Diya not happy withr reaction---

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Posted: 16 years ago

gals, ms. diya singh is not very happy with r reaction to ss entry , actually i called her up last evening, and actually requested her to go thru  r letters, which i will be leaving at djs office.

she wa spolite, but still she did say on ething that we r overreacting to this,she said" i dont understand why there is so much ssue abt the whole thing, why is everyon e so surprised, first  there remains so much of media speculation, an d now all this"Ouch

so did she mean that even the media was surprised at this ?Confused whatever,it is, i dont think she is gonna lokk at those letters, but still i will take them,i am not taking any personal letters , only taking the thread started by buffie,plz gals dont mind its not propper to hand her all the letters, coz sh eis a little annoyed.Ouch

i am actually interacting with alot,with them but i dont want to make them feel that i am taking advantag e of thier politeness, so i am not going to pester them for anthing now, i share agood rappo with thier office staff and ms diya ha s also been very accomodating, and i dont wanna spoil it.Embarrassed

and friends who hav ebeen sending me pms wanting to know more about mona, gals i think i have already told about her , but if u want minute details, i will give them soon but not now, Smilewhy arent u asking about vinay gals, vinay is really hottt---what say siddhi, am i rightEmbarrassed

my spine is not good still, and i cannot travel for acouple of days more, i am still stuck up here, and i am missing my mom and my homeCry

Posted: 16 years ago
gahh feel better jaaaan!!

really have noooo idea how amazing you are Smile and how lucky
we are to have you here!! so much information you've given us..and the
letters you have taken for them..very sweet of you Embarrassed Embarrassed me just
wanted to say "thanks!" Tongue Big smile Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago

Thanks soo much tabs! Big smile Hope you feel better soon! And do tell us about EVERYONE (including vinay Tongue ) when you do!
Posted: 16 years ago
but u know what i think i am gonna run into trouble with them--- i have been asking and nagging them 2 much-i hav eto take astep back now,
Posted: 16 years ago it seriously means that something is brewing....and diya knows it and doesnt like it...that's why she has brought in SSSmile.....why must diya act in this way is nothign is wrong........if our speculations are not true, diya must have laughed it away and not have got upset over it


anyways, take care.....

Posted: 16 years ago
Originally posted by tablet

but u know what i think i am gonna run into trouble with
them--- i have been asking and nagging them 2 much-i hav eto take
astep back now,

might i suggesting bringing them all some paneer
sandwiches? Wink LOL
Posted: 16 years ago

Aw I hope not... bring them more food! LOL

No one expects you to find out more than you already have... in fact, we'd like to thank you for all that you have found out! Big smile

Posted: 16 years ago
Yes I'm with Tiki! You've really told us more than enough Tabu...I guess it is best for u to not ask them too much won't be good for anyone....but we REALLY appreciate the effort that you've done with regards to your visits! You rock Chica!!! Clap

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