics are gawjj but ur colouring made it even more amazinggDay Dreaming I bet the requester loved ther request,I knww I did :P
Wow that shikar sig is too awesome,especially that pinkish colouring in the middle & love the couple<3 remember em from PRC,they wer soo cutee<3
OMFGGG *faints* comes back to life *am I dreaming?* gawdd my siggies are just effin Brilliant<3 I can't stop staring at emm & waheyy I feel so special,I got 2 made for meDancing the first one is just amazing,gawjuss,brilliant in every way<3 I love the greyish colour mixed with pink & bluee,it looks too goodDay DreamingDay Dreaming OMGGG second one is just bzuwgwjdbwhshbdhssh<< haha it's gibberish cuz even I don't know wat to say about itBig smile gawsh you made it so super duper<3 the green & black colouring mixed together makes the siggy look even more beautiful<3 aaah ur style & colouring both are unique cuz I've never seen anyone do green with those pics but you always do something different & extraordinary & that's wat I love bout your creations<33Day Dreaming eeeks the font is just superb! I love the way you wrote 'sanu soni lagti' in that style :D it's amazingg =) x
Eeeks that icon is beautz<3 was using it all this time but just now changed it to IPK Avi :) wow so many pics in one iconClap pfft like it? I loved it sooo muchh,& who said you ain't good at icons? That's a lie cuz your brilliant at it,thank you soo soo much,love ya for making my request so super duper :D <3
Those freebies of ramayan are loveely,the colouring is just stunning<3
Awww Arjun & jasmeet are too Adorable :) haha gues wat I was watching it the other day & I thought of ur NL creationsLOL the second one is soo cutee,lol arjun have dreams of his SR bless him<3 :P amazing work :)
The mahadev sigs are fabulous,I love the second one the most,it looks so calm & peaceful with that light blue colouringThumbs Up
brilliant work akkii,you rockk!!Clap
everything came out terrific :D x
Update soon and thanks for the PMHug
luvvyheww akki mwaah<3
Edited by MaaneetLuverr - 8 years ago
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Posted: 8 years ago
Awesome creations as ever.. am really impressed akkiHugThumbs Up.
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