Junaid Jumshed

Posted: 2005-04-04T18:34:52Z

Wat do u think, about JJ, leaving music industry and then leaving fashion industry and now is part of a tabligi jammat,

I think thats not a good idea, coz u can help the mankind with ur singing, Jawad Ahmad, shehzad roy, ibrar-ul-haq, they all are helping their ppl, without going to tabligi jammat.

I personally think his this fisla was really galat. now he has this big dari,and the way he talks is just Dead, once I used to collect his pics and now, don't even want to see him

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Posted: 2005-04-04T22:34:28Z
he is a grd man so i think it is up to him what to do
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Posted: 2005-04-04T22:47:31Z

hmmmmmzz i heard sumwhere dat he has shaved hiz beard 4 sum movie or sumfyn .. n now he'z gettin' all kinda threatz from maulvi'z .. sayin' they'll get em kill'd cuz he shaved hiz beard

heehe .. kinda weird eh!

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Posted: 2005-04-04T22:55:31Z

r u serious, thats interesting,

I think he is totally confused, coz I don't think in Pakistan anyone really like Mullzies. and the looks he has adapted are just yuk,

I agree HeyHer that its his life, but how can he do this to his life.

how is he helping his ppl and how can he make Allah happy.

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Posted: 2005-04-04T22:57:28Z
well, in my opinion he waz better off widout da beard n in da muziq industry n all .. but i guess he thinkz otherwise .. daz not da way i wud've chosen if i were in hiz place tho
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Posted: 2005-04-07T17:28:02Z
but the path he chose is good so I have not complains
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Posted: 2005-04-08T17:17:12Z

ya it is a good path, but hakuk-e-ibad comes before hakuk-e-Allah. 
but that doesn't not mean that u grow this big dari, which doesn' suit u,

SAmi is also going on the same path, He is spreading Allah's message, with singing,y cann't he do the same.


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Posted: 2005-04-09T07:20:15Z
i think he had taken a bold step
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