Update/Video: Friday March 3rd 2006

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Posted: 16 years ago

March 3rd Video:
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=221911&P N=1&TPN=1


hi guyz...  so, todays episode was a special 1- all 22 contestants were Kaamwaali Bhai's Big smile


1st Question- 20 people were asked what topic do most ppl prefer to talk about? a) talk about neighbours (b) talk about husband

and the correct answer is (A) Big smile

the person that has been chosen is..... Sony !!! Clap


Sony has chosen Box Number 9....best of luck to her!!  

okay.... lets play "Deal Ya No Deal"


Round 1   (6 Boxes)

Box No. 4-  10 LACS!!! Confused

Box No. 7- 3 Lacs - Person forgot to guess the amount!! LOL

Box No. 14- 10,000 !! Big smile

Box No. 19- 25 LACS!!! Cry

Box No. 2- 2500!!!

Box No. 11- 2 Lac

Bank Offer is....... 2 Lacs Smile and she says- No Deal Thumbs Down


Round 2   (3 Boxes)

Box No. 17- 75 LACS!! CryCry

Box No. 20- 1 Lac

Box No. 8- 7,500!! ClapClapClap

Bank Offer is......... 3 Lacs - No Deal Thumbs Down

Round 3   (3 Boxes)

Box No. 5- 5,000

Box No. 1- 250 !! Clap

Box No. 3- 50 LACS!! Angry

Bank Offer is......... 3.80 Lacs.... No Deal - Thumbs Down

Round 4   (3 Boxes)

Box No. 10- 25 Paisa !!!! ClapClapBig smile

Box No. 22- 4 Lacs

Box No. 16- Rs. 10!! ClapClap Correct guess by the person!!

Bank Offer........... 6.25 Lacs Clap Deal!! Thumbs Up

Round 5   ( 3 Boxes)

Box No. 13- 1 CRORE!!!!  woohooo!! wat a perfect deal!! ClapClapClap

Box No. 21- Chlor-Mint!! Ouch

Box No. 6- 50,000  Ouch

it doesnt matter now!! the crore has gone!! Clap

Bank Offer........... 1.25 Lacs.... if she was still playin the offer wud've been 80,000!! Not Realistic!! Angry

Round 6   (2 Boxes)

Box No. 18- 1,000

Box No. 15- 100

Bank Offer........... NO OFFER WANTED! TongueLOL


Final 2 Boxes!!!

2 boxes that are left are 9 (her own box) and 12

The Amount In Sony's Box Is Either 500 or 5 Lacs.... and it is..... 5 Lacs!!  it didnt matter which box came out anyway!! well played Sony!! Clap

Overall, i think it was a super episode coz she said "DEAL" at the right time!! a good performance ClapClapClap

please post ur comments! thanks Smile


!~*~  S H A K I L  ~*~!

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Posted: 16 years ago
hey thanks for posting the update before the epi aired in the U.S, and i like the new formatting that u have in your updates. Keep up the good work grl! Clap Wink
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by usachick821

hey thanks for posting the update before the epi aired in the U.S, and i like the new formatting that u have in your updates. Keep up the good work grl! Clap Wink

OUCH!!! CryCryCry im NOT a girl !!!!!! Tongue

thanks anyway

Posted: 16 years ago
thanks shaks for such a wonderful update..love the amount's screenshot looks like we are watching the show better than listening to mandira
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update!!! Smile Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thx a lot for the update
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx for the update....it was a rockin update...
Posted: 16 years ago
oops shaks was called a girl ohhooooo

good update shaks and the new way of displayin the amount is great

yes i think sony did the deal right time

lets see how my game goes now

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