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hi All, I am back with yet another OS in the Series: Life's Moments, As usual its timed post marraige of Arnav and Kushi. Please read and review, I would love to read your comments...
this might be my last post for the week as I would be travelling for the next 4 days. If you want ot read my other works, you can catch up here :51533738    and if you want me to PM you for my furure works please buddy me, it will make my job easier. Hope to be back with another one soon to entertain you all, Signing off with smiles, Abavi:)

The Smiling stars

"Chotey, please come down"
"I am not coming Di!"
"see, we are sorry ok?, come and have your dinner now..."
"I dont want"
"you cant be this serious Chotey, Alright, we pulled your legs a lot, but it was only for fun right? Everyone got teased!"
"Not as much as me"
Anjali was trying to pacify Arnav's anger which was resulted due to a fun game that had started during their tea time when they all started teasing one another and it had ended when kushi started teasing him mimicking his voice showing how he would react and different situations and everyone in the family joined her asking her for more. This made him very angry and he left the place to his room's confines having his mobile and laptop for his company and had also denied to have his dinner.
"you started the game chotey, you started pulling kushi's leg and she gave back to you"
"and everyone, including you took her side"
"chotey dont be such a spoil sport"
"Anjali Di, no use of trying to put in some sense into him, leave him,  He is like that! He the great ASR, How dare we tease him!"
He turned back to stare at his wife carrying a tray in her hands.
"Now enough of staring at me, If you dont want to talk with me its fine, But dont show your anger on your hunger. Eat this" she placed the dinner tray beside his laptop.
But he gave her a 'I dont care' look and started tapping his laptop keyboard again.
"Chotey, please have it"
"no Anjali di dont beg him, I know how to make him eat" kushi told her, walking towards her cabinet and pulling out a dupatta. She went behind his chair and pulled his hands from behind.
"Di, take this dupatta and tie his hand" she called out holding both his hand together from behind
"Kushi! what the" exclaimed Arnav, but there was an element of surprise that Kushi had taken advantage of and before he could realize, his hands were tied from behind and anjali could not stop laughing.
"Now eat!" kushi ordered him
"Are you mad?"he shouted at her
"oh! yeah, How can you eat now?" she wondered aloud " no problem, I will feed you" she decided.
"Oh god, chotey you remember?" anjali asked him her eyes tearing up with laughter, "during our childhood..."
"Di!" Arnav gritted his teeth looking at her, "untie me"
"she is not going to...neither am I until you finish your dinner! open your mouth!"
Arnav merely stared at her. he had pursed his lips when she held a peice of chappati near his mouth.
"Oh now you wont open your mouth is it?"she asked him as a matter of fact."she put her other hand on his thighs and pinched him hard
"Aaah, kushi!" he growled angrily
"If you can give me tough time, I can be tough in handling you too!"
she had taken that momentary opening of his mouth to push in that peice of chappati into his mouth.
"Kushi!" exclaimed Anjali,"unbelievable, I cant even think of any one else in your place, god, only you can handle him like this"
"He does'nt give me any choice anjali Di, look at him!" she told her and then barked at him "enough of looking at me, eat! I am not going to untie you until you finish this all"
Anjali left them, wiping her eyes because of laughing so hard and went down owing to a call from naniji and Kushi kept on talking while arnav kept on giving her cold stares and amused looks and occasionally shaking his head with disbelief
"munch fast!, I dont have all the time in the world for you!"
"how can you stay without eating? already you have diabetes, now you will get BP, acidity, ulcer and what not?" she paused to breathe and continued again
"and what is the need to feel so angry? You can tease us all but we should'nt isnt it? No sportmanship at all"
He started coughing.
"Eat slowly!" she said patting his head hard and gave him some water
"What is the hurry?"
"Here Last peice" she got up and wiped his mouth with her saree pallu.
"what the"
"Wait I will wash my hand and then come and untie you"

when she came back she saw that he had managed to untie himself
"Oh it came out that easily? is it because anjali di did not do a good job of it. I would have secured it nicely!"
he again stared at her.
"dont look at me like that, you could have pulled out the dupatta long back and you made me feed you!"
"now dont start shouting at me, you can save that for later, now do your work!" she told running away from there carrying the soiled plate.

Minutes later when she walked into their room she saw the laptop and mobile abandoned at his desk where he was sitting earlier and he was standing near the window staring at the stars
she silently went and stood near him
"you are thinking of your mom?"
He looked at her and then looked back up
"see I am sor..."
"My Mom used to do the same thing, when I was a kid, she used to tie me up and then feed me"
the sudden change of tone in his voice told her that he was no longer angry and was missing his mom.
"Anjali di told me when I went down" she told him "You are missing her?"
"hmm...when I miss her a lot, I used to go to Di and we would have a talk about her memories"
"What do you mean used to? You can still do that"
"Not needed, I am seeing her a lot in you" smiled at her sadly slipping his hands on her waist.
Kushi wanted to change his sober mood.
"you know, I remind you of her because of one thing may be..."
"what is that?"
"Because we both got to handle the same Specimen...
he smiled at her.
"manufacturing defect may be..."
"yeah could be... I mean if you are so kiddish and fussy, what else would we do?"
"Kiddish?" he asked his mood back to normal
"haan... we all started a fun game and you could not even digest yourself being teased...you act so fussy at times that I am left wondering if you are even grownup..."
"I can show you what a grown up Arnav can do"
"Yeah, I know, dont bother to tell me"
"you do? then tell me..."
"he would be angry with me, then shout at me and then kiss me senseless and then..." she paused blushing slightly
"then what" he prompted
"then would have his evil ways with me" she finished
"and today, he is even going to take revenge on you for what you did to him today"
"oh! you are going to tease me a bit" she asked "Big deal, You do that everyday!"
"Oh thats only a tip of the iceberg sweetheart!"
"then what else?"she looked at him, then pushed him holding him at arm length "tie me up ?" she gasped "no you cant do that"
"You cant tell me what to do and what not to do kushi, your turn is over, Its my turn now" he smirked before closing in on her lips.
The stars were shining bright  seemingly smiling down at the two...

The end.

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Posted: 7 years ago
aww that was so cute and funny and touching loved it awesome thanks  for the pm
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Posted: 7 years ago
Aww...that was a cute one!!! I thought they were not married at first but later found that they are..
thanks for the pm :) :) 
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Posted: 7 years ago
ohh it was an awesome update
too cute loved itSmile
thnxx 4 pmTongue
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Posted: 7 years ago
That was so cuteDay Dreaming

Thanks for the pm

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Posted: 7 years ago
so sweet os i loved it and am going to get diabetes becoz of ur OS definitely 
thanks for the update ya
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Posted: 7 years ago
It is very lovely and cute.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Awesome update
loved it
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