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Posted: 16 years ago
Any1 watiches the repetion of kabhi sautan kabhi saheli?has any crazy anita fan watched it till the end?if so plz tell what its end was.plz watch its repeat telecast till the end on star that i can no the story from those ppl as i don't get star ulsav.can any1 write the story of koi aapsa?
Posted: 16 years ago
sozz i havent seen either Embarrassed Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
i havent seen it either Confused soz
Posted: 16 years ago
koi appsa is the movie much similar to kuch kcuh hota hai but a little different
some guy=simiran's boyfriend(vicky si his name int the movie)
soem girl=rohan's girlfriend(preeti is her name int eh movie)

the story is about roahan and simi who are best friendz and simi is alwayz teher for rohan she knows wat is goign in rohan heart and everything and rohan gradually
in teh collage rohan sees this girl preeti he fells in love for hima nd at that simi and orhan were onyl best friends and soon after simi's boyfriendz comes from amercia so they get enaged and then simi's finacee's friendz rapes simi on this party where rohan and preeti r int he hall dancing and vicky is amercia he jus cma eot idnia for teh eganmeent anyways vicky and tehn rohan's finds out he tries to safe simi but it was late then rohan chases that guy who raped simi and that guy dies in a car crash! afetr that vikcy retruns from america and simi tells ehr fmaily about wat happened and everyone balmes rohan for that where as it wasn;t hima nd everyone was liek viky's friend is innocent and poor him died and u gyzy r blaming him who si dead.
after this rohan promises simi that he will marry her and give her child his name and simi's father took ehr to hosiptl;a for an abortion but it harmned ehr lfie so thye didnt!
afetr this they show how viky goes bakc to usa and when he finds out tthat rohan is innocent hsi loev for simi comes back and evreyon in teh collage talk crpa abt rohana nd simi
aand in the end rohan and simi get marrioed as preeti tells simi that he loves her as rohan si sopccer player otooo
Posted: 16 years ago
in the mum saw it.....the other friend(komolika) gets to know about the relation between tanu and her hubby and after sumtime she dies and left tanu and harsh(or whatever his name is) alone..thats what i remember Confused
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx a lot.can u ask ur mom the story of kabhi sautan once more.bcoz when i saw,harsh became very cruel.thanu made police arrest him.sonia loves a guy who loves tanu.can u ask ur mom what happened after that?plz

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