Update/Video: Friday, March 17th 2006

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Posted: 16 years ago



hi guyz...  so, todays episode was NOT a special 1- all 22 contestants were the normal ppl

1st Question- 20 people what type of wedding would they prefer? a) love (b) arranged

and the correct answer is (B) Big smile

the person that has been chosen is..... Vijay Singh Thakur (the guy who always says peom's wen openin his box!!! Clap


Vijay has chosen Box Number 2....best of luck to him!!  

okay.... lets play "Deal Ya No Deal"

Round 1   (6 Boxes)

Box No. 11-  75 LACS!!! Confused

Box No. 15- 2 Lacs

Box No. 1450,000 !! Smile

Box No. 7- 25 Lacs!! Cry

Box No. 22- CHLOR-MINT!! ClapClapClap

Box No. 4- 2,500 Smile

Bank Offer is....... 77,000 Ouch and he says- No Deal Thumbs Down

Round 2   (3 Boxes)

Box No. 9- 10 LACS!! Cry

Box No. 16- 4 Lacs

Box No. 17- 100 !! atlast!! Big smile

Bank Offer is......... 1.40 Lacs - No Deal Thumbs Down

Round 3   (3 Boxes)

Box No. 8- 10

Box No. 13- 500 !! Clap

Box No. 20- 5,000 !! omg!! wat a good round! Clap

Bank Offer is......... 3 Lacs.... No Deal - Thumbs Down

Round 4   (3 Boxes)

Box No. 12- 10,000 !!! yesss!!

Box No. 5- 250!! correct guess by the person!! Clap

Box No. 21-  50 Lacs!! Cry crashed back down to earth!

Bank Offer........... 5 Lacs...  No Deal - Thumbs Down

Round 5   ( 3 Boxes)

Box No. 6- 5 Lacs! Confused

Box No. 10- 7,500 !!

Box No. 1- 1,000!!! 1 crore still safe!! Clap

Bank Offer........... 11 Lacs...  Deal - Thumbs Up


Round 6   (2 Boxes)

Box No. 19- 25 PAISA!! CryAngry

Box No. 3- from lowest to HIGHEST!! its 1 crore!!! ClapClapClap wat a PERFECT DEAL!!

No Bank Offer........... Big smile


Final 2 Boxes!!!

2 boxes that are left are 2 (his own box) and 18

The Amount In Vijay's Box Is Either 1 Lac Smile or 3 Lacs Smile.... and it is.....





a super episode today as he dealed exactly at the right time!! Clap


!~*~  S H A K I L  ~*~!

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Posted: 16 years ago

sorry for the late update


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Posted: 16 years ago
thanks shaks...i just finished watching and he did the right thing at the right time
Posted: 16 years ago

hey ...
thanx for the awesum update!!...it was reallly cool, with all the pics of the boxes and stuff..... Tongue Tongue

the episode overall was a good one Clap ...he did win a good amt of money..-so no complains! Ouch ....he ddid take a risky decision in the middle, where he said no deal, n only 1 crore was the big amt, but his fate was on his side..and he played well...! Embarrassed Embarrassed and won a good amt .. Clap Clap ...[ man, 11 lakhs is no small amt!] Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx for the update. i was so happy for him.
Posted: 16 years ago

thanx for the update shakz

Posted: 16 years ago
thanks shaks for the update
yes luck was on his side or he cud hv ended up with 3lakhs

Posted: 16 years ago
Thanx for the great update!

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