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Posted: 2011-08-18T11:06:54Z
Both Vicky and Rey are so cute loved them.Vicky can't really see Neha with some other girl. I love they way he forgets everything when he sees her. I love him.

LOL funny when that girl came up to him and gave him a RED rose. How jealous Neha became. NileshAngry i got so angry at him. Vicky desrves a "Dazzler" girl. i really don't like him.

LOL When that guy came up to Neha and gave her a RED rose and Vickys faceShocked, and super angry and jealousLOL. I love they whole scene.


Rey, what can i say abt this guy the sweetest guy on earthDay Dreaming. Everyday i fall in love with him. But that Green upper wear he was wearing yukDead. I hate that, it looked horibal. But not on himLOL. But really hated it.

And the last scene when he stuck with those girls, i felt bad for him. But i don't understand Kriya didn't she notice his helpless face. I find her mean some times.

Posted: 2011-08-18T12:21:05Z
i totally agree with u
i loved the whole ViHa
both Vicky n Neha so jealous
these ppl r madly in love with each other n loved the way Vicky thanked god 4 making Neha only 4 him n then the next moment a guy gives flower to Neha n the jealous Vicky
oh god ViHa totally them
n then KriYaansh part
poor Rey he is trying sooo hard to impress Kria
lekin madam ko misunderstand karne ki bimari hai
i mean duhhh does she have eyes
cant she see that Rey is trying to move away from those girls n he doesnt wanna accept those flowers 
but no she had to think that he is a casanova 
it was actually really stupid of her to think that Rey is a casanova after all that
oh well i loved ViHa n Rey today a lot n today on Archi's bday we got a long ViHa scene so i m really happy 4 that 
Posted: 2011-08-18T13:10:51Z
Originally posted by Kriyanshlover

Both Vicky and Rey are so cute loved them.Vicky can't really see Neha with some other girl. I love they way he forgets everything when he sees her. I love him.

First of all Neha and not girl it has to be Vicky can't really see Neha with some other boy. Sorry If it offended you that I  corrected you
Yes when I saw vicky's face I was like aww he was looking so cute. He neither wanted to take the rose nor did he want Neha to take rose from any other boy. They r the sweetest pair in D3 and Neha's expression when that girl came to give flowers to vicky was so cute
Posted: 2011-08-18T14:44:55Z
OMG ViHa scene was xcesssively cuteeeBlushing...Vicky's xpressions omg dis guy is AMAZZZIIINGEmbarrassedLOL nd d way dat dazzler chic(churail) said i luv ur bag nd Vicky said  'mein tho bag laya nahi' ROFLawww he was sooo adorable it was d BEST scene of ViHaDay Dreaming
nd Rey AAAHHH dis guy totally KILLS me everyday Blushingeither wid his luksBlushing or wid his xpressionsBlushing...hehehe yeah d green jacket was weirdErmm but aahhh Rey luks gud in anythingCool nd d way he imagined giving rose to Kriya ROFLROFLlmao i was lyk wat d helll tappad wala scene imagination dethe tho acha hothaTongue
but luvd d 2nd imagination sceneDay Dreaming
Posted: 2011-08-18T21:37:34Z
i have to say hands down vicky took away the cutest character award 2day for me :) the mini little expressions to neha nd even nilesh were sooo cute :)
and my fav was the stomping of the foot when neha accepted the rose TongueBig smile
swayam and his poems were exceptional also!!!
rey... i hope the slap is a dream... but one thing... the blushing personally i felt that blushing doesnt suit guys.. esp guys like rey.. i mean his character (dont throw jootis at me) doesnt suit to blushing... idk but cant wait for monday!!!
leave ur comments.. i promise i dont biteBig smile
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Posted: 2011-08-18T23:58:28Z
nhiii, i like d shy exp of ray as well,...heheheh i like him in any exp,..ofcourse viha r osum,...will love 2 c their more scenes!!
Posted: 2011-08-19T01:27:00Z
Yeah Viha are so cute. They are my second favorite couple in D3 after kriyansh.Embarrassed
Their love story is so cute. Yesterday's episode was a treat to watch as we got some Kriyansh and VIha moments. Hopefully we'll get some more soon.Day Dreaming
And I too love that scene where Rey was blushing. I find every expression of him adorable. He can look hot and cute even when he is just standing. I loved his shy face. everything just suites him.Embarrassed
Posted: 2011-08-19T03:01:50Z
I agree.. vicky was too cute in yesterday's epi.. His expression wen neha accepted the rose was priceless... ViHA are so innocent..

As for rey blushing.. I love this guy in every freaking way...He looked so cute... Awieee.

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