2nd March India Update

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Posted: 16 years ago
2nd March India Update

Narpat House
ACP Rungta excuses himself and Kaveri starts justifying her reason for telling Karan. She says she was hurt by Shubra's condition and had gone to abuse Karan. Narpat says still it was wrong to tell Karan and the nerve of the man to come and insult us ask by asking Shubra's hand! Ambika tries to pacify but Narpat says give me poison and then you guys can to do whatever you feel like. Samar too tells Kaveri that it was wrong to tell Karan. Kaveri wickedly smiles and thinks that this is jus the beginning and there is lot more to come. Ambika says we must think about proposals for Shubra.
Manno Bhabhi, Narpat and Ambika are discussing about Shubra. Manno Bhabhi is angry that they did not tell her early enough and now its already a fire waiting to spread. She says we must take Shubra to a doctor she knows and solve this problem first. Manno Bhabhi is very angry with Kaveri and tells Samar to call her but Samar tells her that she has gone to her father's house.
Manno Bhabhi goes to Shubra' room and tells her that your mother was so proud at your birth and look what have you given in return? Shubra begs forgiveness but Manno Bhabhi replies "mere maaf karne se kya joh tere paet mein pal raha hai woh khatam ho jayenga kya?" Shubra cries. She tells her get ready we will go to a doctor.

Nahar house
Saloni wakes up at night to find Nahar missing from bed. She goes out to search for him in the house but does not find him. She is upset when suddenly Nahar taps her from behd & she angrily asks him where was he? Nahar smiles and tells her that he was not getting sleep hence he just went out for a walk. Nahar asks Saloni what is she doing so late outside he has a problem but what abt her? Saloni smiles lovingly and says she has got used to him so was missing him. Nahar tells her that lets do something adventurous. Just as he is taking Saloni a key falls down. It's a single brass key with a blue key chain (which looked like an earring). Nahar has this scared expression and quietly picks up the key. Saloni asks him which is this key but he tells her not to waste time in asking questions. They go out on a ride on a bike, late in the night.

Saloni's room
Next morning Tara asks Saloni abt the proposal she had sent for Shubra. Saloni tells her she cld not talk to her parents and will do so today. Tara tells her that she is going to the hospital to visit her cousin who has given birth to a boy. She asks Saloni to accompany her there and later get dropped at her parents' house to find out abt the proposal. Saloni agrees.

Music school of Neel and Rewa
Neel and Rewa are sitting in the garden/lawn. Rewa is serving lunch to Neel and after tasting the food he asks Rewa where did she learn cooking from and he wld like to eat the fingers of cookery book's writer! Rewa tells him that she learnt it from a TV show and tastes the food. It is too spicy and hot. She asks Neel that he wanted to eat the fingers and Neel says what if there is too much salt and pepper, and I wld eat the fingers so that it never happens again. Rewa tries to hit Neel and he runs.

Narpat house
Kaveri enters with shopping bags and Samar scolds her that in times of crisis she is enjoying her shopping. Kaveri says she had gone out shopping for Shubra as she wld cheer up upon seeing new clothes. Narpat tells her that she can show her the clothes once she comes back. Kaveri asks where is Shubra and Samar tells her that she has gone to doctor with Manno Bhabhi for check up. Kaveri is scared that they will know the truth. She murmurs that Manno bhabhi "ek saap ki tarah meri kundali mein apne faan faila kar baeth gayi hain".

Manno bhabhi, Ambika and Shubra are waiting for their turn. Kaveri is upset and calls on Shubra's mobile and scolds that once her doctor has said its dangerous why are you trying to spread this sensitive matter. She tells them to immediately come back home. Shubra informs Manno bhabho and Ambika abt Kaveri. Manno bhabho talks to Kaveri and tells her to mind her business and not interfere in decisions made by elders.

Tara and Saloni walk in the hospital when Tara gets a call and goes outto talk due to weak signals. Next they are about to see each other, when Manno bhabhi, Ambika and Shubra go inside the doctor's room. But Saloni sees them and follows them to the doctor's room. The doctor tells that Shubra is fine when Manno bhabho tells that she is pregnant and is unmarried. Saloni overhears and is shocked.

Preview: Saloni at Narpat's house and pretends. She asks them what they are hiding from her.
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks lavanya!! where is nahar going every night? Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
welcome and thanks Anjali Smile

Well where is Nahar going? I think the script writers are thinking too! LOL

Something to do with the key they showed. Ermm The expression on nahar's face were like caught"red handed".

Posted: 16 years ago
oh my god!!! what is nahar upto??? this is making me really nervous Confused
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the Update.

Where is Nahar going these days??
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks soooo much 4 the great update... Clap
I think we're all wondering what Nahar is upto... Confused
Kaveri needs to be taught a lesson... real quick!!! Angry
Posted: 16 years ago
omg i hope nahar is doing something really good for saloni and her family and its a suprise
Posted: 16 years ago
yah..i'm with u Cute_navi hope he preparing something really sweet and romantic for saloni :D

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