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Posted: 18 years ago

Sonali Sehgal

Sonali is most popularly known as Shelly Sahay, the MD of Hotel Kingston, a popular show on STAR One. She advocates her fans to encourage good television programmes. Read on to find out what this beauty with brains has to say about other stars.

The serial you would like to work in - Friends, STAR World and among Indian serials - Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

The actor you would like to work with - Shah Rukh Khan

If you were to take part in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2 - I will just stand on the stage and giggle my way through the show, I am more suitable to sit with Shekar Suman and Siddu, so I can just enjoy myself!

Stuck on a deserted island, the star would you like to be with is... Shah Rukh Khan!

Best Actor - Ronit Roy. I have been lucky to be acting with him, he is a fine actor, for example, in over the shoulder shots, he actually reacts the way the character is supposed to, that is what a real performer does… It doesnot matter for him whether he is facing the camera or not, he does his job to completion.

Best Actress - Pallavi Joshi. She has played a plethora of roles in her career, but has never got type-casted in any, from being fast-paced feminist roles to being a subdued woman, to being a coma patient, she has done it all... I've grown up watching her on screen.

Most memorable moment since stardom - Most of my fans who approach me are little girls between the age group of five and ten. Once a little kid on the flight wanted to take a picture with me and since they don't allow taking photographs on flights and at the airport, she insisted her mom to follow me to the loo and asked me to pose with her, I think that was really sweet.

Upcoming Projects -They are all in the pipe-line, it's sort of early to comment on any as yet.

Message for your fans - Support good television, if you have to fight with people who are still stuck-up with the same old family sagas, show them good television, because we are working on making you keeping you entertainment all the time!




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Posted: 18 years ago
Thanks 4 pasting the interview👏
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Posted: 18 years ago
Thanks so much for this Gracella:)
Thanks really! Welcome to the RR bastion Sonal...we ALL love him!!!!