Posted: 16 years ago

This is just getting senseless. I am really starting tto lose my temper. Why are people attaking the stars for being to thin or thick. Can we please stop! A person will never be happy with anyone's weight, weather your too thin people will tell you to gain weight. If your to thick people will tell you to lose weight. You can never make everyone happy. Can we stop attacking the character's phisical apperence because what you they character looks like reflects on there real life.

I have also been seeing posts like degrating people's health such as ekta has a diesese. Please we just want everyone to to stay healthy. We just want the best for everyone

Another thing While i am in a temper mode, I  just want to say. Please Please lets not have senseless posts saying like whose hotter and whose not because IF does not promote those type of things. Also lets not spread rumers that arent true. If you have the truth then we want evidence by the article.Lets care about the IF servers people.

We all love this forum so please try to contribute in a postive manner. Please listen to our Mods and viewbies when they tell us something because its for the betterment of our forum. ThanksSmile


Ps-Please Please Please Please I dont need anybodies fake symothey, my sister thinks i do. Ouch

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Posted: 16 years ago
it ok dear just ignor if u dun like but if dey r saying too much then its rude.
ppl pls stop
Posted: 16 years ago
okay i understand
Posted: 16 years ago
Clap Clap lub ju neelu!!!

Posted: 16 years ago
I totally agree with u neelu!!!

Lubz ya!!!

Vibu! Wink
Posted: 16 years ago

hey Neelu! how r u?

n yes, well said! Embarrassed Clap Clap Clap

i agree with u, we shouldnt make post like that! esp. like whose hot n whose not! there has been a lot of posts like this which repeats over n over again! n i dont like when some1 compares any characters of kyph to other actors! Ouch

so plzzzzz dont post things like this!

n Neelu, i dont have fake sympathy for u, i have real sympathy for u becuz ur my friend n my friends r very dear n special to me, like u! Embarrassed n it seriously makes me sad when my firends r sick or tensed, or when they dont feel good!

***no offense to anyone***

anyways, take care,

Love u,


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Posted: 16 years ago
losa i totally agree with ur every single word. Ppl need to stop this all. Angry Angry

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