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Hi Everyone,
Natasha sent me a PM saying she can not update today so here it is: 
Starts off from where Ram has taken Priya to a corner and Priya tells him her blouses's hook is undone which Ram very slowly comprehends and when it's registered wants to run off and send someone to come and help her.  Priya asks him what he'll tell that person and Ram realizes he can't really say anything and comes back saying he'll tell that person that Priya needs help and Priya questions that what if you're asked that why you didn't help. Ram is awkward and says he's not used to doing anything like this and defensively Priya says she's in the same boat as him.  After Priya's constant insistance  Ram agrees to help but can't find the hook and complains. Priya tells him to open his eyes and do it and some sweet argument between them and Ram finally hooks it.  Priya says thanks and Ram is relieved that at least its been done and says its ok.  (Awsome expressions by both Ram and Priya)
Neha compliments Vikram on his dancing and questions him if he's talked to Ram yet and he says how can he talk to Ram as he knows he's going to give him a blank cheque so he can help himself.  Vikram doesn't know what to do and Neha tells him that he'll have to tell Ram that who else are they going to discuss their problems with. Neha tell him to talk later but for now they should eat the kids have so it's their turn now.  Before leaving Neha says she'll check on the kids again and Vikram tells her he'll meet her where the food is.
Mama ji bumps into Vikram and Vikram tells him to be careful.  Mams asks where he's going and he tells him to get get food and Mama says that only women eat this early and the men have just started drinking.  Vikram tells him he's already had some drinks and if he has one more then he'll get scolded by Neha so he tell him to enjoy himself and he's off to join Neha.   Mama tells him to do what he wishes but he's such a scardy cat.
Niharika is at the podium addressing the guests telling them it's a party for Ram and Priya's reception but she also wants to give something to her daughter-in-law.  She shows the box and says it has their pustaini (ancesstral) neclace is in it and its not only beautiful but priceless(expensive) then further explains how Ram's dada left in the bank 25 years ago for Ram's bride.  Along with Priya it is also the necklace's greh pravesh as well and that is why she wants to give it to Priya infront of everyone.  Vikram comes with the food and he's wondering what Niharika is doing with the box when he has the neclace and then wonders that maybe Sid didn't tell her anything about it.  Vikram says he'll give it to her and checks his pocket and realizing it's not there is frantically checking all his pockets but as we know it's not there.  Meanwhile Niharika explains that it's not just a necklace but a responsibility and today she's handing it over to Priya. She calls Priya over, Vikram is constantly seaching all of his pockets for the necklace and Priya's hesitant to go up but Ram signals her by moving his hand forward towards the stage telling her to go and she does.
Vikram we see is lost and dumbfounded with the missing necklace.  Niharika opens the box and exclaims where's the necklace when we see that the box is empty.  Everyone is getting alarmed when Priya tells Nihariks it's probably here somewhere as it probably fell out and Niharika shows her the empty box.  Then Niharika says that she probably brought the wrong box so she'll go up and bring it and she's off.  Vikram is backtracking his steps and he goes up the staircase looking for the necklace and wondering where it went and it can't be lost so he continues searching, he's leaving no stone unturned in his quest for the missing necklace. Priya comes down the stage and goes to her parents and Shipra tells her not to worry as Niharika probably brought the wrong box and lo and behold she's back with another box.
Niharika goes on stage and once again calls Priya and once she's there tells her that she brought the wrong box and this one has the neclace and we see all the family members are relived hearing this good news we and Mama is saying something is Sid's ear.  Niharika takes it out and while everyone else looks on happily the family members are alarmed as it's not the pushtaini (ancesstral) necklace.  Priya notices it as well and wonders which one this is while Niharika puts it around her neck and before she can say anything Niharika embraces her and tells her that the she knows what she is thinking but the real necklace has been stolen and to maintain the family's prestige and reputation before all their guests she's brought a subsitute necklace which Priya should go along with in this charade. Ram is lost and mama walks up to him telling him not to say anything and shortly he'll get an answer to all of his questions later so they do not create a scene and ruin the reception.  Ram wants to talk now so he orders mama to get all the family memebers in his study in two minutes and then walks off.  Niharika tells her guests that the main event the ritual has been done so eveyone should enjoy the party.
The family members are in the study and Ram is wanting to know what is happening and wants to know how the pushtaini (ancesstral) necklace can vanish.  Ram orders mama to tell security that no guest can leave without being searched.  Niharika questions him that he's gone mad and why is her pouring water over all her hard work, she's maintained the family's reputation and Ram interjects saying he doesn't care as it was his grandpa's necklace and if he wants everyone searched then that is precisely what's going to happen. Niharika's trying to get thourgh to Ram explaining that they can't just search their guests who are VIPs, celebraties etc. and they'll become the laughing stock for everyone.  Ram is adamant he just wants that necklace back.  Dadi finally comes with the help of Reshab and is pleading to Ram that the necklace is his grandpa's last momento and wish and what is she to do if it can't be fullfilled.  Ram tells Dadi to relax and his last wish will be carried out and tells Reshab to take Dadi to her room.  Priya wants to go but Niharika tells her to stay as she has the first right on the necklace and she's Ram's wife so she should be by his side in every happiness and sorrow.  She tells Ram she understands his feelings but that's not the way and she brings up the security saying she had cameras installed so they should go and see the footage as they'll definitely get a clue there.  Ram agrees and all are going when Niharika tells Sid not to come as someone's needed to tend the guests.
Everyone goes to security mointor room where Niharika starts questioning the security men that were they doing their job and how can the necklace get stolen despite all the security cameras and wants to know who'll take responsibiility for this robbery.  She demands to see the entire footage and she explains to Ram she had them installed for the guests security and didn't know it'll come in handy for this.  She gets the footage forwarded and has them stop it and to show it on the big screen the footage where Vikram is shown taking the necklace out.  Ram is shocked seeing it whereas Priya seems puzzled as she can't believe what she's seeing and tells everyone that this can't be true and with full confidence says there's most likely a misunderstanding here that Vikram and Mama interupt her saying that helplessness and need (majboori and zarrorat) can have a man do anything.  He tells everyone that from some days Vikram has been in need of some money as he's going through a financial crisis. He directs to Ram that he probably knows all this then says that maybe he doesn't.  He further claims that he investigated and he came to know that some of his mortgage cheques bounced and the bank has black listed him and is saying that in these situations this can happen.  Niharika claims she can't believe it how Vikram can do this despite being Ram's really good friend and then further says that these days it's a sin to trust anyone.  Ram is in disbelief and Priya is disturbed.  Niharika says she'll talk to Vikram now and Ram stops her saying no and when she wants to object Ram says that there has to be some confusion as Vikram can't do this.  Niharika once again starts off saying that how can you not believe something you just saw and Ram tells him he can't answer her question but he knows that Vikram can not steal.  He's adamant there is some confusion somewhere and that he'll talk to Vikram and no one besides him is to talk to Vikram.
Today's episode was not too bad.
I think Mama who's a born thief stole the necklace when he bumped into Vikram.  Wondering what Ram will do next week once he talks to Vikram and if Priya will be the one to solve the mystery.  Hope Niharika, Sid and Mama are all exposed but I doubt its all going to happen so soon as we all know Ekta loves to drag the mystery and suspense as long as she can. 
What do you think is in store for next week and who's stolen the necklace???
Posted: 2011-09-22T15:29:26Z
evil kansa mama stole it- classic chor!!

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Posted: 2011-09-22T17:55:02Z
i hope priya solves te mysteryy and Ram;s mama and mom are exposedd.. ! too much dragging wont be good!

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Posted: 2011-09-22T18:07:15Z
thank you for a nice update.
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Posted: 2011-09-22T18:09:24Z
Thank you for the update
confusion pe confusion. I am sure next whole week will be dhoondofy haar culprit.  big drama on way it is drag mai ka show, I can clearly see vikram and ram ka jhagda, there is no way maama or sid can be exposed so fast.
Vikaram may come up clean but main culprit will not get expose, so soon. I can very well picture big show down btwn ram and vikram.
vikram leaves later ram will know the half truth that he was innocent.
they are building it long back, vikram rejecting NY offer, maamu-sid knowingly messing with money, ram's blind faith in sid and family, malik getting punish, vikaram in need of money. this is all to bring show down btwn ram and vikram
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Posted: 2011-09-22T18:37:07Z
Thanz for the update. Well the klep mama is also nibble fingered. What else to say?.
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Posted: 2011-09-22T18:54:08Z
 Thanks for the update! Can't bear to watch the necklace fiasco!
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Posted: 2011-09-22T20:29:24Z
thnx for tha update... i think priya will do somthing... pls CV dnt drag this i cant see vikram in trouble 
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