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   I saw the re-run of the episodes of last week. Since there were no updates written, i thought of giving a briefing about what happened last week.....

   Mohini comes and meets Shyamlee in the house. Shyamlee gets close to Mohini. But, Mohini gives a powder to Sharda, asks her to put this in Shyamlee's water and make her drink  it. She says her child will get aborted as soon as she drinks it.

   Vikram is in deep trouble as Jagtap calls the police, tells him that he is a wellwisher of Vikram. Actually, the police ,in a tussle, are very close to nabbing Jagtab , but he escapes with an injury on his head.

   It is also proven that the car which Jagtap used, was of Singhania Company. Singhania then reveals to the police that it was Jagtap who was using the car. He is actually forced to say that.

   In the court, Vikram does not get bail, is to be kept in remand for another 2 days, then the court case will begin. Shyamlee gets to know about this, she faints. Komal asks Ravi to get water for Shyamlee. But, Sharda uses this chance to give water to Shyamlee in which she has put the pwoder given by Mohini. She puts it in water, is about to make Shyamlee drink, when Komal comes with another glass of water, says she has mixed electral in it, so this is better. Sharda's plan fails.

   Pooja meets Mohini, tells her to save Vikram. Mohini says she will find out a way for him to escape this problem phase. She says she will go to the jail to meet Vikram, only then, she can do something. After Pooja leaves, Mohini calls someone and tells the person to be careful now. She says that she has made way into the house, met Shyamlee. Now she will be meeting Vikram too. So they are not very far away from their goal...

   Shyamlee comes to meet Vikram. She is completely shattered, as Vikram has not got bail. She curses herself and says she is responsbile for all this. She faints again, Vikram panics. Just then, Mohini comes there. She puts her hand on Shyamlee's forehead, tells Shyamlee  that she has to be very very careful as many people do not want her kid to be alive. She asks Shyamlee to go home and rest. Vikram too asks Shyamlee to leave.

  Mohini and Vikram talk. Mohini introduces herself as Vikram's mother's very close friend. She says that she knows everything about Vikram. He was never able to accept Sharda as his mother, after his mother's death. She tells Vikram that Shyamlee's kid's life is in danger. She says that since she was very close to Vikram's mother, she sees Vikram as her own son. She tells him that he is facing a very bad phase now. So he will have to undergo more and more pain and sufferings. But then, she is with him. She will see to it that he gets out of all trouble asap. She asks Vikram to remain calm and composed.

  At home, Sharda realises that Mohini's tricks are not worknig out. So she plans to put oil on the floor, make Shyamlee go there, and have a fall. She pours a jau full of oil on the steps.

  A tired and grieving Shyamlee comes from jail. Sharda is there. She tells Shyamlee that there are some letters for Vikram, kept there upstairs. So she sees to it that Shyamlee climbs the stairs to take the letters. Shyamlee , as she steps the stairs, stumbles. She holds herself, then tries to move forward. She stumbles again, loses balance, rolls down the steps , falls down on her stomach. She is unconscious . Sharda is very happy.....

  Preview: Sharda takes Shyamlee to the hospital. Shyamlee is reeling with pain. Sharda asks Kanhaiya to clea the oil on the steps, as she does not want Komal or Ravi to know about the oil poured there. But, it so happens that Ravi climbs the stairs. As Komal sees him, he starts to slip on the stairs, is almost falling off.


Posted: 16 years ago
Evil Sharada !!!

I hope Ravi is injured would serve Sharada right !!!
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks Sree for providing the updates.

I'm kinda confused about Mohoni. Is she bad or good? Is she with Vikram+Shymlee or Sharda+Pooja? Is she really Vikram's mom's friend? Confused
Posted: 16 years ago
Oh thx so much Sree for the update . I do wish Sahara resumes this week !!
Ya i too am wondering about Mohini .........what is interesting is since Mohini has met Sharda and Pooja and she keeps giving her these jaadu tona items .........but some how no harm comes to Shyamlee from Mohini . This may mean that Mohini told the truth to Vikram about being his mom's friend .

But sadly Sharda is too wicked and will find another way to kill Shyamlee's baby !! Angry Cry Cry
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks alot for the updates. Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
sree_20 thnks heaps 4 the updates Big smile Clap
Posted: 16 years ago
thank you sree_40 frm it I can able to get storiline.... thanks Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
Sree di, thanks so much for the update!! Clap


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