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Posted: 18 years ago

Friday 12th May 2006

update by: Belle1989

(TV Stars Special)


Vikas Bhalla
Akashdeep Seagal
Narayani Shashtri
Aarzoo Gowitrikaar
Achint Kaur
Kushal Punjabi

Stunt 1: There is a net 50 m up from the ground. People have to climb a ladder and reach the net that is 1.73 m times their height. They have to hold on to the net for 5 seconds.

Vikas Bhalla - DISQUALIFIED. Couldn't hold on.
Akashdeep Seagal - DISQUALIFIED. Couldn't hold on.
Narayani Shashtri - QUALIFIED. Could hold on.
Aarzoo Gowitrikaar - DISQUALIFIED. Couldn't hold on.
Achint Kaur - QUALIFIED. Could hold on.
Kushal Punjabi - QUALIFIED. Could hold on.

Stunt 2: Catch 5 electric cat fish w/ their hands and put them in a different tank.

Narayani Shashtri - QUALIFIED. Did it in 2 min. 20 s.
Kushal Punjabi - QUALIFIED. Did it in 56 s.
Achint Kaur - DISQUALIFIED. Could not catch one fish.

Stunt 3: Ride on a bicycle and go through 4 glass panes. Fastest one wins.

Kushal Punjabi - Does it in 5.2 s. Had a fear of glass before cause he had an accident.
Narayani Shashtri - Does it in 7.3 s.

Therefore, the winner of FF is Kushal Punjabi!!!