At thirty part1 2-10-2011

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Posted: 2011-10-02T11:01:50Z
Im writing a story hoping it to be short. Inspired from Turning 30 lets see. how i cook up the story...Waiting for your coments...
After 24 hours of flight journey, 1 hour of cab journey was making her tiring. she informed her office that she is stuck in traffic jam and will reach office late by another hour. she looked outside, the cab was passing enroute RajPath. She could look at the parliament house ."ohh how i missed to see this place lasttime!" she closed her eyes, as old fond memories rewinded. It has been good 5 years that she had left delhi more so NCR. She was never been part of delhi staying put at Gurgaon or Noida. She would hop into the state of Delhi only during travel or as a tourist. Life in Delhi was not tasted in her two years stay in the NCR which she does regret.
The cab stood in the traffice and the driver was telling her ...

"Madam, yahan se right lengey toh INDIA GATE aayega. Yahan Bahut traffic hota hain." She closed her eyes as AC fanned her, her career started in this very place. It was hot summer then. Joining in an reputed Software company, i had come with two friends of mine each accompanied by our father. My friend Shruti and I had come to India Gate on the second day as part of sight seeing along with our fathers. Walking all the way enquiring the path and finally reached INDIA GATE mid -day. The heat was too high, my dad was unable to bear the heat and we sat for few minutes and then walked away to the famous ANDHRA BHAWAN , we tasted yummy food. I and shruti were left behind by our parents in the hotel room to take care of ourself "

The car stopped, with sudden break she came out of the flash back and looked around she had reached office. With a sigh she got down the cab and entered the office walking in a blazer and skirt she had the ommph factor now with her hair tied high as a pony she looked appealing.

"Apologies for being late, struck in traffic jam, its same no change" she compared her past and present experience. She completed the meeting, things were going to change as the deal was to be signed between the IDL and WAL . WAL is the leading manufacturing company in Batteries and IDL is the software company whose business dealt in supporting the ( hardware and software )infrastrucures of other businesses.Being the client face for IDL,she was enjoying luxury treatment from staff of IDL.

As the things were setup in business end she had to make repeated tours to the IDL office to scrutinise the progress of the work. As the project came up and staff being commisioned , she got to know each and every staff and their roles. As she spoke to the Sr. Delivery Manager Mr. Kapoor she got to know that there is a change in the person holding the Project Manager position. The reason stated for the change was the Previous manager has some personal problems and taken leave. She was okay with it as long as work is not affected and she believed so called principles of IT (information technology ) sector that Work never shall be affected for one person, it will go on with or with out the person its only the face and name of the person will change in corporate world. This was a lesson she learnt from her first boss. Its only your efficiency and brilliancy in handling the work that will enale you to climb the stairs of success and hold on your job.

She asked for Mr.Kapoor to hold the meeting for the introduction of the new Project Manage and also to give a presentation.

it was already late evening as she came back to hotel room.Phone buzzed.

Haan Ma... teek hoo how are u ?

Yes mom i am taking care of myself . Im just feeling tired will have some food and sleep. okay maa... good night.

sipping cup of hot Mochha she opened her laptop dug into the profiles search in the matrimony.

This was a routine now, atleast 1 hour of internet browsing to look at each of the profiles sent by her parents and discard basis of her choice..she stopped browsing and looked back her past. ..

ohh how things changed so quick... once there was ridz, my roomie spending hours on bharat matrimony and i was making fun of her,now i am here.

She still remembers the advice given by her friends "which ever is the firt alliance which seems okay okay for you, accept it, otherwise it will take lot of time and as u run out of age, lot of pressure is piled up like me."

"soch soch kar pareshan hone sey accha uss ladke ko haan kardeti.. beta tuj main bhi toh itne kamii hain...

par maa... main iss chez main compromise nahin karsakte...kamayega nahin toh khayengey kya?" she wanted to settle for a decent earning person whose height was 6 Feet. For some reason, the boys dont stand in this two criteria either their height or salary and if both r there they reject her. She was paranoid on all this and left to USA to work there for few years and save little money.

As sleep came, she fell on the bed taking comfortable position.Around 6 Am she dreamt of him , his face covered in mist smiling on her..his tall frame towering on her...Then again she fell asleep.

Around 8 Am she woke up, ,ignoring the face that she dreamt, checking her mobile for calls there was one missed call from her mother, she ordered coffee and sandwich for her breakfast. She called her mom to talk to her..

"haan maa, kya kar rahe hoo?"

"abhi mandir se ayye hoon beta"

"kaunsa mandir ma..? aaj koi important occasion hain kya?"

"bhagwan ka mandir jane important occasion ki kya zaroorat... aj thursday hai beta, shirdi sai baba ke mandir gaye.."

For some reason she kept quiet, its been long she did fasting for Saibaba and then today she felt like she should do it for once more.

She was ready to go to office dressed in her grey business suit. She looked into the mirror trying to forget him and his memories. Its been long long time and yet his face pops in her dreams.

"Emotions can be controlled,
but cannot be erased…
One can try to be away from their loved ones,
but not from their memories"


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Posted: 2011-10-02T15:16:17Z

Great to have you back.

After KS stop watching any serial and just read the KS FF by you writers.

All that said, fantastic first chapter, I can't wait to read the next one.

Make it real soon. Happy writing and take care.
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Posted: 2011-10-02T23:25:41Z
Thanks 4 a new ff. Looking 4ward 2 read da whole story. Pls update soon
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Posted: 2011-10-03T08:32:49Z

I'm intrigued and hooked already and its only the first part.Star
Cant wait to meet Mr. project manager.Day Dreaming

Hurry up and update, cliff hanging is not an easy thing.LOL Happy writing.Thumbs Up


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Posted: 2011-10-03T09:16:51Z
Okay people thanks for the good feedbacks, here goes the second part:

Part: 2



There stood a gentleman offering his prayers kneeling down in front of the Lord Christ.


"My friend Shekhar's wife is unwell; she needs your kind blessings. Please bless me and my family for our well being."


He stood up and walked off slowly his gait making every other person in church look shorter than they are. He drove in his bike to his office right on time. Though company provided cab service he was not interested as it did not provide the feasibility of coming and going at your interest. He seated in his office taking stock of the situation, speaking over phone with Mr.Kapoor who told about the meeting and presentation. He agreed to it with a firm Yes.

"Mr. Kapoor, schedule the meeting for evening 7 PM"

"Are you sure in matter of 6 hours would you be able to present it to client" Mr.Kapoor was unsure about the presentation for he knew that client presentation requires full preparation and any upside down will cause issues with signing of the agreement.

"Dont worry, I can manage" he assured softly.

Running short of time, he prepared and memorised the statistics of the client business. He wrapped off to leave to meeting room by closing his laptop and briefcase. At the entrance of the meeting room, he stood to turn the knob when another hand also turned the knob from other side of the door making it impossible for the door to open. He left the knob as he could see a figure in the glass frame. She too left the knob as she saw another person trying to enter . After few seconds of inactivity on both sides, again they tried to open the door simultaneously, seeing the sight Mr.Kapoor seated inside suggested "madam, let the other person come in first" she nodded taking few steps backwards as the door opened this time, a person entered with a smiling face, the smile passed positive energy in the room as Mr.Kapoor smiled widely, "Welcome welcome young man".

As Mr.Kapoor addressed him to her "Meet him the young, jubiliant man of our team MR..."

"Vivek" she uttered softly in an astonishment making him to turn to look at her shocked expression. He looked softly at her with a boyish smile recognising her.


"Hi Naina!!! What a surprise?"


She just smiled.


Mr.Kapoor intervened " so mam, you know Vivek ? "


"yes, we worked together in STC company , my name is her college name, if my memory corrects me. that is the reaction I received when i told my name to her for first time aptly when we introduced . Right  Naina!!" Naina gave a small nod little embarrassed making Mr.Kapoor laugh. She spoke to Mr.Kapoor

"Mr.Kapoor can we start the meeting."

"Sure" replied Vivek in a confident tone. As he started the presentation, trying her level best to concentrate on his presentation than on him as she noticed his soft features the chubby cheeks replaced by cheek bones and the dimple on his right cheek making him as handsome as ever.

What was it that I fell for him? His tall frame, his brown complexion he did not build his body like the other guys, he belonged to Southern part of the country and was proud of his background and culture.


Cold drinks, samosas and chips were served as the discussions continued; Naina sipped cold drink refusing to have chips or samosas. But Vivek and Mr. Kapoor enjoyed samosa each. They wrapped the meeting.

"Okay guys, you people can catch up with yourselves, I leave now" Saying so Mr.Kapoor left.

"How are you? Mam" he asked with an half smile remembering pretty well how much she would be irritated when called madam as he sat arrogantly on the desk.

" I am good . How about u?" she asked politely still seated on the leather chair.

He turned and took another samosa offering her, she declined politely.


"Just like that"

"Why? They are tasty" he insisted

She shrugged her shoulders taking a sip of cold water. "how is your family?" she asked politely

"Good" he replied.

"Okay , time for me to leave " she gathered her belongings.


"Shall  I drop you to your home" he asked something that is uncharacteristic of him.


She politely declined recovering from brief shock .


"You changed a lot Vivek" she said


"what are you mumbling NAINA" he asked scrutinizing her. Her cell phone buzzed Amma on the screen , she picked it up " Thanks, Thats it for the day" she walked up on the door.

He held the door knob and bowed down " As you say Mam" smiling at her.

She ignored him as she spoke to her mom "haan ma. khana nahin khaya. abhi khaongi..aaj fast tha na isiliye..jii jii... jaldi khaongi"


When she sat in the cab she dialled her friend's number "ladki.. aaj pata kya hua"

"bolna" she said in quiet an raunchy voice...

"aaj voh dikha.. voh ... "

"kya voh vo karte hain, beje ka dahi mat bana"

"jeny sunna ..aaj vivek dikha..."

"grrr ladki hosh teekhane pe hain .. Two jhaped( slaps) marrongi  tujko ladki, bhoool ja usko.satak gaye hain tu..." in her mumbai slang

"nahin jeny sunna , voh mere company ka project manager hain, usne muje pehchana aur baat bhi kiya... pata kitna handsome lag raha hain... gadha kahi ka"

"lo... fir shuru hogaye uska gunn ganeyy...naina... aacha aur bata" now her tone changed to curious one.. as she spoke for some time animatedly with her friend Jeniffer  whom Naina called Jennie . Her best buddy with whom she has girly talk though they hardly met each other .


"AAj mera fast hain ladki ..maine abhi tak kuch nahin khaya... dekhna kya coincidence hain aaj vivek sapne main aaya... aaj maine baba ka upwas rakha ... aur aaj hi itne dinno baad vivek khud dikha.."


"aghhh..ladki satak gaye hain... aise kuch nahin hain... uske shaadi hogaye hogi... sab tere jaise nahin hain teek hain" She poured water on her friend's excitement.


"hmmm hosakta hain realising that its 5 years since they met and since he is also same age as her but younger by just one week probably must have got settled down with a beautiful girl and now with a kid. As she realised her dreams shattering, making her feel jealous to see others of her age well settled, she came back to real life...

The car stopped at the portico of the hotel. She got down. Making another phone call

"Hi Riya kaise hain?"

To ease out of her tension or panic stricken personal life she would call her close friends who would share some snippets on their personal family life making her smile and increasing her yearning for a stable family.


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Posted: 2011-10-09T04:21:55Z
Hooked already,
Just hope i don't get caught!
Continue soon.
It's L-o-v-e-l-y!!
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