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Posted: 18 years ago

The Official Hangout of K.Streetianz!

Here u can:

1:Discuss the show...acting,storyline,twists and turns!

2:Members Introduction:Introduce urself here and let otherz see who u r?

3:Play Diffrent Games!

4:Give new ideas/comments for the improvement of K.Street Forums!

5:Chit Chat wid other members!



Official Siggy FOR K.Streetianz

If you wanna join the club PM me your name will be added!πŸ˜ƒ

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Posted: 18 years ago
Hey Guyzz..let me introduce maself..ma name is Hasnat Afridi and i live in pak!City is Karachi but from Lahore! thts the intro here but lets disucss how did we landed on IF! well one day on google serch i was foundin Video of K.Street Pali Hill and News so i got it and like it and joined it!
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Posted: 18 years ago
koooooool nice i love ittt... well let me intro myself..
I am Madiha
I am 16
I live in Mancester,UK
I was born in pakistan (In rawalpindi) but moved to UK when i was 7
I have no bro or sis i am the only child
i live with my mummy only ma daddy passed away 2 years ago..
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Posted: 18 years ago
well......i am Radhika,age 15,i live in delhi,india i am a big fan of sudha chandran since 5 yrs i hav one sis n one bro i also find india -forum on google am searching pics of sudha chandran on google
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Posted: 18 years ago
hi dere im shaika live in bangldesh dhaka i hv one younger sis only she is also k street fan lyke me
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Posted: 18 years ago
Great To see sooo many ppl interested in it....Well i wanna ask Madhia_07 tht whoz in ur avtar!Punkrockgal is ur sis at IF? GK'S BIG Fan have u ever sawe sudha in market,shoppin mall's etc!
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Posted: 18 years ago
kool idea πŸ‘
i m Nikia khokhar but my mom says nako sis says noks bro says nokia and friendz says nikky so u can call me nikky n i m 15 n i live in Pakistan in rwp n i found IF when i was sreaching for jawir kaur"s pics 😳
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Posted: 18 years ago

well i discovered IF when i was searching for K street videos on googleπŸ˜ƒ

im sorry if im a bit annoying (reviving old threads😳) bit im just browsing through this forum for videos😊

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Posted: 18 years ago
hey 😊

so can we talk about anything here? πŸ˜ƒ
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Posted: 18 years ago
i cant believe what my eyes just saw πŸ˜• πŸ˜• in the KGGK sb forum theres a poll for ektas worst serial and k street is 2nd at the moment 😭 😭

i think its a fix πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜›