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:::Update 5:::Birthday Treat.:::

During the next 2 months Pia gets in touch with a fellow witch Pooja who also happened to hand out fake ID'S as a side business for her brother Varun on the sly. What harm could it do if they all enjoyed themselves from time to time after all lifes to short to play it by the books was her policy. She'd seen to many people get hurt mostly affected by her presence. Pia felt like being litigious plus it was the time pof the year she wanted to forget the most. The dreaded death trap she'd always lived through where her heart gives out and this time she had powers to counteract the effects so she could bear this moment. Pia warned her friends she was going to help them see the wild side of her personality not mentioning how wild she could get.

Pooja to Pia warning her friend taking her aside-The Mandake root is deathly Pia. U can't take too much...Its poisonous to witches. (Glances at her brother then back to Pia holding her shoulder) It has properties we haven't even unearthed yet. 
Pia reassured Pooja with a smile resonating confidence-Trust me i know what i'm doing. Don't worry about me.
Pooja couldn't help it but her job was just to sell the gear not give a lecture on the side effects it was bad for business according to her brother. Normally she didn't care but Pia had told her in confidence of her little issue-Use rosemary and elder flower.
Pia invited Pooja for a few rounds in the club-As soon as you've finished come down. We can both go crazy together and tear it up in there.
Pooja beams winking at Pia-Oh i'll be there after the customers start slowing down.
Pia praised Pooja on the good work on the ID-I'll go hand these to the others.
Pooja responds back coolly-Looks like the real deal na? Bros the professional on this can't take credit for it. Laters.

Pia runs back to her crowd handing them all their ID'S. Prem raised a brow at how weird this was breaking rules was his right handed job but he never thought it would be lead by his own Mother. He had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen but what could this be. It was their birthday and this day was the strongest for their family being connected would mean their father would find them easily. No amount of blocking would stop him meaning Danger. 

Karan could only stare at his ID card. What a difference in personality his Mother had? He watched her take note of all of their reactions giggling away like a naughty child. This was wrong. How would they curb their Mother from going out of control? If their father came to see this he'd be more than angry. They knew he'd make an entry with the rest of the family so desperate to see their Mother. 

Priya was actually looking forward to this night for it meant finally their work would pay off with Angel helping her transform their mother as much as Pia had allowed them to with growing back her hair but the piercings would remain put and the styling was a little more acceptable but she was still going to turn heads.

Jeet showed his disapproving eyes wanting to lash out at Pooja for delving into this game but his Mother was her own stubborn self and he knew from experience telling her no meant she'd do whatever she wanted to hell with everyone else. This Pooja grated on his last nerve, mostly due to her irresponsible attitude. She was supposed to be preserving the balance of nature not pulling people on the road to destruction. Pooja in return gave Jeet her smug smile showing him she didn't care. Pooja might not be able to read his mind but she could read peoples faces and the guy was totally dissing her character mentally. Jeet averted his eyes away focusing back to his Mother tried to rebuff his Pias insistence they all chill at this luminous nightclub Demure which was named all wrong should have been named Audacious with they type of people who came here were anything but modest. Unfortunately for him, convincing his mother was a task well beyond his control. She was just too out of his depth and they needed to keep an eye out for her. Pia was pulling Jeet towards the main doors. Damn they were in too late.

Pia kept explaining to the others the good points of being here-You'll meet new people. Older people. And best of all we can all get away with it. Its your birthday U only live once. Its all on me. Now follow my lead. 
Prem totally sold to his sister Angel-This is the coolest thing ever. Normally the role is reversed. The parent imposes all the boundaries here its all the opposite. Mom's letting us break all the rules.
Angel beaming with a dazzling smile in agreement-I know. This is the best birthday ever. I suggest we do as she says. Its not like Dad will ever allow this. 
Geet knew her notoriously famous siblings would lap this moment up-Party but in moderation ok and keep an eye on Mom. Shes's behaving irrational almost.
Angel muses sarcastically-Ya don't say?
Jeet shook his head towards Prem warning him to stay near-U all know what to do. Prems already following the bee's. 
Karan nodded and so did Priya along with Geet-Damn she's ordering a lot of drinks.
Angel muttered, her mood was getting dark-What are they doing here?

All 5 staring at Diana and her gang of wiccan coven circling around Pia. They were surrounding this party. Pia was too busy egging them all to take shots down competing on who could handle their drink.

Tobias, Pia, Diana, Erin, Adam and Jake all took turns. Pia insisted the others celebrate their birthday in style. Pia danced with Jeet, then with Karan, Prem felt left out so he took turns as well. Geet and Priya started to relax after a few drinks getting noisier than usual. Jeet made sure he and Karan were as sober as possible to be on full alert while Geet opted to scan through the masses of people for anything bad to go down.

Pia with Karan holding him close-I'm so glad U came into my life. Before U guys i'd been so lost. Now not so much.
Karan gave a warm hearted embrace-U won't be lost for long. This i promise U.
Pia laid her head on his shoulders-Happy Birthday.
Angel taken back by Pia's very full on crazy persona-If Dad could see her now...?
Jeets eyes remained expressionless but his silence gave away his own apprehension. His mother was now with her wiccan group rubbing shoulders with most of the guys there wishing he could punch all their lights out.

Pia started to feel the effects of what this night meant for her managing to evade they crowd out of the back door clutching her heart about to give out. Pia took the powdered Mandrake root, agrimony for protection and banishing negative energies mixing the herbs rosemary, angelica root, asafoetida to strengthen to spell,  echinacea  and elder flower with sandlewood casting her most ambitious spell to aid her at combating the tumultuous night commanding the nature to steer her to success. Pia didn't want the others to know about her problems she had to do this on her own. Grams was too weak now to help her so it was all down to her. Pia consumed the whole lot hoping it would work.

Pooja had only just finished selling out on supplies saw Pia out back. Then finally saw a dark figure looming over to her side.

Abhay had sensed something was off. He had instructed the remaining 6 teens to remain outside of the club. He was hoping he wouldn't find his other 6 kids in there. Their aura was calling out to him not to mention another pull he'd felt especially around here. The vision before him had shocked him into a stupor reeling from the shock alone. He'd felt everything go still. The girls body fell against his touching his cheek with her delicate soft hands. Her body was literally electruting his.

Pia smiled with a stray tear whispering-Abhay!
Abhay could only mutter-What the... (Supporting her limp body)

Pooja runs towards the pair-Yo blue eyes! (T Abhay) Hand her over to me.
Abhay snarled getting back his composure. If he'd had a heart it would surely fail now he thought.
Jeet managed to dodge the 5 witches off of his tail then eyes his Father then back to his Mother.
Pooja gasps at Jeet-Grey eyes U! and Blue eyes. (There were 2 of them.) I need a drink!
Jeet sneers at Pooja-This is all your fault. U gave her something.
Pooja defends herself-No way she asked for those items. Its for medical purposes. Pia knew the risks.
Abhay couldn't tear his eyes off of Pia only repeating-Pia!!! (What in the world was going on? Gives out an order) Jeet leave her.
Pooja still in Jeets face-Nuh uh! I'm coming with U. 
Jeet fumed darkly-Why? So we don't sue your a**?
Pooja sulked-So i know it wrked. Its patient confidentiality. My girl needed me. I gotta know whats the delio. 
Karan uttered abruptly-Grams is gonna be...
Prem concerned-ChilliFlakes!
Angel saw her Fathers pale face was pretty much in chaos sensing all of his bubbling emotions-Papa, whats happened to Mom?

The other 6 ran to see what the commotion was all about. The fact that Pia's heart stopped had caused a scene on its own forget the coven sensing something go awry.
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Ayshu had missed last update tell in short na what happened in prev chap...
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awesome ayeshu..loved it..piya is a trouble maker n a firecraker too..finally abhiya met..so lots of drama cuming ahead ha?
P.S: ayeshu pooja n varun? U used these names? That too for siblings! Lol! its making me rofl...n the reason i will tell u when i wil cum to vivisi
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Originally posted by strawberryrashu

Ayshu had missed last update tell in short na what happened in prev chap...
:::  Pia finds out she is a witch, She joins a coven. Abhay and Khushi make up, Misha learns Pia died, Pia begins to make a connection with her children:::
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Originally posted by peehu24

awesome ayeshu..loved it..piya is a trouble maker n a firecraker too..finally abhiya met..so lots of drama cuming ahead ha?
P.S: ayeshu pooja n varun? U used these names? That too for siblings! Lol! its making me rofl...n the reason i will tell u when i wil cum to vivisi
:::  I will be using forum members as the characters names for the DOZEN. Anmol, Anuraag are both includedROFL Even SalmanROFLPooja is named after UROFL:::
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ayeshu after me? WTH ! LOL Pooja here made me laugh..the way she called abhay n jeet..n especially name varun...there is a story attachd to it..will tell at vivisi..dnt wana spam here LOL
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wow great story plz update soon
I'm looking forward to your next part of the story
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Great update love it!!
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