Our Journey with GHSP and GHSP Forum

Posted: 8 years ago
I started GHSP just because i missed Muskaan in DMG...

I din like it much in beginning as could not relate DD to geet..as I wanted her to be Muskaan

But even I dont know when Muskaan became Geet for me and when Geet became Maneet  and Maneet became Gurti... Embarrassed

Well I think ..
Geet ka Office look made me forget  muskaan...Embarrassed
Kurbaan Hua Made me fall for Maneet...Embarrassed
And GHSP Forum and Jake Posts made me fall for Gurti...Embarrassed

Although I remained silent member of forum till May 2011...
But when gurti fever became high during amritsar track..i could not stop myself from entering forum Wink

But this forum gave me some wonderful friends...
Some very close to me include : anjalireddyy84 ,mandymore , GurtiRocks2012 ...Love you all..Hug

Last but not the least...
I say sorry from bottom of my heart to all the members with whom I fought for Gurti...

Will always remember GHSP,Gurti,GHSP forum...Embarrassed
But as said.."All good things come to an end,..."..and GHSP GURTI  WAS BEST..Embarrassed

All the best people..Heart

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Posted: 8 years ago
I would like If u all also share your journey with ghsp Tongue
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Posted: 8 years ago
I started watching GHSP when i was visiting india in Jan 2011.My massi introduced me and said that they are the hottest TV jodi...I argued with her and said noway because i consider Karan-Abha(karan and suhasi) from Yahan main ghar ghar kheli jodi to be hottest...Boy was i wrong...I am so happy i am wrong because the first episode of GHSP was Haldi scene of maan and geet...that time I knew that my opinion will change...Since starting this year i am hooked on this show like crazy...I have watched all the episodes and so many times repeats...I never saw DD nor GC in any other show as i am not big fan of TV shows, but i am so glad that i got this oppurtunity to meet these actors and see their talents...they bring maan and geet characters alive...I love them and i will continue to fight for this show to be on STAR DESH because fans want them in their lives and i am part of that Fan club and i will see to it that we achieve this goal...LONG LIVE GHSP ! LONG LIVE GEET AND MAAN !Embarrassed
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Posted: 8 years ago
i started watching gett frm the first epiosde lyk drashti in dmg bt i wz not fully crazy fr bt thn maan entered n evrythng changed...slowly geet beame my life...i am not one of those who stick to a show fr a long tym max 6 months n thn loose interest bt the same is nt fr maneet frm 1st episode i can proudly say i hv watched every episode not missed a single episode...now its the only drama watch...gurti n this drama hv set standard so high that dnt lyk watching other dramas as they dnt match the standards set bt gurti as maneet...

and  i joined forum accidently...i wz searching fr sm info regarding geet on the net n there was a result frm this site as well came here n saw the forum n joined it...since them it has becaome an important part...made new friends here,met so many crazy maneetians...enjoyed alot...i became a goldie n i can proudly say all my posts hv been on GF and related to geet/maneet...

dnt want geet to end
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Posted: 8 years ago
I joined If in yr 2009 but was a silent reader
I didn't know that there was a show called Geet.
I saw DMG and saw DD playing as Muskaan...I only like her
so I watched the show in bits and pieces but when she was not there anymore...I stopped watching that show...
I happened to see a movie called Geet on you tube when I accidentally clicked on one of Maaneet scene and the scene was when Maaneet dance on Kurbaan Hua and I was so happy to see DD and I didn't know who Gurmeet was...as I never saw him on TV before but i fell in love with Maaneet...and later Gurti
So I stared to search and became hooked on the show.
Started to see the 1st episode to understand the show and after that there was no turning back for me
became an active member of GF and always will be

I am very thankful to everyone whom always made me feel very comfortable and always let me express myself
I made a lot of friends here

Thank you for all the love and support
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Posted: 8 years ago
rEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
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Posted: 8 years ago
I Started watching this show when Gurmeet and Drashti got the best jodi award at Gold awards 2011. Till then i didn't know they even existed. I was impressed by their short and sweet speech while receiving the award, their rapport, their down to earth personality and they looked cool together even off screen. After that i googled them, saw the Kurbaan hua song sequence and went back and watched all the episodes million times. I watched all their joint interviews and instantly became a Gurti fan. Their chemistry made me forget rekha amitabh and kajol shahrukh jodi... i started visualizing them in all the songs and movies. I always have a big grin on my face when i watch them together.I like Drashti's off screen personality a lot. I am a big DD and Gurti fan. 
Well i was a silent reader on this forum since Jassi jaisi koi nahi time... my first post in this forum was during vikas's entry in geet coz i wanted to support the new track and wished that geet continue for longer time. Gurti will always have a special place in my heart and my computer... i will watch them again and again Tongue
I pray that Gurti come together again and entertain us forever... Long live Gurti.

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Posted: 8 years ago
I knew DD from DMG and her songs
The name Muskaan chadda made me liker even more and she was hilarious, i never heard of GC before he became maan
I saw the adverts for GHSP but never watched it initially, i did catch the first epi, DD looked so different and young
Then i saw episode 11 or 13, when it was GC's entrance, i thought he'd help but he didnt, from there i instantly liked it
It was on and off but i watche dit fromt he airport epi, the whole concept just intrigued me
Maneet and Gurti were so addictive after that, they created a legacy and a memory that i will always cherish
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